Spartacus Blood and Sand Season 1 Trailer

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I bring you a new trailer from Movie Trailer Source! Spartacus Blood and Sand (1st season of the series Spartacus) was the chosen one for this trailer. An epic series with great actors, great images and great plots! IMPORTANT: This video was made only for entertainment purpose, I do not own any copyrights of the clips and musics from the video. The images belongs to © Starz Entertainment, All rights reserved. The sounds and music belongs to © Starz Entertainment and © Groove Addicts Full Tilt, All rights reserved. SUBSCRIBE if you want the latest news, COMENT if you want to give your opinion and LIKE if you LIKE! I hope you enjoy! MTSrc Trago-vos um novo trailer do Movie Trailer Source! Spartacus Sangue e Arena (1ª temporada da série Spartacus) foi a escolhida para este trailer. Uma série épica com grandes actores, grandes imagens e grandes enredos! SUBSCREVAM se quiserem saber as últimas notícias, COMENTEM se quiserem dar a vossa opinião, e CLIQUEM GOSTO SE tiverem gostado! Espero que gostem! MTSrc

Pawan Kumar Jha
This tv series is far better than game of throne
Vikings is a much better Vikings VIKINGS
Cedric Blanc
The guy from the Mummy lol
RIP Andy Whitfield you were amazing
farah ali
this trailer doesn't do Spartacus justice .
Bruno Lucena
Best show ever!!!
Samer Sameh Salem Ali Ali
nudity everywhere
Everything about this show, escpecially the dialogue in it, far more superior than Game Of Thrones although I barely finished Season 2 of Game Of Thrones... but there is so much more action in this show compared to Game Of Thrones and Vikings!!! I have to say this is my favorite out of all 3 shows...
Roxelle Lamour
I am going to watch it for the second time.
Alejandro Engstfeld
Una de las mejores series hasta el momento
Deadpool Reborn
1:31 300....... if u know what I mean
عبدالرحمن الأزهري
worth watching ?
Emy Winehouse
I feel summoned to say a word about Spartacus and his followers: I'm so in love with the series even I did not like when the original Spartacus and Navea have been replaced in season 3, what I love the most is the English language, it's brilliant and fabulous.. I'm getting new vocabulary in my head.. and the words will never end
ron lea
I am so addicted I'm on my 3rd time watching this series, I like game on thrones but Spartacus is more grown up and very acurrate, Thrones is more Fantasy directed at the Harry Potter Pirates o of The C Justin Bieber mindless crowed..
Dusty The Dreaded
Blood and Sand? What is that, like, period sex on the beach?
Bernie Chamberlain
get rid of all your men put your wife to fight she is xena
OG Gattsu
I'm definitely gonna give Spartacus a chance, is the series as good as GOT?
Dunno blood is far too fake to be beliveable and some lets say budget effects seem rather cringe
Pablo Neruda
After Spartacus' revolt failed, Roman discovered the greatest weapon for slavery: Monoteism ... it's been lasting for over 2000 years ... the rest is history.
Daniel Tinyane
best show waiting for season 4 and 5
Knight Boulegard
Yes, just yes.
adrian kovalski
dude whata hell have i been doin this whole time,,,,this show is so dam awesome,,,,
Ricardo De Jesús Ramos Agüero
I´ve never seen so many boobs on tv :D great show btw.
WEB Zangess
Dan N
Insanely good series.
Birds On A Plane
All that leather...yum
The land of Can Do People
solomon vanlalfinga
Very sexy film
bryan casanova
espectacular e impreaionante temporada!!!
Thanks for the commentes, I appreciate everyone's opinion
True Purple
Its a work of art without it, its honestly just a plus, which amplifies the experience.
Giannis Netos
one hero need the Greece he is killing fucking crisy
this show is better than .... sex ! seriously !
Yes, absolutely, the acting and writing alone is incredible, and the sexy parts are as dirty as TV can get!!
i wonder if it's worth watching just for the non-violent (and sexy!) parts.
good filme!
victor medina
Past :D
Jamei 90
i watched all of it but someone realy should cut out the gay shit and make 2 variations normal and for gay becouse everyone hates it
ZzeZ bn
Dat tits