Philip George - Wish You Were Mine (Official Video)

Single on iTunes US: />Single on iTunes: Remixes on iTunes: /> First discovered via SoundCloud, Philip George is the 21 year old British house DJ/producer who’s just been signed to leading independent label 3 Beat for the world, with his debut single, ‘Wish You Were Mine’, set for release in the US via a partnership deal with Motown (with Stevie Wonder’s blessing). Currently playlisted at Radio 1, Kiss, Capital and beyond, ‘Wish You Were Mine’, is tipped to be the first UK No.1 of 2015, based on pre-order figures, Shazam data (No.1 on both the UK Top 100 and the Future Hits charts), over 1 million SoundCloud plays (currently hitting 80,000 plays per day) and over 1 million YouTube views. Philip is part of the ‘SoundCloud generation’ of new artists who are discovered online and achieve global recognition within weeks. Hailing from Nottingham, he’s been obsessed by music since the age of 7, when he first learnt to play the piano and drums – a musical grounding that you can hear throughout his productions. Like many, Philip’s love of house music stems from his first visit to Ibiza. An ‘epiphany’-filled trip with parties at DC10, Sankeys, Space and Amnesia, that, he says, “changed my life”. He returned home, stopped making drum & bass, and began making house to play in his DJ sets. ‘Wish You Were Mine’ cleverly uses a familiar vocal from Stevie Wonder – ‘My Cherie Amour’. Combined with Philip’s house bassline and melodies, the track immediately became popular, and quickly took on a life of its own via his SoundCloud, blogs and tastemaker YouTube channels. 3 Beat (home to Sigma, Fuse ODG, Stylo G), have signed George for the world, with a partnership deal for the single in North America via legendary label, Motown. The US interest came about after the label and Stevie Wonder became aware of ‘Wish You Were Mine’, subsequently gave him their mutual blessing, and have now offered him the keys to the Motown vaults for future productions. Now with major support from traditional media, and a rapidly filling DJ schedule, Philip George is set to become one of 2015’s biggest electronic music stars. />

-K03N -
What happened to this kinda music
the Jiminator
This song would have more views if people knew it's name
Anto Deephouse
2019 still here ❤
16000 dislikes 🧐 were they listening or watching a toe fungus commercial or something...🤷‍♂️🤣🤣
normal kidd tae
4 years ago omg time goes too quick, if your reading this have a great day :)
Oscar MN
Did he get to school?? =)
Tyreek Williams
watse kleuver
March 2019 and this song still a banger👌🏻
Rufus McDoofus
Can't listen to this song now without thinking of some Irish lad rapping over it.
2018 anyone???
Drive 615
Listening on Christmas Day anyone?!!
Ms D
This video and song just made my night!
Justin Time
Oh cherie amour, pretty little one that I adore You're the only girl my heart beats for You're the only girl my heart beats for How I wish that you were mine Ah la la Ah la la La ah la How I wish that you were mine Ah la la Ah la la La ah la How I wish that you were mine Ah la la Ah la la La ah la How I wish that you were mine Ah la la Ah la la La ah la How I wish that you were mine Ah la la Ah la la La ah la How I wish that you were mine Ah la la Ah la la La ah la Ah la ah la ah la Ah la ah la ah la Ah la ah la ah la Ah la ah la ah la How I wish that you were mine Ah la la Ah la la La ah la la Oh cherie amour, pretty little one that I adore You're the only girl my heart beats for You're the only girl my heart beats for (beats for, beats for) You're the only You're the only girl my You're the only You're the only girl my You're the only You're the only girl my You're the only You're the only girl my How I wish that you were mine Ah la la Ah la la La ah la How I wish that you were mine Ah la la Ah la la La ah la la
Sander Van De Hoven
You always hear these kind of songs in the gym
YourBoi Johnny
I wonder if Deji ever made it to school,what happened to kinda music 😩
Such a beautiful song, brings g'old memories
alexandra leanne
I guarantee everybody listening was in a good place when this song came out.
0:30 triangle | 0:54 conservatism | 1:25 on the wall "BOKI LIFE" ???
Haven’t heard this for so long
Damn I've not listened to this in foreverrrr
International Baller
who else spotted leroy sane at 02:51
Prateek Sharma
This track should have 1 billion views, brilliant groovy genre always rocks......nostalgia.
Matheus Michalski
My legacy begin today. 2019 is the year of my life! This music remember zyzz 🔥❤️🙏🏻
MISHEARD LYRICS: I wish to chew a knife.a knife knife knife
Aaron Hayes
I discovered this today and it changed my life
Prof Encino
Wants to know who the kid is / queria saber quem é o garoto
thanks to the people who like my comment peace✌
Major Roger
This sounds like its playing in an H&M
Day after Christmas Day anyone 😘or just 2018/2019 ❤️❤️
Ugi Bugi
2018? 2019?
this song stuck in my head
Roksana Wilkus
2019 ? April ?❤️
What is Deji doing in this music video? O.o
3:03 drake "kiki do you love me" before it was cool
2014 was the last year of good music
Delano Dilivio
I came here because of mcgregor working out in the gym
Ethiopia 03
Didn't realize that one guy had some many jobs
The best names on Facebook brought me here...
