Knights of Cydonia - Live at Rome Olympic Stadium

You can download the video in 1080p here

Jeff Welsh
Welp its official. Muse is officially the best rock band of this generation
Old-Man Parker
MUSE is the "Quentin Tarantino" of Rock Bands.
Tommaso Carpillo
The intro is in my opinion one of the coolest things ever made during a concert.
Rida Gassab
in my opinion this is probably the best concert in 2000s along side with AC DC concert in river plate .
There are no words.....
Daniel Haugen
I've probably commented on the most videos of this version. But everytime I watch it I get blown away. Is it even possible for a song to be this awesome and rock so freakin' much?
Lucas Olson
I have one big problem no trumpet
I thank god that i was born in an age when muse is an active band and had a chance to go attend their concerts!
If they ever make a generic futuristic Sci-fi spaghetti western, this song should be in the soundtrack.
Old-Man Parker
Fun Activities: 1.) Play this Video synched-up with the last 8 minutes of the final chase scene in "MAD MAX Fury Road".
Sianna Alexandrova
Can we just talk about how amazingly talented Chris is? I've got so much respect for this man
Ricky Gardner
I've only just recently got into Muse and I can't stop listening to them! Great band!
Florin Petrut
My only question is: why is there a guy in a suit laying on the stage whem they show Chris playing the harmonica?
Max Pawlick
Beautiful use of the soundtrack from Once Upon a Time in the West.
Gabriel Fournier
A MUSE concert is like a DMT trip. Aliens, Cydonia, isoated system, exo-politics, some fractals here, some fractals there, you know... I really admire Matt Bellamy. He is smart , a very complete musician and his way of thinking is out of this world.
Jonathan Garcia
This is the best concert of the fucking history!! <3
How much were the tickets? Insane concert.
Discrimination is not a right.
This is one of the only two stadium bands I've ever wanted to see live, that I've been willing to risk my eardrums to see. The other was Rush.
Catherine De Mesa
No one will probably see this, but the fact that their LIVE versions of the songs they produce are BETTER.... says something...
Frank Henk
this might be the best thing ever happened to the world
Simon Cossettini
If you get the chance to see them live go for it. I saw them years ago in italy before this song was published and was very impressed, they were great and knew how work the stage and audience. Whatever tour they do I am sure will be good.
Brandon Hatchie
When you're listening to this song and taking a shit at the same time #priceless 👏🏿🌝
Paweł Tubacki
Brain Birth
Thank God for the miracle of electricity and the genius that is Muse!
Karla Klišanin
Matt is an alien.
henri best
The fuzz on the main riff kills me.
this must be one of the best live performances there is. i mean they just rock!
Miami sands
So sad that so called artist like i cant even remember his name now anyways oyah the rapper married to kardashian gets more you tube hits then this epic rock band... sooo sad ..... I just found them today on you tube and as an old 80's rocker im hooked..
Karyn Shalda
Playing Ennio Morricone's "Man with a Harmonica"!! So badass.
ItsRealniBBa Hours
This must be one of the greatest concert’s ever just because of how they executed the song
Don't erase citizen 2:25
M R A Scott
Are we having fun yet?
Joel Anaya
God bless the person who uploaded this
Simone van der Velden
Best crowd ever!
The ABacross
Alexander Featherstone
The best band of all time!!!!!!!!!
Riki Moreno
Mamma miiaaaa
Cookie Monster
To all the rest: GAME. OVER.
Ilham Alivian
Good music for good people
jay def
i didnt know wolverine's brother played the harmonica with Muse
Daniel houle
this is a really great song but all I mainly heard was the word yeah
Huge props to the director of this, leaving wide long shots on the bits that matter!
If you haven't been to one of their concerts you are missing out. One if the best bands I've seen live.
Javier Garay
This band is one of the best bands in the history of rock, there is no question. Please come to Chile!!!!
