Holy Smoke BBQ (Texas Country Reporter)

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You'll find some of the best BBQ in Texas at a little stand run by Annie Ward and members of the New Zion Missionary Baptist Church in Huntsville, TX (#650, 2/12/00)

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Kkay Barb
nothing like Texas BBQ
If you can't see the building because of the smoke it means that you are in the right place
One of the times a group of us went there for lunch, we sat down at a table, and was told by Miss Annie that we couldn't sit there. She moved us to where she wanted us to sit! You didn't mess with that lady. God bless her sole.
b fugate
god bless holy smoke bbq
not jus da city! da world craig!!
Farhaan Tinwala
smokin goodness
Never been there, but Coopers in Llano cannot be beat
Stopped in there this past weekend and really enjoyed the ribs and sausage BBQ plate! If I had the room I'd have gone back for a second helping of each! The ribs were especially good.
dat granny doe!
What a great lady.
@spccwby30 Who runs that place now?
Now that was some dang fine lookin Brisket!
Heck ! I'm from Canada and I understand her ! That food looks amazing. Wish I could have some locally here in KS.
Bruce Walters
The Texas Gourmet Dining Tour: Start with New Zions barbecue, then drive to Snook the next day for some chicken fried bacon and a two pound steak. (See Texas Country Reporter video)
Your luckier than most people in the world, to live in one of the better countries of the world. But if you can't understand her, perhaps it just because it one of those things. It's a pure all American thing, one has to have tuned in to it and aquired a feel for it. She's a throw back to the true and honored things that once used to be the heart of the character of this country. Scenes like that are rarer today, but still theres some. She's one of the examples of what made this country good.
Jenny Arata
Looks yummy to me!
Looks like some good stuff!
Hennessy Williams
Damn. Old Ma still putting work in. May the Lord praise her..I mean bless her/
I garden because I have to
Praise Jesus and pass the barbaque.
I love my Texans.... glad I live here
Some of the best BBQ in Texas. One of my favorite places to eat in college!!
Donny Lau
I can even smell from the computer! Isn't that delicious!?
Anthony Espinoza
LMFAO. Agreed
I moved away from Trinity (just down the road from Huntsville) over 11 years ago and this sh ow is one of my greatest memories growing up. Thank you SO much for posting these. Means a lot!
I had to read your comment several times over. I kept reading it as "Mmmmm, rats! Now I'm hungry" (for rats). ahahaha - I think I need sleep.
Glad to find this video on youtube! Ate there today and it was the best BBQ we've had so far on our Texas BBQ oddysey. Sorry we didn't get to meet Annie but fortunately she trained her staff well. The brisket and ribs were fabulous!
LAfresh, I know Liberty Hill, It's north of Austin with lots of Oak and Mesquite trees.....Nice place. I went a couple of times to this dance there. I met several hot human earth women there.......That was fun......Frio, First Science Officer.
Gregory Johnson
To gummi: Always gotta be one in the crowd! Just enjoy the comments from the "ppl" you did understand.
Gregory Johnson
Ahh! The taste of bar-b-q from a rib shack. Better that those "Tony Romas";Rudy's; etc, and etc. I am from the south and you cant go wrong when you find a rib shack.
I know what you mean because i was there too. Good place.
I miss Texas. THERE is NO good BBQ in Michigan.
I live in California, but my uncle used to live in Liberty, TX. And yes, I must admit, Texans must have BBQ'ing in there genes.
craig brandon
I understood every word she said. I bet all of you could understand her if she called you for dinner. Craig from Decatur TX.
Javard MIller
Another example of the church using people!
no what I was saying is that I'd defiantly am going to eat at Annie Ward's BBQ grill house if I will be driving by. But I would need a local interpreter to understand what she'd be saying, or use the good old pencil & paper method, and hope I can understand her hand writing :)
Can you actually understand her? I had to have it translated and I still do not understand the words she says.
BBQ is not Native American. Do some research & you will find it was brought to the US by european immigrants.
Right, I said Creole, which is a mix of African and French.
Tweety Steadham
Trying to find the place can someone give me the directions.
well im from texas and I understood every thing she said.
Well everyone... you really don't need to understand what she's saying to know what great comfort food is. And if more than one person seems to like it, and you can definitely tell from the smiles on their faces, well... ain't nothin' much left to do but grab a plate and try it out! :)
Jack Daniels-Son
If you stop by for a bite of her barbecue you will never get the taste out of your mouth and they are always welcoming to everyone. You can feel the love in this place baby.
Elisabeth Spaulding
Being from Huntsville, I can attest to the fact that this truly is the best BBQ I have ever eaten.
Michael Deslongchamps
Seems like a sweet old lady to me!
Aydin Yilmaz
maybe ur hardware is burning lol!
beleave me if i get a hot plate of food droped on me u wont here dang or feck...(get my drift?)
She says its good food and its worth the money. Thats all you need to know.
@L00peey BBQ is not black people food, its Native American. Soul Food is a mixture of European, Native, Mexican, and Creole food.