The Great Dandelion Show • Gwent Funny Moments #92

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Hello my friends. My name is Julian Alfred Pankratz viscount de Lettenhove, but you can call me Dandelion. If you're looking for Funny, WTF or Super Epic Gwent Moments then The Great Dandelion Show is the best place for you. 1) If you want to participate or you know somebody worthy you can send the clips at: thegreat[email protected] 2) Here you can check all the sources of this episode. Clip 1 Video: />Clip sent by Raz Dva! Clip sent by Kerim Desteba! Audio: /> Clip 2 Video: Clip sent by Артур Калиненко! Audio: /> Clip 3 Video: />Audio: /> Clip 4 Video: /> /> /> />Audio: /> Clip 5 Video: Clip sent by 拧发条鸟! Audio: /> /> Clip 6 Video: />Audio: /> Clip 7 Video: />Audio: /> Outro Songs: /> /> /> If i missed a link i'm sorry, just tell me an i'll add it immediately. 3) If you want to support the Show you can just click below. /> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #NoRNGinGwent #RIPSwim #ArtifuctGOTY2018

The Great Dandelion Show
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At the moment more people are watching The Great Dandelion Show than actually playing the game ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Andrew Kong
Anyone here from Pre-Homecoming and not understanding what is going on? Lol
Jack Burton
Its just not the same:(
Guilherme Medeiros
"See you in 80 points" is the best thing swim left for us...
I loved the "E for Eithne" - perfect summary of the pain she's caused the world over.
Gwent immortal wen?
the only reason I am playing homecoming is to understand the new dandelion show videos
Faiz Muhammad
Homecoming kids will never know how powerful that Imlerith Sabbath originally is
Lachlan Hurburgh
I wonder how many people have quit Gwent after the oppressive artifact meta..
Remember when Homecoming was going to make the game better? >E for Eithne
Wat kin
peoples still play gwent after cdpr kill that amazing game?
lol wut
Rip old gwent literally the only card game I liked now it’s dead PepeHands.
Jose Palomino
2spooky4me ... Also, I need a psychologist after this artifact gore-fest
Stop stop the game is already dead biblethump
Harry yolo
Man I might not be playing gwent anymore, but I still love your content for this amazing editing work like one at 5:00.
Чья-то Хреновая Жизнь
Как всегда топчег. Жаль, что Гвинт умер ...
Is this an out of season april fools joke? I love that that guy is famous around the internet now
Great video keep up the work🤘
I used to love this game but now I cry everytime when I see what this game has become :( sad.
siddharth singh
gotta admit game is much boring now i dont know why
Jorgidan 92
Old Gwent was better...
Apfel Baum
Where do I know the horror sound in the beginning from?
My favorite part - F for f'k this game.
Alejandro M.
Oh, C'mon, they solved the problem with the artifacts.
ali baba
I stopped playing after homecoming but i still follow this channel because the editing is top-notch.
missing beta gwent so much....:(
Super Spock
That game with Pumpkin was hilarious, the guy who played him must've been one happy camper :)
Hans Peter
Ded game
F for... XD
Uncel Jeffy
Dude, Gwent died, pay some respect and stop making videos please, you are ruining its memory
To be fair if I played the game now I would probably end up on the show as the dunce doing stupid things cause hell I don't know what's going on anymore :D
Hawo Ali Ahmed
The eithline clip felt so 🤑😍 Lets keep playing 😤😤untile cdpr 💣 it😤😤
Hawo Ali Ahmed
3:06 chinese gwent lol
David Rodriguez Jr.
Great start to HC highlights
True gwent has gone, rip [*]
Сдаешь позиции, видосы должны быть такими, чтобы у людей после просмотра не оставалось положительных впечатлений о этой игре.
Paul C.
Witcher Immortal coming soon!
Nana Prempeh Ashong
I uninstalled the game... Homecoming is just pure trash. This is not the gwent we fell in love with in The Witcher 3. This is not the Witcher Card Game. No strategy, no fun, just RNG crap. Thronebreaker will keep me going for now.
ho riconosciuto wasabi li dentro non inganni più nessuno adesso sappiamo che sei italiano
Ке Ку
Как всегда топ
S Lgd
5 minutes of TGDS content in one vid pog.
Jacob B
This was always good because of the sublime memes but now it's pure comedy gold solely because of what a sh!t-fest Gwent has become
Enes Bingöl
4:14 i need that sound effect pls
Joseph Levinthal
I really really love the video editor, lol
Werster out of nowhere
Adrien Doste
That Crokeyz's clap killed me xD
3:08 - Did they really censor the skulls in the chinese version?
Pure Arabica
Woodlndsprit: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! ٩(╬ʘ益ʘ╬)۶
3:31 music?
muhammet örsdemir
2:29 selam fuji :D
Politics & Cigarettes
>playing Crach >crying over Eithne
"Is this an out of season April fools joke?" 😂😂
Jan Sikora
Your videos... respect to the creators of The Great Dandelion Show (y)
Dat clapping in the end from Cronko was on point 😺
Dan Domen
So fringilla's new effect is to steal a spell from opponents deck?
我竟然看到了汉字(I saw Chinese )
Сергей Ермаков
Это что сука??!! новый гвинт????? да идите вы нахуй, приеду домой удалю нахуй эту игру!!!
So the game is still bad huh or is it just reddit overreacting?