Barcelona vs Celta Vigo 5-0 - All Goals & Extended Highlights - La Liga 04/03/2017 HD

Lionel Messi scored two goals and made two more as Barcelona turned on the style in a rampant 5-0 win over Celta Vigo at the Nou Camp on Saturday. Enjoy this moment!
Tips Messi
Let's do this to PSG
Bigyas Malik
Take a screenshot at 10:51 thank me later.
Sebastien Dervieux
Best commentator hands down what is this dudes name
Mohamed Akhtari
magical messi
Changiz K Baluch
2 solo goals, 2 assists, 1 pre-assist. The definition of Messi! Yet another Messi class performance that's hard to explain in worldly words.
no one talking about how clean neymars goal was
Mas Umar
Barcelona 6 - 1 PSG LMAO
Gigine Ahmad
vs PSG, come on barca makes your miracle the world will witness
Who is Suraj?
Sapin Culé
Tell me another player who can score 2 and assist 2 then when he has the chance to score his 3rd e decides to pass for his team mate to score ?
Inti Robinson
The team looks like it's enjoying itself now that they know what's going on with Luchó, now they are going to give him the send off he deserves VISCA BARCA
Joe Logou
Messi is Messi. Penaldo is a crybaby bordering on homosexuality and has a career scoring ratio of less than 0.70 per game. Compare that to Messi. And by the way has over 30 more assists in well less than 100 matches played. Only people that say he's better are Portuguese or madristas. Players that have played with both will tell you the truth, look it up. They either sit on the fence or say Messi. And also I've got news for real fans: no trophies this year, remember you heard it here first. I prefer the style of Barcelona although bale has game when he's not hurt.
If barca can beat real madrid 4-0 at their own stadium then I think they can easily beat psg
Jonathan Alves calhao
Messi, Messi, Messi, mil vezes Messi.
McDonalds Wifi97
Messi proving himself once again shutting the haters up! Let's keep this up Barca!! Visca Barca ❤️
The Ringer
please ... PSG is PSG and Celta is celta... to score 4 golas is just impossible ... Just hope they with make a great match 👏👏
Alfredo Zarate
Anyone know what was up with the gesture Messi did while celebrating his first goal??
The videos about Barca has always more Views than the videos about real madrid 😂
Authentic Mental Health
What a sick goal from neymar!
Brandon Sanelli
I still can't believe there's even a debate for who the best player on the planet is... Messi is light-years ahead of everyone else today! #GOAT
Dark Steel
No one is gonna talk about how clean roberto's run was
At 2:45 I thought it it was a goal by Suarez but then WTF 😂😂
Sam Birchall
The sad thing is, if Barcelona fail to overturn the 4-0 deficit against PSG this week, we will be deprived of the magic and genius that is Messi for the remainder of the UCL campaign, while being forced to watch 'passenger' Ronaldo continue to fluke his way to the UCL final (unless the officials have an 'off day' in one of their future UCL knockout matches). The UCL without Messi is like WWE without Stone Cold Steve Austin. Neither event is enjoyable, nor can they generate massive crowd pops, without their respective superstar present.
Reeta Rai
Messi has perfected the game of football. It's not even a game anymore for him, it's an art. Never seen anyone like him. Comparing him to Ronaldo is an insult to the beauty of football. Ronaldo is a mere great goal scorer, Messi on the other hand is poetry, no 6,7,8,9,10 all in one.. Absolute best. Been a privilege watching him play. He gives mini orgasms to the audiences. Fills our heart with joy. There hasn't been anyone quite like him. G.O.A.T.
Ali Cina
Remember celta Vigo knocked Madrid out of Copa lol
Jhon Elvis Miranda
Messi el mejor jugador del mundo, no hay más. VISCA BARÇA. 🔵🔴
Cugy Cugmas
Messi, the best player ever played football. Now cry penaldo fans :)
LOLOLOL People think because they beat a 10th place team 5-0 means they will beat French Giants 5-0. Barca fans dream way to much lol.
Admit it. Ronaldo scores. Messi makes plays and scores!
I wish Barcelona would have the same score when facing Paris S
I am Cr 7 fan but messi incredible player man really #VamosMadrid
Alexander MacGregor
No one talking about Messi's phone celebration? Barca gotta sort their shit out or they will lose him
Sicon Mitra
i am a Madrid fan but i must admit this barcelona last night was magical and a nightmare for madrid fans, why god why are these nightmare back in form. Messi was pure bliss to watch. i wont shout about 3rd goal, i didn't liked it but it wont matter. They are favourite's for La liga and maybe and maybe for UCL.
Krishna Negi
The phone call celebration from Messi was indicating PSG beware I'm coming for you😂 #GOAT
Tope Babafemi
Third goal was an obvious offside...4th one is too cos Umtiti was an inch away from the last defender. Real score: 3 - 0
Ambar 10
neymar's goal is wonderful
Gold3n Kid
The best comeback in champions league history who can top that suck it whoever said its impossible
Joe Logou
Some of y'all don't know shit and are so emotionally driven. Analyze the facts people. Over and out.
Bryan Martinez
Man of the match Messi
M Rifqi
messi be like : "call me if you have see penaldo score like this!!" 😂😂
Its Nach
Where are Messi if Ea 😠
Anjila Thapa Magar
MSN is 24 k magic in the ground... Like if you agree...
The only thing that messi cant do what ronaldo can is being selfish
Hurditya Kohli
The English commentator is crazy...he tries to sound too intelligent with his obscure references. Stick to the football mate.
