Hunter x Hunter AMV - Lion

Song: Lion by Hollywood Undead Anime: Hunter x Hunter (2011) (Episodes 85, 95, 112, 115, 116, 124) Program: Lightworks (11.5) Watch in HD at 1080p! I hope you enjoyed my Hunter x Hunter AMV! This is my first ever AMV, so please give me your comments or criticisms for improvement. I actually discovered the song 'Lion' on another Hunter x Hunter video, and from there I was inspired to make this AMV (and I just love Hollywood Undead so I had to). I love Hunter x Hunter a lot, I spent most of my life last week watching from episode 1 to the current one. The scene that I especially focused on in the anime with Pitou, Gon and Killua really pulled at my heart strings, and the only way I thought of to express my feels was to make this AMV. Thank you for taking your time to read this and to watch the AMV, and may Gon have mercy on us all.

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Reiko Reseñas
this show put the bar soo high for the shonen genre... its almost like a shonen for adults if that makes some kind of sense,,
Chloe Miles
Hey guys... just to let you know, my second AMV was taken down... I may try to get it up again but, unfortunately, there isn't much hope. I wish the copyright system wasn't so harsh on people who just want to be creative and share their love for something they're passionate about. Really sorry guys.
Some Dutch Guy
Honestly... Gon transforming.. This power up, I still think it was more epic than the first time Goku went SSJ.... The anger, the feels...
o0 shuffle 0o
On the many years on earth I have been on, I have seen many animes, only this one has made me feel both sorry, scared and emotionally attached to the main character from has been shown
Amazing anime one of the best i ever saw
The Dark Lord
Am I the only one who thinks HxH should have more episodes than Naruto?
Robert Hohenhiem
Dam, Gon is going to grow into a hell of a handsome guy, with fabolous hair.
Do you guys think HxH feel more emotional than the big three (Naruto, Bleach and One Piece) combined?
Thraxicus Onoxus
I really want to know what would've happened if Gon fought Mureum or if Netero saw Gon like this.
so i heard that in the manga kite and gons relationship is even a bit more deep, since in the anime it seems a bit strange that gon loses his mind over someone as kite but in the manga it says that kite was the one who made gon want to become a hunter, so everything makes more sense. I think the 2011 anime version did not particulary made the wrong decision by shortening gons and kites connection. and heres the reason why: we can relate to both killua and gon. we know kite is someone important to gon but since we dont know anything about him we cant really connect that well to him, like killua cant. so that scene where gon says "you have it easy killua, since it means nothing to you" is sooo powerful because we, the viewers, are the same as killua in that position. we dont care for kite that much as gon does, so gon is basically calling us out, and that makes everything so much stronger. and thats why we can relate to killua that well but can also relate to gon. so well made. truly a masterpiece.
Vidya Zac
[1 WEEK SPOILER]Cant wait till Gon obliterates Pitou next week. Oh god, im going to need to buy so many tissues.
Na Kama
Hiatus X Hiatus
Max Harvey
Well... I'm going to start watching Hunter x Hunter starting tomorrow, this should be official marketing it's so good.
Natsu Tsuna
so he's angry because she stole a kite from him? lol
this is an unusual choice for an amv, but I really love it. Instead of action it focuses on one of the most emotional scenes of the series.
ThePoetographer Canrite
Gon has one of the MOST intense faces when he gets pissed. One of the most well animated rage faces in anime history!
Hunter x Hunter, best ever.
Chabio Flotto
Gon is a joke we, we all know is the fat child with the computer from the Hunter Excam the strongest, because..... because..... I mean he is fat have compassion.
daaamn this gave me chills. really good, doesn't feel like a first attempt at all. when more material/the full fight comes out, you should consider making another AMV [:
Marko Stamenkovic
Villains coated in a beautiful shade of grey are the best kind of villains.
Wtf. It's been a year now right? Thought people would learn that this gon vs pitou thing was NOT a fight It was a rape session.
Tyler Rankine
The video and song go PERFECT together, got the chills the first time i watched this!
Chibi Neko
3:12 perfect lip sync :D
My dad wanted me to watch this but I don't know ? Tell me youtube, is it worth it
Kurz Weber
If you think Gons a bad ass you should check out Shin/Xin from Kingdom.  It's pretty much Shin doing what Gon is doing here the whole time which is being a bad ass.
