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presents: What is a screw? (With Narration) A screw is one of the most commonly used mechanical devices in the world. It is a machine that converts rotational motion into linear motion. A screw has a long and thin metal shaft with threads spiraling along its length. It also has a turning head with a groove where a screwdriver can be used to rotate the screw. The strength of a screw’s hold depends on the width of the threads and the distance between them. The closer and wider the threads, the stronger the hold will be. However, more threads require more rotations to attach the screw and wider threads require more force in the rotations. The mechanical advantage of the screw increases when the angle of the spiral increases. The screw has become an integral part of the mechanical age. It can be used to: Nut and Bolt – Hold things together. Car jack – Lift heavy loads. Drill gun – Drill holes on objects. To learn more about screws, visit: For more physics videos and interactive articles, go to: Follow Mocomi Kids, on Facebook />on Twitter />on Pinterest />on Google+ />on LinkedIn

Roxanna Dubnau
This helped with a school project thanks
Alex Trusk
I came here to just see an animation of a screw. and i actually got something i didnt activly know out of this :| :D
Danana J
1:11 It should be "drill holes *in* objects".
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