Wing x Xisco vs Cheerito x Vakho-Verkho | 1/2 Mafia13 10th Anniversary

STREETFIRE BATTLE presents "MAFIA13 10th Anniversary" Moscow Russia 2015

Walle brown
Dope battle! Also, I really like Vakho-Verkho's style. He rocks what seem to be original moves, and he varies his sets so that they don't look the same. He may not be the traditional bboy in terms of style or dress, but I can sense that he's hungry when he battles. Needless to say, every other bboy killed it too.
Alan Aron
Wing  Dope .........!
Mit Mit
clean battle dope. all unique style. wing was great so does the rest
Xisco was so dope at 3:52! feeling the beat!
Teeramet Thurnmongkol
dope battle!!
Bboy LifeTv
These guys are so dope!!!
lucifer Hell
cheerito and vakho-verko good style
Buster Brown
what is the whole soundtrack?
cherrito win
ramdre 7
Wing best bboy ever
ClouD974 _
illusion of exist ma gueule !!!!! :)
Geovani de gregori
what name this songs ?
Don Won
Dj won this battle to me and Cheerito is my favorite russian bboy so im biased but his partner's only flaw was his lack of foundation. Great battle overall. Musicality over 9000!!!!!!
Cheerito should've battled them by himself. His partner held him back. Love Cheerito!
Juraj Žovinec
if Xisco didnt block wing at 5:17 that 2000s would be more glorious