4th Ranger Training Battalion Night Jump 20120112

This is a 4th RTB night jump at Fryar Drop Zone on Fort Benning GA that I did from a C-130 on January 12th, 2013. I apologize for the graininess of this video, my guess is that the Go Pro Hero 2 that I use can't handle low ambient light situations very well. With a bit of patience and editing, still turned out pretty cool. Enjoy!

Nice came footage. Still though...more like a "Hollywood" Night jump :) Need that pitch black 20% "I can't see anything except my canopy jump.
Great footage awesome jump. God bless you and your service!
john dennis
man its been about 33 years, but that sure brought back memories. I was 2/75
Good deal. I PCS to 6th in May. I'll be happy to jump again finally. what battalion and or company was that guy from the 173rd in?
Kathy Quickel
Despite being 'twisted up' I think the jump was awesome and also really enjoyed the video. As always, I love you and Safe Landings. Mom
Dominic Traver
What's the song?
Carlos H
Awesome video thanks for sharing and thank you so much for your services...HOOAH
John Pierce
By fourth battalion do you mean special troops battalion? Pretty sure there's only three official batts
Robert N.
Thank you for bringing back the memories.  What I would not give to be on that bird with you again.  31 years since my first jump with the 1st Bn and it hasn't changed a bit.  Ranger's Lead the Way.