♪ Screw the Nether (Moves Like Jagger Parody)

♪ Screw the Nether (Moves Like Jagger Parody) ♪ NEW SONG: How do I craft this Again: />To celebrate Martyn Littlewood joining us at YogTowers, here's a specially made song and video featuring the vocal talents of Martyn, Lewis and Simon, mixed by Sparkles* and animated by Ciaran! Featuring Martyn Littlewood: />Ciaran's Animations: />Arranged and additional vocals by Sparkles*: /> ● Yogscast Gear: />● Facebook: />● Twitter: />● Forums: />● Powered by Chillblast: />● PO Box: The Yogscast, PO Box 3125, Bristol, BS2 2DG

YourBoi Reese
Dont mind me just rewatching my childhood
Hai Guy
Growing up isn’t the problem, forgetting is
Lucas Escutia
No one: YouTube’s recommendation: Recommends Minecraft parodies in 2019
To this day, I still don’t know the lyrics to the regular moves like jagger. But I know this.
only real mvps remember listening to this song when it came out
Heitor Ota
How to have flashbacks and be happy and nostalgic ↑
I'm going to say the n-word; Nostalgia.
The Phoenix
YouTube recommendations 2012: wow this is good 2013: no 2014: no 2015: no 2016: NO 2017: Nooo 2018: NOOO 2019: okay...
Avery Finney
Why is this on my recommended? It’s like April 16,2019.
Anyone else used to watch this in secret and feel so cool listening to a song with "swear words" in it
Road Man
The knowledge that I will never be in 2013 playing mine craft, listening to “Top 50 Minecraft Parodies” is upsetting me.
Remember when the dog getting sad was a reference to how you couldn't bring dogs to the nether
Rebecca Collins
OMG THE ANIMATION I REMWBER EVERYTHING Weaklings cry at endgame M E N cry at minecraft parodies
-JakeTheKidFox -
2012: This is the best song yeah 2016: Why did I like this crap 2019: SCREW THE NETHER
Me: Flashbacks to when I was 5 Also me: Goes to play Minecraft
wazz up
I miss these old times, its been 7 fk years. This was my shit back then
Charlie ND
It's Minecraft's 10th birthday and I'm binge watching Minecraft songs.
Sanik fast
Them: welikefortnitewelikefortnite Us, intellectuals: you only need 10 obsidian blocks to craft a nether portal
Minecraft is back alive. Let's remember all our childhoods.
Youtube recommendations: ok guys I have a great idea to stop fortnite...
Heather Chandler
Is it sad that I still remember the lyrics word for word 6 years later?...
UltraInstinct Goku119
I remember watching this when I was 5. Nostalgia hits hard yo
Atomic Sponge bob
Man I sure do miss these videos reminds me of such good memories but I’ve newer just as good memories now, I’ve made a lot of friends because of Minecraft but I can friends and relationships just being me and without the help of a game
Nkkilla 1235
It’s funny to see how we are all the age and literally think the same. I wish I can go back to the good times (around 8-9 years ago) and appreciate the lack of responsibilities I had
Greg Heffley
dirty, filthy and on fire all the pigs and the cows and all that sheep and stuff two legendary lines
Back then when Minecraft community was lovely and creative...:,(
Sealy Productions
I love how almost every recent comment was in the past 24 hours
He said hell kill this song it inappropriate like ow my gaw
It's Moon Raptor the second you child
No one: Youtube: relive the glory days my boys
Aly Badry
I still play the game and enjoy it but im switching to the old versions of the gamd like 1.2
Default Fish Skin
I found this when I was 8, I'm not 15. It's funny because my mom loved this song, still a bop
Ariel man1
Simon: youve got a potion-use it Me:alright i'll use my potion of posion...
I kept singing this and playing this in front my parents ;-; Btw they are Christian Ahh good times
Its Kian
I cant believe that were now in 2019 i miss the old songs Time runs so fast Miss the old songs
Mr Boka
Algoritam is doing its job
Z Bananaman
The best part is, after so many years, you STILL remember the lyrics to all of these songs, at least I do. My childhood was the best.
Siege ASMR
Thanks for this YouTube. Needed a little nostalgia
jon mygames
Well well well We meet again gorgeous.
Peter Fox
I genuinely got goosebumps rewatching this after all these years. *Woah*
yeetus deletus
I wonder if my wolf is still in that wooden house, 2nd floor 3rd room, somewhere in that cracked, dusty Xbox 360 hardrive, waiting, waiting patiently for his owner to come back.
never thought crying over a minecraft parody would happen to me *wipes tear*
Sad Pengu
Swaggersouls played this in minecraft vr video and this is super nostalgic
The SkullDuggery
2010-2011 The year of the famous creepypasta slenderman 2012-2014 year of minecraft 2014-2015 Year of Five Nights At Freedy 2016-???? After seeing so many people talk about it I'm guessing undertale has now taken the internet crown.
