CAN'T STOP THE FEELING! - Justin Timberlake (Stormtroopers Dance Moves & More) PT 3

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Andres Diaz
I just made a new AMAZING VIDEO!!! and I want to share it with you: I hope you like it and thanks for visiting my channel.
who came for Stormtroopers? :D
Ethan D
Now that is dancing! Excellent.
Natalie Smith
Also we should dance all the way home that what i do when i dance.
Joe Sanchez
dammmmmm! who knew storm troopers had moves.
Dee Dee
1:00 he must have a good aim to dance and pee at the same time
Roly-Poly Panda
Love the movies included in this video! Great job 👍
Elena Pitts-Akoulova
Pretty nice dance moves!😎
Devon Flores
cool song with stormtroopers
1:59 Where is this scene from? (assuming it wasn't from the original music video)
Pancernik Radziecki
When admin leaves the Starwars RP and you start to minge
Jaco Marais
Everything is better with stormtroopers, but the guy dancing in the mall is contagious.. Love it
Shady Lamb
Good Lord for a second thought that guy in black was actually Tom Hiddelston!! Really nice video love it😂💃🕺
Big Bloo
The storm troopers from worlds got talent are looking good
Tanmay Negi
What's the dance style called at the start?
Aiden Show
2:44 this movement is steep Xd
The phenomenal electric swing dancer at the beginning was a brilliant choice, but I also loved the DUI test dancers as well. What is THAT from?
Uncle Tom
I want to walk like him for my whole life.....🙄
Joe Previdi
(Refers to Storm Troopers) Who says white guys can't dance?
You know how happy I would be if I was at Toronto Comic con and those Dancing Storm Troopers were there.
Ashton Cox
Cant stop the feeling in my bones!!
I wish I could see someone dance at the mall like that guy. XD
Maaan he got some Moves
The BlueCreeper999
Is the guy in the black Justin t or is he just the main character?
Meli Paraj
boogie strorm 😉😂😂just dance
Nelson Ferreira
Dieses Lied ist so nice
Javier Valdez
You giys can text me😎😎
sonic gamer
Janine Albrecht
Dancer was great. Blend of new and old was greatER 😁
Stormtroopers vs Winter Talent Show...Troops roll deep, don't eff with them boys...but the girls won this one.
SO COOL, Chris Bacon sent this to me.  He's right, this is sooooo good with all the great dance scenes.  How did you get so good, so professional?   I have to keep watching this to get all the wonderful moves. Likeeeeeee
Devon Flores
wheres you heart people im just a kid 14 years old
Great video!!!Loved the stormtroopers and cop scenes!
Loop Is Dedz
Ok stormtrooper part a little weird but everyone else, man they got some moves!
rebecca porter
Kelly Beam
I am totally not riding a hover board during this right now
Everything n Anything
Such a joyful song 😀
Darkoz Gaming
Is this shuffle dance or raver dance? Lol
You know when something touches your soul? THIS VIDEO has done it for me!! I'm sitting here like at the point of tears because this hit my soul ! SOOO GOOD!
Lee Morgan
He's got quite the extortion racket going
Merlijn Mastenbroek
we came for stormtroopers dancing we stayed for the person daning in the mall
Augusto castilho Ribeiro da Silva
Henry Joiner
the stormtroopers are funny
Frank Huch
cheri loveridge
quick study
I love the boogy troopers!
Tsuyama no Kinsan津山の金さん
♫♦♫♦・*:..。♦♫♦*゚¨゚゚・*:..。♦ Wonderful 👍゜.+:。(*´v`*)゜.+:。💕
Jellofello Yellowmashmellow
This is what happens when stormtroopers sneak out😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Isamu Kano
you can get free money !? gotta dance in mall next time lol
Lord Fardquad Me
Play at 0.25x speed, hope your ears are ready 😂
Very happy thanks for the memories!
Jeremy Dries
so cool Epic
Trace Sullivan
If were allowed to do this, why not do the Hype all the way home?
Omer Murat
no cop will allow suspects to get out of the vehicle if they dont comply he can use force.
Kenny Burns
This makes me dance in the shower dough
Mike Coffee
Best DUI traffic stop ever!
Paulina Zamorano
I can’t stay in my chair lol !!! 😄😄😄🤣🤣🤣
Hmmm those stormtroopers reminded me of boogie strom
Tralee McKinley
Loving it makes you just wanna sing nd dance to it anyone else 💃
Fresh Batch
sooo is it just me or does this song sound like that Wova Seasons song?
Anca Taropa
4:26 movie/song??
stephanie morley
I lovvvve
Gary Collins
It might be the gin talking, but I very much enjoyed that.
¡Bluexpex390 xd
O rayos tengo que aprender esos pasos :v
Donnie Yen Jedi
I wish I could see a dance crossover with James Brown, Prince, Michael Jackson, Mcjagger, Bruno Mars, Childish Gambino, Justin Timberlake, Elvis Presley, A-Ha and all the greatest singers and dancers. It would be the GREATEST PERFORMANCE OF HUMAN HISTORY!!!!
northern man
Is that boogie storm
Johnny LAW
Oh so that's what the troopers did before BGT just danced i like it
Kuba Kubasinski
Amazing music
Naturalist 4life
I never thought in my entire life that i'd see DANCING STORMTROOPERS.
Garrett J Long
Simon Hempenstall
Sabrina Roders
DAB IF you like this video
Antoine Blouin
Keep goin'
Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet
I like that guy dancing in the mall
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00:00 what name dance?...
Daisy Arellano
Natalie Smith
I like your dance it cool Boy.
Lacey Crawford
November 2018
Brianna /
october 2018??
If I saw any of this, I would have screamed dancing plague and fled the premises.
Waylon Everage
The best
wow cool
Kyle Watson
A better music video than the original one. 👏👏👏
Abraham David márquez
I need the name of all the movies that appear in this video please
Goodness Gracious
i want to dance like the guy in the first part
Cristian Aguilar
1:02 he was looking at it.
Mariusz Niemiec
Stephan Miller
So who are some of the dancers? Like the main male dancer?
Andtea Wright
Great video Great song.
Jeff Detweiler
mc jager more like mc swager
Jay Lego
1:30 stormtrooper day off!
Granete Jo
Thembela Mgobo
why storm troopers tho
Christopher Carbajal
Great video... what a great combination of clips, to tie the song together. I can make out, most of the clips. Except, for the dancing cop. I've seen other comments also asking about that clip. So.... were is that clip from?. Thanks for posting, keep em dancing!.
Kawaii Pink Gacha
Fortnite emote spotted... This guy plays fortnite confirmed .. Btw 2018 anyone??
Alexandra Wilson
Stormtroopers excellent at this song cant stop this Alexandra Wilson.