The Best 'Chicken Dances' in Boxing...Part 3

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The Boxing Round Up takes a look at some of the best chicken dances in Boxing.

The Boxing Round Up
Seeing as the other two chicken dance videos done so well i thought i should do a part three, thanks again for all your suggestions!!
bubba luv
brain damage boogie
Riff Raff
Damn. Looked like Broner was tryin to shake a turd out of his shorts🤣
Craig Isaac
Best chicken leg dance of all time kostua tzsu v zab Judah.......that dance Judah did was priceless lol
Muhammad Ahmad
Chicken dance incomplete without amir khan
It’s them temple punches
Antonio Jr. Decatoria
Drago: If he dances...he dances
Mika Hakkinen
Pacquiao vs Lucero should be included.
Mayweather did the chicken dance whn Hatton caught him in the 1st rd,thats not included in these vids.
Backroads and Byways
What about naseem? Not only was he a chicken but a great chicken dancer when he finally fought a fighter who was halfway decent. He was nothing but a paper boxer who fought worse paper boxers.
Wow. What a beautiful combo executed by Sugar Ray Leonard. It’s very similar to the combo that Sugar Ray Robinson threw.
Can Cer
where's lucero's vs pacquiao? i believe in rd 3 lucero did a chicken dance that ended the fight
Rifki kenzi
Brian Cicio
4:33 TIMBER!!!!!!!!!!
Luis Alberto Pinto Sanchez
Just the title is hilarious! Some of them reinvented the brake dance ! :))
That first knockout look like some WWE
Bchira Mkinini
İ only watch this cuz of the music
Like a flopping fish
benjio zimo
Eagerly waitin fo part 4
Khabib NurmaGoatmedov
That first one was hilarious
Eric Bremner
Terence Crawford's latest fight had a Stanky Leg in rd 12...first thing I thought of when I saw the round
Hernan Fortu
Add Donaire vs Darchinyan and Pacquiao vs Lucero
Q Ward
These guys were "wobbling around like some flopping fish!"😂 Good video once again sir!👍💯 Wait I hear some chanting off in the distance👂.......... 📣PART 4! PART 4! PART 4! PART4!
Emperor Uncrownking
pacquiao vs lucero ?
Callum Anderson
Anthony Joshua vs Dillian Whyte?
Laval Bear
The last one was sooo funny😂😂😂
Jeremiah Loftin
Got these dudes doing the cha cha slide haha
El baile del pollo!!!🤣🤣
Manji Jumrani
William Bua
The first guy needed to spend less time in the tattoo parlour and more time in the gym
when Mike Alvarado ko’s pacquiao will be #1 best chicken dance of all time
Allan Jonal Isidro
flaping fish hahahahha
Dino Sour
1:25~1:38 is not a solid punch.. Booo.. Not a knockdown..
Why no manny Pacquiao
afendi ujud
Look very wrestling
Korek Kuping
Justin Wilson
I love these lmao🤣😂
Erick Gaudreault
I see that you used my advise for the Simon Kean vs Adam Braidwood chicken dance...its one of the funniest KO ive seen
I don't know why, but the funniest ones are when a black guy gets smacked silly. Is that racist?