GD WandF
Lenny Getter
Back when I thought screw was a curse word
Thank you YouTube for recommending my childhood:)
8 year old me had great taste.
“Tommorow we will build an underground base” Last online: 5 years ago
Young Bratt
I wish I could go back in time to the old days ;'(
Fluffy Wuffy
What is amazing is, after over 3 years, I still remember over half the lyrics....
I'm gonna say the N-Word THaT's rAcISt, yOU caN'T SaY THe n-WoRD Nostalgia.... Oh nevermind
ayy gurl
Happy 10 years of Minecraft guys
straight quavers
3 years ago today :'( the glory days of the Yogscast
only REAL ogs listened to this song in 2012/2013
Erik Subs to Pew
When the Minecraft parodies are better than the original 😂
Slender Guy
Youtube fixed the recommendations finally!!
Ah the old days :)
Lemon Pep
Guys remember... 10 block is the magical *TOtal*
Lucie Gm
Is it sad that minecraft parody’s are the main reason why I know at least 25% of 2000-2013 songs?
Never thought I'd find so many more people revisiting this. 2019 where u at?
Infinity Eclipse
I’m so happy i grew up with Minecraft and not Fortnite (although i did play fn for about a year)
Blog Animations
Old Minecraft squad where you at?!
Nobody : YouTube Recommended : Here have some childhood
Lavender Frost
I’d watch this like really quietly because I thought my mom would yell if she heard “hell”
Ryan Diver
Just rewatching all of the jaffa factory series and now this.... Childhood
Back in my days
Don't mind me, I'm just watching a video that practically defined childhood and re-evaluating my life
João togeluga The 'cat'
Youtube:how about we recomend this video to him Me:*cries of nostalgia of the golden age of youtube* Youtube:are u ok man Me:no...i need this back again
Thank you for making my childhood great.
Adam Chmielewski
I love martin’s voice (in the littlewood)
Me in 2012: Wow this song is awesome! Me in 2016: OMFG how did I like this back then? Me in 2019: I'M MOVING TOOOOO THE NETHER!!!!!!!!!!!
Kate Karvelis
this is the best Minecraft parody and I will stand by that statement until I die
Lunaplayz games
I always thought the trees in this song were real in minecraft I tried using a sapling to plant one and didn't work...;-;
KrazyGa GT
I remember I refused to watch this because of the word “screw”
Vex_Mistaken 0649
420k likes Nice.
Bianca Carter
Any 2017 people here for Nostalgia
Derpi Kyu
Holy shit this just came into my recommendations and i remember watching this 5-6 years ago
Little Chinese
The only S-tier minecraft song
Papa Smurf
If you remember this you are entitled to a veterans discount
Daniel WILD
Kids In 2019: I LOVE ForTnItE!! I LuVe “Noobies In The Back” Kids in 2012 : Mining Away!
Bro is that a Schlatt coin
Icy Churros
my childgood (not a typo btw)
Error34. exe
Happy 10th anniversary Minecraft uwu
Symon Flores
I didn't know we were making memories,we were just having fun :(
Dark Piranha Plant
Minecrafts rising again! Or so i've been told, by some people.
I remember being so cool listening to a song that said the word cool beer lol
Wendigo Eats
1 like 10 prayers for that dog 0:55 (^_-)
Grimluck Foster
"Welcome to hell" Best lyric I could hear
Sans Malfoy
"I'm sweaty all my clothes are dirty and filthy and on fire!" -Guy who hates the nether, 2012
"I wish I could just return to the normal world again!" *_Bruh,_* you're _in the portal!_
A Choking Fish
I can remember being able to say the final lyrics to this off the back of my hand when I was little. Somebody please make an exam parody, so I can remember that.
cardi b could learn a thing or two from this
YouTube's suggested videos just dropped a nostalgia bomb on me
I still all the lyrics to this almost 6 years later and I've never heard the original song
I remember knowing these parodies’ lyrics by memory without having even ever heard the original songs lol
man, I loved watching these when I was little, the flashbacks are real. I literally sing these and watched these 24/7
It's the year 3000012, why is this in my recommended.
kittensandkats mk
Whos watching this in 2018 feeling the nostalgia
Everyone: youtube recommends the dumbest things Me: this is a amazing