Donna Heard
My dad's name Phillip George haha
ClashChamp DE
Conor McGregor brought me here
Leah Hanna
He looks like that fellow Josh from four o clock club ahahha😂😂❤️❤️
Salad Fingers
best part 0:30 bad part : 3:24
Marco Stuur
2019 february still listening...anyone
Memories.. 💔
funny cat Lynn
Been looking for this beauty for some time... perfect "happy" song... I wish that you were mine.... 😊
Victor Murray 2016
Published On December 2014, its now 2019.......
Joeri Van den Eynden
The kid reminds me a little of the kid with the glasses in that nickolodeon school survival guide show!
Valeriu Bocan
This moment when u have more likes than subs 😂
i miss this "doum doum doum" beats
Marco Vilchez Gonzales
March 2019 and i keep listening it!
Tanya Khan
Still listening to this song other again ❤
Lara Croft
He has a very particular set of dance skills.
Nism00 00
I wish music like this was still coming out 🤔 imma make this when I get older. Like I’ll be 50 and still be making this beauty.
1000 Subs without a video
Every Irish disco has this song with some one singing over it
Georgia Price
Aww remember blasting this in year 8😂
Nostalgic !!! Damn
Amber Alert اليوناني الأصل
How do you say"how are you"in your language?,كَّيْفَ حَالُكِي؟😊😊
Kawaii Camel
One day i want to just dance randomly in public
2019? This song is so underrated
Julian Ducros
Thanks for the stir fry rebekka power u truley are an amazing woman i love you so much x
Maddy Harper
Can't just be me who has to skip the slurping bit, my god, my ears :c
I have never said that before but I'm gonna do it now. 2019 and going on..!!! (beautiful track)
Khalid Elmekki
This song is awesome! I love the old school feel in the beats too! Reminds me of the 90s, great years for me.
Rachel DeMattia
Lol Jay from the Kubz Scouts was singing some of the words to this song in one of the Life Is Strange episodes. 😅 Thanks Jay! This is my new favorite songs now.
Donna Wheeldon
Love this video so describe s beeing in love an the tune is smart
Con Thỏ
that's dope
Deji is that you??
well syncronized breakfast
Chicano Sneakerhead
2019 anyone 🔥 🔥 🔥🔥
Michele Capone
2:42 Name? (°_°')
Jeezy0 - Football,comedy and more
Pat Flynn versions better in my opinion
A good taste in music brought me here :)
Tyler Dane bowles
I never new king roscoe could dance 😂
Keiran Cogdell
God! You can tell his a good dancer... better then me lmao😂
Tatyel Music
Mu Cherry amour - Original STEVIE WONDER . .🌋🌋🍑🍑 .
Hugh G. Rection
MC PAT FLYNN 😫😫🔥🔥🔥💦💦
alice smithy
some people tend to forget that music is supposed to make you feel something, all music does, this makes me feel happy and makes me want to dance which in its self is a form of expression, so people saying that this isn't real music are wrong this is real music, all music is real you just may not personally like it. it just doesn't sing a song that you can hear and that's cool so stop hating people for liking it please
ЭндерЛох / メEnderlox
That Moment Was Real, Ladies And Gentleman, We Got The Feeling.
Wiktoria's World
Anyone from love island?x
Everything about this is great it just lacks the extra-infectious beat to really carry all the other wonderful aspects. Such as the video.
Limitless Trading
Epic track & video...👌🎩
Thank you sherry amor
Alan Dunne
Best MC inside the Country 😂
Scott Webster
We need more of this in our lives
Mr. Immortal
i just think of MC pat flynn when i hear this
Martin Villacorta
dancing to this when i was 8😂
I keep replaying this song, expecting to get sick of it, and yet here we are hundreds of replays later, still a fire-ass track
Connor ,
Forever the best
Yanis Ashfaq
He was supposed to go school
Žàkē 1315
Kim Jassy
Reminds me on Strome Papaoutai video song🤷🏻‍♀️
Haouhamdi Lotfi
How on earth did I not bump into this song before :/
Jacky Castillo
🔥 kiis fm in LA station used to play this at 12 everyday I dunno if they still but but fire af
Garret Pigott
cracker of a tune 🙌
Did he wear earbuds or did everyone hear him with the speaker lmao?
Ya boi Oscar
Het brodkis What are we gonna do now... that 2019 is nearly over
Shane B.
From the side, the bus driver kinda looks like PewDiePie 😂
SWAZ Ballers
They predicted "in my feelings"