"What an assist by Sergio Busquets. Such vision. Messi couldn't have scored without the vision of busquets." #Everypenaldofangirlwver
M. Moosa
Probably the only goal umtiti's gonna score in his whole career
I mean every match messi shows why he is from another planet. He should have 10 Ballon d'or.
sam Nog
attention le PSG , BARCA arrive !!!!!!
sunil kohli
Messi is the best footballer on planet
jameslee gandy
Messi is the fastest dribbler ever
champion of playing11
messi is god of football....thats fact
Ainius Belousas
To all Barca fans. If you believe that Barca can beat PSG 4-0 or more like my comment
windex 1933
This is the type of performance you get when Racatić is in the starting lineup
Filipe Souza
1000 dislikes, Real Madrid fãs
Messi is a king of football :)
I'm no fan boy of messi or ronaldo.. but messi is the greatest player in football history and to even touch a football pitch. He makes the game look so easy. People thinking Ronaldo is better.. are just stupid. Yes.. he's a great.. definitely world class. But no where near Messi. Messi has his own barrier of football quality. He's simply the best and people have to admit it.
in-form messi confirmed
Erlis Ndrecaj
Messi is most talented footballer I ever see and cr7 is most hardworking I love cr7 but respect Messi I never compere them I just enjoying seeing them I miss that time wen we like every player like Zidane old Ronaldo Pirlo Ronaldinho Roberto Carlos Kaka Henry Casillas Bufon Maldini Nesta etc that was the time wen we enjoyed football and not compere the players even if Messi is better then Ronaldo that's fine I hate both of Ronaldo fans and Messi fans a ballon d'Or can't dicide how is the best player inesta xavi Pirlo beckham never won't a ballon d'Or but this doesn't make them bad players so just enjoy the game. ps sorry for my bad English
Bill Hassell
CR7: I have come here because the God of Planet Football has asked me to show you humans how to play this sport! Messi: That's funny I don't remember asking him to go to Earth
is it just me, or do you think these guys the best commentators ever!!!
Lax Man
I am a Real Madrid Fan and I must say Messi is a magic. He is the greatest player ever. We are very lucky seeing him playing. Good thing should appreciate always.
"Call PSG, we are on fire!" - Lionel andres Messi
Andre Chaiyandi
that last goal is sick, he knew that the defender will open his legs
Just another beautiful performance by Messi.
Marshall White
roy hudgson is the biggest messi dickrider there is when it comes to his commentating
Leo Messi
Well, he has participated in the ¡5 GOALS !! The best ever. Always MESSI.
Roheet Kr.
I m the only one one thinks Suarez should also score a goal but great performance by Barca and the world best player.
Zeo Mempho
Let's just take a moment and appreciate the greatest football player to ever grace a field. #ForcaBarca
malik abe
Love to see Umtiti score his first. really put a smile on my face
Kennedy Mathenge
Hahah Messi was calling PSG... I'm coming for you
Gerardo Durán García
Is so normal to see this in Messi than some news doesn't show it up. He is from other universe.
Dank Lettuce
I frikin' love the english commentors!!
Morphy Yeboah
Guys listen to the commentators, "THE IS A SQUARE ROOT OF MAGIC", I'm dying 😂😂😂😂
ezra ballarta
a por la remontada 😬
And madrid fan compare ronaldo to messi honestly even bale is batter than ronaldo, in this season ronaldo has 18 goals most of them are from penalties(which he robbed) and headers, and messi goals pure magic when he has oppertunity to score he doesn't because he wants to make his mate happy.
AgueroHD -Football for u
Give Messi an inform
PSG prepare for battle ! THIS IS BARCA !
i'm the real deal
I wish they can play this kind of perfomance against PSG
Emanuel Tello
Vamos a ganar al PSG Barcelona :)
Shivay Parihar
Meanwhile PSG be like- they don't have any hard feelings for last time do they?
shawn ave
That run from sergi roberto was the best in this match
Fernando Tamba
Nick Diem
This is the Barcelona style of play I fell in love with #ForcaBarca
jacqueoster 98
neymar jr is good tooo!!!!!!!
Anthony Gulla
People saying "I wish they play like this against PSG" Bruh La Liga is bad teams only good teams are Real Madrid,Barcelona (I'm a Real Madrid fan) say "Penaldo" just stop lol. You guys will not catch up 5-0, if PSG scores 1 goal Barca is out. I like Real Madrid people saying Barcelona is better, Real Madrid sucks, Madrid better, Barcelona sucks Ronaldo sucks,Messi better Messi sucks,Ronaldo is better Like stfu l0l Both players are the best, teams are good I have to say Ronaldo is bad this season :P k sounds like i'm ragging smh
Julian Jay
The only way you can stop Messi is by pausing the video 😉
milan awal
Barca fans are the luckiest fans in the world they get to watch messi magic every match live.
Gold3n Kid
Ronaldo ain't got nothing on this genius believe dat!
Junior 11
This is a HEADS UP for the copa del rey #Forcabarca
Imad Zafar
real madrid have brilliant line up all star players...but barca play better
andres ferreira
Messi sem dúvida é o melhor jogador de futebol de todos os tempos.E um gênio sem dúvida
Elite Banana
FIFA Inform Comming
Gold3n Kid
He assists he creates he scores and he humiliates for fun definitely the greatest of all time!!!
Arta Berisha
From a madrid fan: awesome match 👌🏼👍🏻👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
I was in Barcelona for this match and was at the Camp Nou.
Rodolfo Wehrhahn
Crazy how much better messi is than Ronaldo right now
Sebastian Stewart.
Messi wouldn't be anywhere without Ray Hudson!
Nenk Mojang sunda
barcelona Goood 🖒🖒🖒
pranav pattarkine