Smoking kills Prank

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Smoking Kills @gomesAHTV goes around with a rigged up blood pump to try and sway people to quit smoking. Follow us on Twitter @trollstationYT To get involved Email [email protected]

Uhh & who's gonna clean that ?
tide pod
am i the only one who pretends to cough whenever there's a person smoking so they'd feel bad
Ricky Andreyanz
"Stop Smoking before Smoking Stoped You"
riya mehta
Don't who not smoke =LIKE Smokers =comment. 😉😉😉😉😉
Little Person
Those people probably lit another cigarette right after he left
Dont Smoke
don't freak it's just me
People will keep smoking even if they have seen you dead in front of them
Uzumaki Naruto
Cigarettes is good for environment Because it kills humans
Zeoruo - Naitokoa
My science teacher Teacher: students! Smoking is bad dont even dare or else or you will die.. 2 hours later Me: found my teacher smoking in the bathroom Teacher: Its not what you think.. This is for research!! Edit: 30 likes highest likes that I got so far Edit2: 90 likes this is my highest one xD😂 Edit3: I have a question... What does the smoker feels when they smoke?? Does cigars taste good? I don't understand... Ps: I need subs :(
Official_TLoZ Master Stacey
If y'all wanna smoke so bad, wait until winter or visit Alaska, go outside, and breath. Watch that smoke lmao😂😂😂😂 That's a healthier way to smoke without a cancer stick
Bimmer Won
You don't look ill enough. You need to look like Arthur Morgan with tuberculosis for this to work better.
The people in the video: "I'm gonna quit smoking..." And other hilarious jokes you can tell yourself.
Layla Alshaby
I wish my dad stopped smoking
Bradley Haggins
Cmon who's actually gonna stop after that
Veronica Lazo
Eww I feel bad for the person who has to clean that DONT SMOKE 🚬🚫
Goodd shit mate
I like how you’re trying to get people to quit smoking, it’s a great way to make this place a healthier environment..
Spongebob SquarePants
Is this how people turn into Smokers in Left 4 Dead
TheVloger -360-
2019 Anyone?
Jemzo Maclain
I really appreciate your efforts, but none of those people are quitting.
M.2:01 look the mirrow😂
*Fuck Tiktok*
Ifbb Reezh
Smoking is for losers anyways lmao
Let these people die...
You know what else is bad littering and throwing cigarettes on the floor
Don't teachers at school teach you that smoking is bad and can KILL you 🚬 Ouo
This is the first time I've ever felt my throat cringe.
Lilith Twilight
Promise me you won’t smoke *promises* *still smokes*
Hey dunno let's stop smoking we can do this!!!
DashingPrune 67
It’s not really a prank when you save people’s lives good job
Patrick Gaming101
Who else holds their breath when you pass a smoker?
The Green Moustache
Never smoke its just LUNG CANCER
The king of Defaults
Why is he smoking then he can die??
Just Zazzy
They say they gon' quit but we'all know better
Adam Fullhan
You shouldnt have told them it is a joke... Just leave them to think about it for the rest of their life.... Much more effective
_Bob McCoy
*reminds me of Coyote Peterson*
Imam Hosain
That's the best and helpful prank ever😊😊plz do more of this bro
King King
*_اللهم صلِ على سيدنا محمد وعلى آل سيدنا محمد_*
#Tangy Network
Watching this and don't smoke haha tbh everyone smokes outside my college and it's honestly horrible trying to get into the building,I look like a weirdo but I hold my breath evrytime, I feel sorry for who resorts to doing it😧
Pablo Gómez Payo
Viva España
Farhan Aan
I don't care if other people want to smoke.. but I hate if they smoke near me
Why are nicotine patches not used instead of cigarettes? They are completely safe.
That's just the right way to show it to smoking people..
stealth _guy
Their just gonna be like that guy was unlucky imma keep smoking
*Guy vomit's blood* 😒 are you ok ?
Cleaning servis nya kasian nying
Tahir Ali
That's great that is the real thing what saves Somone's life I love you man you doing a great job I never smoks but I know its bad for us so please stop smoking
Curtis Hall
I think people will stop smoking if you doing the prank
I hate it when people say are you ok, like m8 I’ve just coughed up a gallon of blood you think I’m ok?
The best idea to make hundreds of people stop smoking permanently.
Danny Collins
*Coughs blood all over wall seems like he’s in in serious pain- “EVERYONE STOP SMOKING ITS BAD FOR YOU SEE WHAT ITS DOING TO ME IM COUGHING BLOOD
The sad truth of the matter is that this prank probably saved a life because cigarettes are that bad for you.
Kids don't ever smoke or else you'll end up like this dude
civilized indian
In India it's common to eat tobacco and split anywhere because of uncivilized people leave there ....
MoltoBlitz450 JMB
Dominic Willis
Tyrone does it better to make people stop smoking
Calfreexy Jeffrey
Is that ur box 📦 LEMME SEE (thrown on the road) STOP SMOKING
Sunil Bastola
Smoking kills is not a prank it really kills us......
Mister CHEF
Gomez: Do it for your kids. Do you have kids? Dude: No... Gomez: But you got a wife? Dude: No... Gomez: (facepalm)
Doudou J
I love this védeo
King Gamer
Someone's going to have to clean that
Tariq Mulki
Today you have succeeded in changing people’s lives
dragon breath
I bet 99.9% of them had another one once you turned the corner
Yõu Dōn't Knòw Më
They might as well put a life through their chests, it's a lot quicker you know... Oh, wait! They want the insidious. Right!
1sk !
🚬☺️ after 10 years 💀 It's like CAN I BUY DEATH! SUREEE
houdini grant
Do this an a alien custom and cough green blood
kijk niet naar mijn profielfoto
it is not a prank smoking KILLS!!!!!!
Max Lohrberg
In Germany we call this "Ehrenmann"
Glen Markham
That look that you give your principal when you get in trouble 2:23
lifestyle trends
pls dont smoke
Legendary Fusion
What u are doing to smoking people to stop smoking. Doing great keep it up
It's just a prank bro!
Emily Goh V
I'm so evil, in the first one, I laughed when he coughed blood, what is wrong with me. 😂
Trucko _king
That's can happen when you smoke a lot!
Bazaar_Bargain 80
I wonder what Las Vegas would be like if this actually happened
Diego Troyano
1:08 You got kids? No You got a wife? No Do you love your life? Yeahhhhh
LiL RaE77!
No smoking like if u agree
Next level pranking for the better.
Doesn't really matter
Not the first time that blonde has had fluid fired all over her face and hair i bet.
Nugget JR
My dad is from Liverpool.
*RIP CLEANER* I mean.... Imagine cleaning that though...
FrostByte 360
*Y O U D O N 'T W A N T NO S M O K E*
Who also cough when watching this
XXHarry- FortniteXX
Why was this in my recommended
blast with yash
Best way for awareness
Save your life Don't Know!
inPa haUchi
Smoking kill~this is not prank
Hello childs I'm Audrina
the fist guy was liked shocked for two sec
4:12 Spotted Mike Tyson
Jonathan Ng
the cigarette box throwing was a bit over the line. its her property...
X_ Pleb
... Tuberculosis hit hard
Sameer Ali
Nathan Dellia
6.6k smokers disliked 👎
DelTra LanZ
The Janitor will not be happy about this
great idea. very creative device used and important message!
Vito Scaletta
Must be the LUMBAGO
Iplay Roblox
Soo fucking fake omg fake brooc