As someone who played in a school band (not a lame ass school band with only some drums, a guitar with no way of changing the setup on the amps and recorders) as a rythm guitarist and played live at some school arranged concerts, the way i assume Matt can sing perfectly while also play the guitar like a beast is breathtakingly awesome. That's some serious practice that has taken place. Plus everyone looks like they just have fun going balls to the wall and shving everything into overdrive. It's inspiring. Then i pick up my guitar, plug it into my beginner amp and play without any effect on (i would like some. Just some more other than having clean and distortion. Some of the effects out there just sound awesome), either playing some basic powerchord riffs or 4 chords. (Still fun, just wish my fingers were just a bit faster and more accurate. But this is coming from a guy who has played for a little over a year, so still a lot to learn. Barre chords or whatever the hell they're called can fuck off though.
By far the most epic song by Muse.
Sooooo... when are they getting put into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame?
Man! Why's this so satisfying???
Aayush Sharma
Muse is the best active live band in the world.
Chris Wolstenholme is awesome.
mohd fazly
voice same like recordings. ...LEGEND
Martin Freeman
Rome is rocking. Time to break out the air guitar !
Berenise Ortega
best concert ever
lorenzo ascani
this is one of the best concerts ever
Javier Sanchez
Holy Mother of god
Shawn Sager
Awwww man, I wanna be a rock star.
Curly Haired Gamer - Fortnite and More!
I like this version more than the original
udi cohen
i listen to this before i play RDR2
The kind of music revolutions are born from
Luis Garza
That harmonica...
Eddy Salvatruchaz
Even the crowd singing the riff
Dom is starting to look more and more like Keith Richards!
Alex graphtec
miglior gruppo oggi in circolazione, tutto il resto (gruppi attuali) e pura noia!!!!!!!!!
Daniel de la Prida
Gracias MUSE, por tanto.
Jaris Dominguez
this is one of my favorite live songs of all time, is just amazing, they play it perfect, the studio version is not this great
hearing the crowd singing the guitar riff makes me so happy
Fernando Pastorino
Is it me or he played some licks from Pink Floyd's Sheep near the end?
Vu Manh Kien
amazing! thanks for uploading! :D
Holy cow mother of jesus mary son of joseph
Fathul 911
njirrrrr semangat menggebu2 dengerin ni lagu
elmi rozita
Muse are rock GOD!!
Carlos Robles
Kevin Intriago
Ilaria Dalpasso
Ci vediamo a Luglio!!!!
Noel Wilson
Morricone harmonica intro sets up the gunfight superbly..what a show
Dirk Yarborough
What a stunning, amazing, jaw dropping band. Can't wait for the next tour.
Face Palmer
"When fools can be kings" #Trump #Spaceforcedumbestideasincesdi
Ben Jerry
One of THE best lives performance videos ever. And the crowd were part of it.
This is INSANE!!!
porco dio, se non me lo vedo un concerto loro prima che moro, mi suicido!
Sanguis Leonis
once upon a time in the west huh? These guys man...these are kings. real ones.
Fucking awesome start playing the music from "Once Upon A Time In The West".
Axel Alvarez
7:35 to 7:45 Pink Floyd riff :)
Daniele Maddalo
I was there..unforgettable..apocalyptic
ElFurroDeGd :v
This live performance is probably one of the craziest things I had ever seen
Does anybody know what is this silver box that Matt always spins around in concerts?
I must of seen Muse live around 11 times now, and 6:10 gets better everytime
Top quality
M. Owen McGrew
"Don't waste your time. Or time will waste you."
Best crowd ever?
Cristian Eyzaguirre Araya
Stefano Pellegri
pensare che ero li in mezzo a tutto quel delirio!!!!!il concerto piu bello della storia
Faddish Storm
Español, español
Luciana Barrientos
This must be the most wonderful live piece ever
La Verdad Incomoda Del Mar
Best performance forever And Ever!
Once there was (early) Queen, then nothing. Then came class stagecraft & musicianship. Who needs here today gone tomorrow rap "stars" who always have to "feat" someone else you've never heard of, talking, playing no instruments, & with a sampled riff in the background. Talent will always win.
Will Morris
Anyone know what the harmonica prt at the beginning is called? I've been trying to find it for ages
Juan Simon Alvarez
everytime they begin playing this it gives me goosebumps, what an amazing performance
l Rezistance l
literal chills..