Propagandhi (live concert) - May 20th, 1996, Daily Grind, Kansas City, MO

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Propagandhi (live concert) - May 20th, 1996, Daily Grind, Kansas City, MO 01. intro ( 00:00 ) 02. Showdown ( 02:40 ) 03. Apparently, I'm A "P.C. Fascist" ( 07:28 ) 04. Nailing Descartes To The Wall ( 09:16 ) 05. Stick The Fucking Flag ( 10:40 ) 06. Less Talk, More Rock ( 14:25 ) 07. Anchorless ( 16:01 ) 08. Rio de San Atlanta, Manitoba ( 18:18 ) 09. And We Thought Nation-States Were A Bad Idea ( 19:34 ) 10. Haile Selassie, Up Your Ass ( 22:52 ) 11. I Was a Pre-Teen McCarthyist (cut) ( 27:00 ) 12. Resisting Tyrannical Government ( 31:00 ) 13. Anti-Manifesto ( 33:30 ) 14. Gifts ( 37:47 ) 15. This Might Be Satire ( 41:00 ) 16. Fuck Machine ( 42:08 ) 17. Hate, Myth, Muscle, Etiquette ( 43:15 ) 18. Ska Sucks ( 46:00 ) 19. Mutual Friend ( 49:02 ) Please support this artist. Buy their records and merchandise. If band members are still playing shows, go see them live!

Julian Barnett
'pro-feminist, animal-friendly, anti-fascist, gay-positive' 1996
Julian Barnett
Ahead of their time. A few weeks earlier I saw this exact tour (Less Talk More Rock) at Gilman in Berkeley, CA. I was just a pipsqueak (15). Life changing stuff. Amazing band! Thanks so much for sharing!
Sean Medina
Chris Hannah looks exactly the same if only it was a Final Conflict shirt.
Sean Medina
Back when Jord's hair wasn't gray.
Todd Foster
Great quality... Thanks for this Prop History.
el kortinez
la mejor epoca de propagandhi!! gracias x el aporte bro!!
I have listened to Propagandhi in high school but only now almost 20 years later after stumbling on their songs on Youtube I can say I understand their lyrics, while already living them
Fred PG
a piece of history...thanks for all your vids!amazing
These guys just got better and better
Travis Sexsmith
John K ripping it up
McNugget Fuckitt
Ah the heyday of 90's skate punk
David Feldmann
It's hard to believe I was so inspired by a trio of skinny dudes with baggy clothes and bad haircuts during my formative years!
Brent Mills
Ohhhh man. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing.
When they were playing this.... I was 11, playing with Power Rangers and wondering what my little dinky winky did
yesfrat b knowin
and now they r the kings of punkrock touche
Mark Tprodicus
This is 96? Oh crap.... I'm old!
Jeff No
This is fantastic. Thank you so much for posting.
steve istheman
great quality. drums sound great. jord kills it
Dillon S
The one person who disliked this is in front of his bathroom mirror lip syncing to lil Uzi vert or whatever garbage is being pushed on the slack jaw masses
john ebert
Otaku Punk
Melodic HxC from Winnipeg, CAN lml
Dana Lindhardsen
Thanks for posting this mate. :)
Rodger David
I know there is a good political message in the songs, but a really rubbish band.
Todd Packer
This is sick
john Carlos
Great upload
K to the K
Tommy Lyons
is that Gord?
Tommy Lyons
No comment about Samson!? LOVE Todd but yOU know..
john ebert
He had a Dad voice in 96 lol
Beastamongst HumanSheep
I seen a lot of good shows there. Count Zero, Top City!
This was great. Thanks for the upload. Is the footage yours?
Oh so Gooooood
hindue wholecar
late comment but thank you for posting this, just made my day
John Paul M
Somebody pick up the god damn phone already.
sound quality is really good man
Privileged Punk Rockers haha, I always like coming back as a conservative to hear what these leftwing bands were actually singing about . Still sounds like todays leftwinger although I would probably say that propagandhi doesn't agree with how powerful and pro government the left-wing democrats are but it's amazing how many punk bands side with the big government party especially against Trump who is the actual outsider! He's such an outsider of the government that even the RINO republicans hate him haha .
Dan Pepples
Can't believe all the crusties at this show.
Tom Ace
I've noticed propagandhi usually keep a roadie right up front at their shows. You just think he's a guy in the crowd untill someone fucks up and messes with Chris or his mic or whoever and he fucks you up. It's pretty smart.
The Ska Sucks guy is definitely some dumbass. But I still wish I was him.