Mortal Kombat II Unlimited (Genesis) - Longplay

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A longplay for MKII hack is Mortal Kombat II Unlimited. Mortal Kombat II Unlimited is a full scale hack of the Sega Genesis Mortal Kombat II game, Originally work on the hack ceased with version 07, but in 2011 version 1.0 was released which added many new graphical features. Download IPS Patch:

Cinos the Dense potato
This is probably the best way to play mk2 period.
kiam mon
way to fix that crappy port of mk2 probe did to the sega genesis,thumbs up
Craig Juan
Now this is how MK2 on the Genesis should be like. The combo system is a nice addition too. I actually want to give this game a spin.
the sound is way more clear then the original, with the voices and seems to use more
Nathan Alderson
You should have done a stage fatality in the Dead Pool when you started this game.
Legion Beast
Man that is an awesome hack. I have to say that I actually prefer the music in the Genesis versions of MK 1 and 2 as opposed to the arcade as it somehow feels more impactful. Also, kudos to the hackers who worked on those new fatality ideas using old assets, and massive kudos to the hilarious friendship given to Jade.
32:38 Jade kissed opponent's cheek is the friendship finisher?
Kay Criswell
the genesis versions of mk1 and mk2 were superior in terms of music graphics and gameplay compared to the snes versions
Human Smoke was and always will be my favorite Secret Character of all Mortal Kombat games. P.S: I am so Happy this is not Tool Assited.
Maurice Watkins
Just put this on a PSP...hands down this is the best mod I've ever come across for a 16 Bit game. VERY impressive, and plays perfectly--I prefer it to the arcade version, even.
This is an amazing hack for Genesis. I love it. Besides that, excellent gameplay, Amy.
JG Spencer
Can you get this game on a cartridge? or is it just a hack for the pc or something?
Mireya Ortega
good job amy
Charles Lee III
GOD, I gotta get this game!!!!!! Smoke is one of my faves!!!!!!
Justin summers
I'm Impressed
Outstanding!!! You have done well, Amy. Flawless victory.
Keith Ammerman
can this run on fire core genesis
Vu Tran
Flawless Victory, Double Flawless
Jerk Store
Why isn't this hack available for the snes version? I thought that was the better version of the game.
Vu Tran
You awesome Amy Rose and Human Smoke
Rexxerse HD
How does this guy get like every battle a flawless victory?
Patricia Sharma
bad graphics
Vu Tran
Hey, i like Human Smoke! And awesome
Vu Tran
But what's Jade?
Mai Kim Dang
Amy Rose great game play and enjoyed it. this is one of the best so much better than the lazy original programmers. I really wished an hope to see 'Super Street fighter 2 for Sega mega drive /Genesis would be so good if u can get the Super Power 3 level bar for the super combo move and that would be awesome to be able to do super moves
Brian Cid
Sil Serena
Quando que lançou este jogo pro mega em que ano
Jamie Smith
does this work on a regular genesis? Also they should have added sonya and kano back and made sure all the levels from MK1 were in there and took Sonya and Kano out of that MK2 stage if you are playing as one of them take the one you are playing as out of the stage.
randumbvideoz 524
i wish kano and Sonya was playable
Um Fã de Gamєs
Does this rom works in a Genesis everdrive?
Bgasman's Retro Gaming Channel
That was impressive!
witherd foxy40
How you do his brutality and fatality
Simone Assis
kaik mito
Legion Beast
Would it be possible for you to do a kintaro run of this hack?
Hey Amy Rose I was watching you playing mortal kombat 2 unlimited on your YouTube channel :-) ?
Claus W
Looks so cool, can you make a Vegan finisher, ? Would love to shut the mouth on all the vegan maniacs
devin poling
Hopefully there will be a mk1 unlimited
Inca King
and this Mortal Kombat toasty is Grey and the original Mortal Kombat 2 for Genesis dan forden toasty is blue
"Round 1..." *A century later* "Fight!"
Love the video Amy. Smoke Wins! Flawless Victory
Dan The Man
Sub Zero and Smoke are my two favorite characters from mortal Kombat
Alton Coates
Original Genesis Mortal Kombat II version don't know what's missing. This probably the final version. JK. 👍👍
Hom Tanks
try make FATALITY in the somersault, you will freeze in somersault and you will make FATALITY, or BABALITY, what you want... ;)
Kaiveran Lugheidh
Lol, the A.I can't handle Smoke's combos
Kaio Filgueira
jade loves jax, she stolen his hearth, pretty good move in friendship
amy why are you playing mortal kombat your like 12 right?
Mika Kusbekova
Какое старё сейчас 21 век вышел Mortal kombat XL
Mika Kusbekova
Какое старё сейчас 21 век вышел Mortal kombat XL
Klassic Score Jooj
smoke scorpion what???
Barry Rasta
Seen this for sale for bout a tenner hopefully still about by pay day. Looks great . Defo a good buy for longtime Mk fans
Pyur Jenius
BT The Memers
you can give me a move list ?
Nice, but it doesn't hold a candle to Ultimate Mortal Kombat Trilogy.
+Amy Rose Are you playing this on the actual cartridge.
Find Me As If I Am Green, what???
Mikee One
The main things i love about hacks is we can see how crappy a job those developers truly did.Wouldnt it have ben awesome had the genesis version had the voices?
Since this is the genesis version does it have the Fergality finisher? Also you'd think the hacker would of changed the name of Rayden to Raiden. like it's supposed to be.
Extra Future Tips
very nice
The sounds.. Should i say the noises, made my ears bleed !Is this commodore 64 version ?
Sakruei Ortega Kinomoto
Woow Amy Rose, This Here? I Love You
Leia Princess
This video is very good👏🏆😎🙌👍 😊😆😙😘😚😗👱.
Dgh Geh
Just another cheat code using douche bag