This anime got so dark, so fast. Like the first couple of arcs were fine, Hisoka got a little crazy, killed somebody, so did Killua, but that's ok, not too bad, then a member of the Phantom Troupe bites a guy's skull in half. Then the blood bath during the auction, then it's all light and happy again in the Greed Island arc, a few people die, not too graphic, then children get eaten by giant ants.
sulbrain uno
"You have it easy, Killua. Since it means nothing to you..."
Never seen this Anime, but I can tell this kid had some sort of Goku ADHD.
I was hoping this would contain the episode where he forcibly ages 16 years and is as strong as Merium when does. That episode was one of the best episodes I have ever seen from any anime.
Black Magic
its 2017...this anime needs to come back!!!!😫
Moukou Xiong
If y'all don't gon watch this anime, then I'll killua.
I love how at the start of HxH Gon was the innocent one and Killua was the badass and they just switched somewhere along the road
william carey
How would I watch this online because netflix dosent have all the episodes online yet
When I first read (then saw) this whole scenario between Gon and Pitou, I was speechless. It just had this feel to it back then you know? In the end, it changed the way I saw Gon as a character entirely. In the series, Killua and Kurapika have always had dark sides, for obvious reasons.. This darkness was never really hidden from us, but when it came to Gon, up until this point he had always retained that innocence or at least unwillingness to let that dark part (that everyone has) out. While Kite's death certainly broke him, I feel that these scenes between him and Pitou were the true defining moments of Gon's step toward the "dark side" per-sey. His desperation towards getting Kite back put him on a path that ironically if it weren't for Pitou's quick thinking, would have essentially destroyed all that was good in him. He was THAT close to murdering an innocent girl to get what he wanted. In the end, he still stepped onto that darker path, going as far as to sacrifice his own life even to gain enough power for revenge. Man..really wish new chapters for this series came out more regularly.. Sucks that the author is so sick all the time though. We'll probably be getting another few years hiatus soon if I had to guess :/
"Outside the window just to watch you as you sleep, cuz iam a lion born from things you cannot be" You just earned a subscriber!
Scarlalalet Flanlan
Am I really the only one who really HATED Gon at the end of the anime ? I loved Ptiou and I also wished that she would kill Gon.
Spoiler Fiquei um pouco confuso pq tipo, se a Neferpitou ''costurou'' o kaito de volta pq a rainha deu a luz a ele sendo que ela não o comeu?
miguel sanchez
is it me or does anyone else think Gon's eyebrows are on fleek?
That was amazing. This show is in my top 5 favorite anime. And this is one of my favorite parts.
I approve this video
Perfect choice of music. Perfect use of the original dialgues. The only thing that bothers me is that it has no action, It's pretty much a mix of flashbacks and Gon getting angry.
Robert Hohenhiem
The thing about Nen is that it has so much to do with your feelings, personal involvement and mental state. I've been always thinking that Gon would have never been able to reach such a limit where he transforms like that, if he didn't have personal feelings and involvement in it. Due to his pure hatred towards her and anger, he was able to exceed his limits to such point. And that fact, that Nen ability and flexibility has so much to do with mental state, always made me think about what happend if Gon has fought Meruem (Pre-Bomb) under two different scenarios : 1. What if Meruem was the one who killed Kite and not Pitou? Due to Pitou's statement that Gon's power is equal more or less to the king after the transformation, I believe with the amount of anger and avenge need he'd have toward him, he might have been able to kill him. However, Scenario 2 : What if for example, Gon were to kill Komgui? Meruem's anger and hatred towards Gon (in his transformation) would be so great that he'd probably kill Gon. My point and conclusion is, like I said couple of times already, the mind state and personal involvement of an individual in something, can clearly effect the outcome of a battle (in case the two enemies are similar & close in power potential and ability, obviously). So that's just my point of view on this whole fan-boys arguments over "Who'd win" if they were to fight in that point of time
Michael Matt
I watched this anime with a lot of high expectations since everyone was recommending it to me, well it's safe to say that those expectations were raped and blown away.
SPOILER ALERT gon transforms into a lion
Mark Angelo Gozon
Somehow, I felt bad and pity for Pitou after their fight...
