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TOP 5 SNIPER KILLS | Pubg Mobile. So as you probably know, I love to use snipers in pubg mobile and here you have some insane headshots, noscopes long shots and blind shots! enjoy! Videos: (Blind awm shoot): /> (almost 4 headshots): /> (sniping driving car): /> (long and blind shoots): /> (no scope sniper): /> Remember to SUBSCRIBE & LIKE For more pubg mobile videos! Comment what type of video you want next :D (tips, tricks, how to, weapon challenge, world record, trick shot or high kill gameplay) Rank? - Conqueror (highest rank) Device? - Ipad

anirban pramanik
wtf this u call top 5 im better than you
SharpShooteR- PUBG
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mad maxx 3
Happy diwali panda
Anthono is no Homo
Ima be honest its all about trailing and luck. Those shoots are easier than they look I've done these shoots many times and really, trailing is the only skill factor
typical tryhard
youre so good you deserved conquerer and hope you get rank 1❤️
5000 subs without videos ?!
*Do life insurance in case u get knocked by a Kar98*
Ali Ridha
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2:39 wow wow wow
Viper DF
That thai life insurance ad made me cry wtf...I'm fcking crying while watching BP's video
Darshan Tamrakar
Last song name panda.? Koi panda ka fan h kya name batao song ka
Shergia Melva I love you
Can you make video best low budget smartphone for PUBG Mobile?
Nice video panda bhai please mere channel ko bhi support kr do yar. E bhi pubg mobile ki game play banata hu please Dekh lo bhai chote se channel ko😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Argus Roger
Bro can u teach me how to snipe like the prooo player whose name is Panda
Wahab pk
Back to back 3 headshots are awesome❤
Mahesh Kakde
Nice bro
You really pro bro,AMAZING
Jeyo's Skills
Panda what an animal you
CharRus The
This is cool but not impressed yet... you need some trick,insane shot
Abhinava Sen
I salute to your skills ❤️
WalBeddi XX
Tech and Specs
tune name
shampa ghosh
awesome. King of sniping
Data muchiashvili
Plsss tell me how to switch resolution
Salim Elabed
Sarthak Sharma
982th veiwer
Sathya DK
40+kills in Miramar or erangrl (classic)
Raj tube
Warriyo makes better the video
techno gaming tamil
Ru hacker blind sniper shots
Nice boiiiiii🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼
k tage
I'm first viewer😊
Archishman Mitra
Great gameplay panda🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼
Puneet Garg
Love your video second
Panda doesn't use aimbot , aimbot uses panda LOL 😂
Praful 04
Insane sniping skills
Shergia Melva I love you
eto na nga !
Aimbot no doubt
I LOVE your gameplay
DJ Monkey
*wow you are awsome*
Karthik P
Your the best player in pubg
Clashing_with _Kartik
You are the best your biggest fan bro
Archishman Mitra
I'm indian so I wanna wish you a happy diwali!!
techno Muqsit
Hello pans you are genius perfect gamer all the best keep it up
Footage Spot
Love you Panda <3333
Awsome video
Diwa Rai10
Panda is love
Always ibe is best for sniper Ibe fan
Francisco Rodrigues
Sorry but second guy on first a bit nab
War Robots Fusion
I can kill him in just one shot....(0:40 sec) however im a sniper freak!
Shashank Narayan
This guy play pushing games under BluePanda and rank games under Panda... Lol. Good strategy
Prabhjot Singh
Awesome bro
Bunlar bisey deil fatih sayr uzleyin bir videoda 10 tane var bu vuruslardan
Golu Rana
Hello please tell me which gun you use in this videos
chiefjv gaming
Nice man
Rohan 222001
Nice snipes
Samsung Note3
I shot 4 hesdshots in a row with AWM in military base(lol)
Ash Rishu
Roger seng khung
Bro play at Asia rank,then share replay plz.....😊 Gud luck
K.G.D VLOGS /gaming
Your lucky that car was going straight forward if i were going straight sideways it would have been way harder
alejandra faenze
Man sos el AMO de pug mobile me encantan tu vídeos te la más que mereces a mi suscripción
Edlie Puth
This is nothing I Shot From Bootcamp And The Player Got Killed At Military Base😎😎
U got dead eye tittle
Ivailo Ivanov
Why sometimes your name is Panda sometimes Blue panda
Amro Hossam
Watch ibe and u will see real amazing sniper kills
Akshy M Pillai
Ummm.... 100% accuracy?
Plzz make a video on tips and tricks and claw.... (2)
Golu Rana
Which gun u use please tell
Yuzuru Otonashi
Answer me You are bluepanda, aren't you😏😏😏 Anyways, love u bro
jishan ahmad
Great Gameplay skill ,bro
Which fronts do you use
Gianna Carino
Panda Panda Panda Panda Panda Panda Panda Panda You so awesome☺
JoKeR pRoDuCtIoNs
Awesome panda 🐻
Blind shots??? Isn't it all about luck .. No hate!GG!WP!Love ur vids
Redstone 2995
2:39 wowowoow daaamn
Hariparkash Singh
Sorry to say,but my sniping is better then you..
King Pradeep
I have feelings that ! If I need winning ! I must have a great plan to kill you !😎
shital modasiya
What is your name in pubg ? Are u plaging in play games account?
Lol ez4me 😂
Ratonul !
First is Pff... I make a s-o much good snipe kill
What headset do you use ?????
chicken eater
Are u human being or superpanda
Ekta Patle
Only win94 challenge
Aravinth Aravinth
What's your tear rating
Kuleep Soan
Panda you are my favourite youtuber becayse i like your gameplay very much
K.D.Android Gamer
Lol 😂😂You are not sniper
Marhen 1000
when you live streaming? i want see you hehe love you
Danish Basnet
Panda the best
Can u put my shot on your vid? I had a pretty insane luck while doing some war mode
Ritik# technical
Asia m khel na madarchpd phir manunga tu pro hai
you know who am I
Panda first you need to watch izzos top 5 kills
see feitz channel hi is sniper god
BluePanda 👋♥️
Gianna Carino
Ayaz Khan
Your kr98 shot ammezing😲😲😲😲😲
Wx game
good luck bro
weapon x
Music name please??
kishor bairagi
Tips and tricks
Mastermind Gaming
PANDA Awesome kills 💯💯😍
Are u play pubg mobil in pc??