"My Heart is Broken" by Evanescence Drum Cover

My Facebook Page: />Check out my friends Jill & Sean who helped me with the video! /> This is such a powerful song in my opinion. It has everything from soaring vocals, catchy chorus and melody and most of all, Mr. Will Hunt on the drums!!! This guy is a damn beast!!! Love this song and his playing so enjoy!! Here's my equipment: Pearl Forum Drums 10" 12" 14" Toms (Gretsch 14" Floor Tom) 22" Kick 14x5 Pearl Masters Snare Evans Drumheads: EC2 on Toms (Usually G2 Clear) EMAD Kick Power Center Reverse Snare Sabian & Zildjian Cymbals: 14" Sabian AA Hats 17" Sabian AAX-Plosion Fast Crash 18" Zildjian A Custom Crash 18" Sabian AAX-Plosion Crash 17" Sabian AA Holy China 21" Zidljian Z Custom Mega Bell Ride Tru Tuner Drumhead Replacement Tool (Endorser) Pro Mark Drum Sticks Vic Firth Isolation Headphones FACEBOOK:

Amy lee
Holy Shit dude, The part whit The china is amazing, great job
Svart Hamar
Good job dude <3 I would love if you could make a drum cover to "Miss you" by WASP
David Ortega
I'm digging your set up and your drum covers! you do them so perfectly~!!
burak öner
the quality and your performance both of them are amazing !!!!
Nina Sahagian
WOW! played with such power you gave me goosebumps , the best drummer ive seen ever , keep playing your soul out you rock man your the next big thing! -greetings from Australia!! :)
Laysnv u.u
AMAZING! <3 (I'm from brasil! Kiss :} ).
Øystein W. Foss
A big WOW from Norway! Nice =)
I will check it out for sure!!!
Can you do the cover of Bellusira - Cachango Will be very happy :) If you like the song.. lol
Haha yup! I'm ThatDrummerKid9 that he tweeted lol.
I saw on Twitter :)
I did see that!! Where did you see that he saw it? It was such an honor for him to see it. He even reached out to me via Twitter and said how much he liked the video! It was such an honor and especially coming from a huge drum idol of mine.
Have you seen, Will saw the video!
Haha thanks Evans! Glad you liked it
Thanks so much! Yeah... Will Hunt is the fuckin man haha. The guy is a powerhouse. Hope ya stick around to get some more of the videos I'll be putting up! Thanks for watching
great cover man, love the drum sound in this song, really catchy :) liked :)
I'm an EvFan and.. it's cool! Good job
Hey thanks! Yeah my friends Jill is amazing with the camera haha I could for sure give Strife a try. Awesome song
Nice cover, liked the camera work too. Could u do strife off triviums New album :)
Maheshwar Eswar
The bass drum doesn't match
Marilenny Hernandez
WOW amazing! increible eres genial!
maggie ramirez
that was beautiful 😍😍 I didn't know what to expect but this just....it was amazing!!
yamil o
Allison Samuel
I wish I did my recording of this song with you on drums. This kicks ass. That is all I have to say.
best cover out there!! 
Priskila Rottie
in awe over you <3
one hell of a cover! i can't tell if the floor tom skin was broke before or after! if its broken, its commitment! 5*!
humaira batrisyia
wowwww...nice cover//keep it up.greetings from malaysia
istighfar leeNew
i am big fans of them, you are so fuckin awesome dude. keep rock!
Willian Nilh
That was awesome dude!
Reyhan Rizky Aurel \M/
Nasi Bungkus
omg.. this amaizing dude :)
Prasad Krishnan
Orgasmic bruh! Respect..
amazing drumming
Sweet cover m8 keep it up :)
Katie Rowe
this is amazing 😍👏
Umut Onat
Love this bro, best cover
Arabian Warden
You are sooooo siiiiick bro keep doing that and never think to stop!
Antonio Chavez
are his hands bleeding
You're awesome!!🤘
Ammar Aly
am in love! you seriously need to change the heads though xD
The best cover i've seen sofar!
Drummer Carson
Awesome job bud
You rock, nice cover.
Santiago Nievas
Yeah!! That's it
patriota Brasil
Show brother show
Mike Oliveira
Evolve- The Performing Arts
was ok, but you really need to focus on your meter and you're missing alot of hits keep practicing
becasanz venezuela
OMG! U're awesome!
christl lee vandenberghe
wow your amazing greets from belgium
Maxsuel Santos
Varun Tandon
Amazing :')
Mike Oliveira
Muito muito! Excelente! Brasil!
Lynn Vintage
this is really good
Team Austin JTA
This is impressive!
Chris Bravesevenn
you deserve more n more n more Man .. by the way 3:37 till the end so much passion you have .. energy !! what can i say wih one word ... just ... WOW !! keep it up stay strong bes is et to come . be sure that you make happy one person every day cause i see this video all the time the views are mine haha . music is personality and you up there in your drums man ,, wow
Md Shariff Ahmad
Not bad at all from Malaysia
Maton View
Great playing mate. But I think your music syncing is *** just *** a little bit out - It might be an editing thing (marrying the sound to the audio). Your playing just lags the music by a millisecond!
Dani Dee
Awesome cover ....I'm a chick and have been playing a lil over a year and I'm learning this one.... Definitely the best cover I've seen #drumminggoals.....do you play live anywhere? 🤘🏻
Awesome bro!
Mr. CJ
Words can not describe how great you did on this song
Thanx for uploading. Sounds very close to the current Evanescence drummer’s style, kind of rough around the edges, not as technical as Rocky Gray but efficient nonetheless.
Neadof De Varay
Mate.... WOW... I'm a drummer too.. But to play this song like you did.... Just WOW... Love it!
Stanislav Urblik
Big bang 👍🙏
Elian Gonzalez
me encanta verte tocar la bateria saludos desde argentina
Andi 1
Great job
Kaitlin Ballard
Another fav.... I seem to find another either new or old, and fall in love with it. you put a lot of energy into your playing. I watched someone else, and he wasn't bad, but his movements were stiff like he wasn't into the song or what he was doing. You're the complete opposite.
Penglipur Hati
you rock boy!
Ardans Sayfully
Pavel X
Yeah, it's cool!
Alan H. González
What happen to your floortom head????
Jesus G. Diaz
ponete un metronomo hermano! te corres de tiempo continuamente!
Safa Faris Safa Faris
Very good 👌great work👍thanke you
Little Lulu
Ok so Im a girl..and I drum (a little bit xP), I was looking for some covers of this song and yours is truly the best. Loving the energy! Seems to me that you like to have viewers from other countries....well, greetings from Cuba!
Jhone Jose
Demais em nota dez
Mabel Zamora
saeed mohammadi
Marian Moran
En el puente se acomoda y mejora toda la linea final, pero el principio, temía que se pierda el ritmo, los cortes no cerraban del todo!
bryan almeida
nice, wondeful