Beast Mode on
My only wish was is that if Hisoka saw him like this he would shit his pans >_< xD ( Gon is bad ass )
Jack Flowt
Thumbs Up LEOS
Hands down my favorite AMV, perfectly captures Gon vs. Pitou! Great job :)
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how i felt when i when i was on the toilet.............anyone got some lysol or ferbreeze
I think this is the best AMV I've seen in my life! WOW! Please make more like this. It blew my mind!
gogeta savage
this is like the dbz broly movie when broly went insane with rage towards goku but in HxH gon goes half insane with rage towards pitou very sneaky/cleaver
awesome :D
My Nigga Goku
It was at that moment, Pitou knew, she fucked up XD
Levi Ackerman
this AMV gave me chills
Cyndaquil Exclusive
+Chloe Miles What programs did you use to make this AWESOME amv? :D
kid goku
james hahn
my top 3 animes have to be, boku no hero academia, one piece and hunter x hunter
Kai Lin
karen fajardo
absolutely love ur amv. ive seen so many but you have absolutely nailed it.
gogeta savage
this is like the dbz broly movie when broly went insane with rage towards goku but in HxH gon goes half insane with rage towards pitou very sneaky/cleaver
Meruem Ô
Wow that goose bumbs at the beginning :O
Joshee Boi
best hunter x hunter amv ever
Roshi the Sayian
damn dats deep :'(
Joe Blow
Awesome AMV, you know what you're doing
Dragon Ball Z makes everything better. Look at that super saiyan rage.
luqman muhammad
Gon was off the charts pissed
Eikan Cross
Mereum hail to the king vs Gon Lion
flaming skull
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Killua Fanboy
orewa gon phreecks and orewa a lion ms cat
this was cool i love the song it was like gon was really mad just like a real humun wood
David Perla
just have one thing to say......... Naruto is better.
quite nice.. though with a bit more effort this could have been a masterpiece..
thamer mohammed
the best anime , the best ark , the best AMV , the best everything , just as simple as this .
Kamiya Hikki
the best anime/manga ever!!!
Killua Zoldyck
I can't stand how they get people addicted to the anime an then like leave no follow up when it ended I don't care if it's boring or not I me after watching literally any anime I just wanna see there whole life to feel things people irl can't give me if that makes since put it this way I like anime I hate people an that sums it up
Saleh Ahmed
Wow that was a great
Matheus Henrique
This gets me RIGHT in the feels. ;-;
Kyle Kingsland
Wow, 9 months later and you now have over 1,000,000 views! I still think that this is a really well-made amv, and I hope you continue to make more. Best of luck in your future endeavours! :)
Genocide :
Best amv EVER
This amv made me start Hunter x Hunter 2011
Am I the only one who got goosebumps?
Lapisangel 11871
Noooooo Gon it doesn't mean nothing to Killua, you mean everything to him.😢😭😢😭
Lapisangel 11871
this makes me cry Gon and Killua my poor babies. Killua was so afraid to see Gon turn out like this and Gon did he almost killed himself. When you think back to how happy and smiley he was in the first seasons this is heartbreaking. My babies have grown so much.
Hibonbon35 AMV´s
I love The amv so much thx you for the great AMV i like it so much
Saud Aj
This week episode well be one of the best episodes that anime universe has ever made! Gon All The Way 
abdallah benfattoum
2018 ♥
imagine how cool this would be if this was kurapika or killua,xD let someone kidnap killua they gonna get that ads whooped
Domnul Hannibal
sa ma pis pe amv ul tau ca am stat 2 minute sa vad un pumn
Kamui Yato
Loven it
HOLY SH*T! ok...can someone explain to me WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED!!! It makes since that I don't know what happened because im only at episode 60 or 70 something....ehhh... :[ its gonna be a wild ride for me...<:[
This AMV was so intense. I honestly felt my heart breaking when Gon said that to Killua. ; A; The feelings omgg Well done!! 
One doe's not simpy make gon angry you do that and your dead
gon's black aura reminds me of hollow ichigo's black reiatsu, idk why but somehow it does ;O
Fahim Ahmed
during these few episodes of gon, well you know turning into what we humans call a monster I loved gons anger and every time i see it it sends chills down my spine and makes me thurst for more
Blaze Pheonix
I am the lion and I want to be free do you see the lion when look inside of me