Alice in Chains interview: Sonisphere 2009

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Absolute Radio catches up with Alice in Chains at the Sonisphere Festival 2009 at Knebworth. We've also got live audio from the festival, including Alien Ant Farm, Bullet for my Valentine, Feeder, Nine Inch Nails and Saxon at

Mike Inez is such a cool dude
3ven Veronikis
Damn DuVall wears turtle necks alot.
@kierangrunge i've seen loads of interview that cantrell mentions layne..not in every interview they have to mention layne cause everyone fucking knows their past.
Sasha Francis
like i grieve for layne cuz he was absolutely amazing and i love him and everything but just cuz will isn't layne doesn't mean he's bad. personally i really like him and i think he's a good fit. obviously it's not quite the same, nor should it be. they're moving forward and i'm personally so so happy about that. even though layne won't be there at least i still have the chance to see my favorite band live and hear new music from them, and for that i'm extremely grateful.
Fuelled by Hate
Can't beat the originals. Layne, Jerry, Sean, and Mike Starr. The good ol days......
Craig Croon
Man you gotta love Jerry. Really good guy :)
Nate Aichele
@chuck21222 and i know that i worded it wrong my bad!
Nate Aichele
@chuck21222 bwhahahahahah jerry and layne were perfect this new guy SUX! tho there new music is good!
no mention of layne at all...
Michelle Penny
@alexia82 artimus pyke was the drummer for lynyrd skynyrd
Delena Slone
I am a die hard ALC fan, probably my favorite band of all time. chains has been about the music from day one Layne passed and there is nothing any of us can do about that. There is a lot of music left in Cantrell and Kinney cant blame those guys for wanting to get it out. Layne wouldn't want Alice in Chains to die with him. i think couldn't have picked a better man for the job than will if he had done it himself.rock on guys.. god speed
I love this band, but seriously whats with these hollywood wankers wearing scarves?
Nate Aichele
@nate5539 jerry cantrell my bad i was just listening to times of grace so i was thinking of jesse leach!l ol
Nate Aichele
@chuck21222 the new singer is jesse cantrell hes always been in the band and did back up vox with layne???
Mary Ruzza
@UterusGoo Alice in Chains finding a great new hot singer and putting out a great new hot album makes me happy as shit. BTW love your user name.
Mary Ruzza
@Bob8199 then don't
Will doesn't look 43,he looks 25.
The Duck The Goes Quack
Mike Inez has a smile that could cure cancer!
I don't think it was suicide. I think he just overdosed. Don't care about Duvall and rest of AiC. Duvall have great voice, but AiC without Layne is not AiC. And he's black.
Cody Wilson
@Papawowmac i'm thinking what he meant was that drugs are inherantly suicide. when you do hard drugs thats what you get into.
Cody Wilson
@Wildpurpleink heavier, definitely, but when you go back an listen to Facelift, you realize thats the grooviest grunge ever got bra! Songs like I know somethin and the real thing and it aint like that and man in the box. POWERFUL GROOVES ;)
God help those guys who was dropped to the floor as a kid... STOP THE RACISM PLEASE!!! Were are in the 21st century GOD DAMN IT!!! racists shouldn't be able to listen to Alice In Chains, for Layne's sake... no more hate
Elstons Gun
they shoulda stopped alice in chains wen layne died and made like a new named group cuz man i cant stand to see my favourite band with this julius erving character its just not the same and never will be.....
Does anyone know what the yellow guitar Jerry plays at this concert is called?
this interviewer is obsessed with dates and times... hahah
Andy Freeman
Sean looks like Tomme lee. Theone who banged pam anderson. And their both drummers!
bruna coelho
William is Hot!
Ants In My Eyes Johnson
@JadeInBlack777 Layne isn't being replaced. He is dead. Sadly. But how can you replace a person who is deceased?
Fonzi Alf
This is horrible :(
Mega LOLZ at Sean telling the Artemus Pile story! I know the reality of it isn't very funny, but the way he said it made me laugh for ages.
It's because they want to keep GOOD music alive. Jerry's solo stuff IS awesome, but he's even said that he prefers being in a band to being solo. Will doesn't suck. I've said it before - he must be pretty good to be hand-picked by Alice in Chains to continue their legacy. There's so much shit, commercially-generated music out there [Like Fall Out Boy by the way] - but Alice in Chains, old and new, kicks ass.
Jade Willow
question-why did AIC have to get this Will guy to continue making music? why didn't they just keep playing with Jerry as the front man? he's had a solo album before. i don't know, i guess it just seems like they're trying to replace Layne.
Leonardo Oliveira
So many racist comments... We should be discussing about their new album, which is very good.
Cloud Connected
you should direct that towards silly willy, im sure he would love it no but in all seriousness William Duvall and Jerry do well together, Black gives way to blue wasnt as bad as I thought it was going to be. still think the guys a fag though, as much as that may offend you, I dont care.
Mike always smiles...
Cloud Connected
william duvall looks like he would love a steaming cock, RIP Layne
Cloud Connected
you're a clown.
Jacob Moser
his name is William Duvall
suk mainuts
Taz Styles
he say's that because it's true
suk mainuts
Sean always says the same thing about the new albums....11 all new songs!
M Bree
guy with the afro on the left.
which one of these guys is yhe new lead singer?
lol god sean is fucking funny as hell!!!! damn that shit was funny as hell!!
dude wtf is your problem? are you really that ignorant?
DuVall stepped up and delivered..... long live AIC
i didnt know there was a black guy in this
Ben Cross
they should'nt have opened 4 anyone they've been around long enough to become headliner most bands are doin it in like 2 years now n a lot o thm are shit yy cnt AIC headline
Mikey!! hahaha.
Jake O'Reilly
extremly vicious haha
Lunatic Pandora
didn't sean respond to that same question about the "new" album during the Nona Tapes?! lol that cracks me up!!
Stephen Sheehan
Good thing they dont sound like fallout boy! Really looking forward to the new album!
I could screw three of them 😱😨😛😳