Avengers Infinity War Actor before and after MakeUp

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Lucina Fatima Rochelle Almarines
Which one is better? Like = Marvel Comment = DC Comics
Why so Sirius?
Imaging having to redo this perfectly every day...
Monidipa Ghosh Choudhury
Which one is better? like = Marvel Comment = DC Comics
Reggie Reupana
And just imagine how long it would take to turn Bradley Cooper into Rocket
Now I know how drax mastered the ability of standing still
jhc 24
And just imagine how long it takes for them to turn Vin Diesel into Groot
Maria Mih
Shoutout to Karen (Nebula) who actually shaved her head for this 🙌🏻
Hulianna JACE
Song : You Make Me Move Video : actors/actresses trying to not move as much as possible
Chris Pratt: "Life Is Good!" 😂😂😂
Which one's better: Endgame: like Infinity war: reply I love you 3000.
Kalisha Tusky
The actual reason why it took so long to make guardians of the galaxy, infinity wars and endgame
Andre’ Daniels
Meanwhile: Tony stark, Thor, black widow, and captain America just chillin
Jack Wong0818
Drax : *I'm standing incredibly still for 5 hours that I became invisible*
Rosmary Purple
You gotta love how gamora was on her phone the entire time Edit:Omg thanks for the 1000 likes it's the most I've ever got😙
Gowthami kishore
Actually we have to appreciate the makeup team and the patient actors
Jsuperkaur Fan
Which one is best Avengers infinity war: comment Endgame : like Edit: never get that much likes in my life. Thanks guys!
Make up team for marvel: how much make up and detail do u want Marvel directors: yes
Brian DiVincenzo
That makeup crew are true artists and the cast are real troopers... That can be a grueling process... I mean for the amount they get paid.. That's nothin...but even still the makeup is amazing.
After watching Nebula's real Face i just fell in Love with her
Damn that feels soooo UNCOMFORTABLE
Swėėt Trėats
Marvel Actors: *have the patient of a few hours to finish their makeup* Me: *”WHEN ARE MY PIZZA BAGELS READY”*
Simran Ghimire
I never thought i'd see Vision in an off shoulder top 🤣
I love how Zoe and Karen were on there phones for the start of it All of these are super cool I think Karen's (nebula) was the hardest
Anand Kaliyamurthy
Drax mentioned standing still for hours is one of his mastered ability. Hence proved.
Like:Avengers Endgame Comment:Avenger Infinity war Edit: Like if you will miss avengers because there are no more movie with all of them they will become solo movie
Melody May 멜로디
i feel bad for drax like imagine standing for litterally hours man
Around 5:20 They were making Nebula blue, and the song was like: "...You can make me BLUUUUUEEE" Oh, Wait its move... But whatever. Just noticed.
Drew Davis
"You make me blue" as they show Karen becoming nebula lmao
BettaFun 561
I don't know.... Should i feel bad for the actors, or the Make-up artists 😂
Apple Nicole
I love how Gamora is just on the phone and letting them do all the work
Matthew Chavez
Seeing what they went through just to Make these movies happen. I mean they did this everyday It’s beautiful
Dare Devil
I love the you can make me blue while they’re making Nebula blue XD
lastly_ bubbles
*everyone: sits down* *Drax: Stands up for some hours*
I like how Gamora’s just staring at her phone lmao
Meenakshi E
Nebula make up is very difficult
Aaman Patel
Among of them nebula is very beautiful😊
Josh Innov8
Other actors: *sit down and look at their phones the whole time* Drax: *stands and stays still* “I too am extraordinarily humble”
KingMigox Bro777
2019? Anyone Edit:OK just meh
Ankit Chauhan
And gamora always talk with Quil in mobile phone 😂😂😂
Gautam Ahuja
We all know from whom drax has got the skill to stand still 'I am groot'
jimmy the dog
Another day in the office! Probably it was a monday.
Luminous Star
I like how Gamora just sits there on her phone xD Thats what would I do aswell anyways
Dude nebula takes so long holy crap, and drag needs to stand for so long
Trophy Youtubers
Isn’t it funny that Nebula took so much longer than the others....
*Imagine sitting there for 6-8 hours and taking it all of in 30 minutes.*
Iodine Cerium
Drax doesn't need makeup. He's invisible
Mycala Hughes
Imagine the pain of having to film with Gamora on set🤣😂
Reshu Gaur
The people who have disliked are dc fans
gamora should have been just thrown in a pool of green paint thingie
Fortnite World
R.I.P Stan lee we miss you 😢❤️❤️❤️💕
Wow! That is serious business. Lots of work, really. Thank you to the entire Marvel team for making our imaginations into reality.❤
Beatiful thanks brazil eua beatiful
Hol M
They get paid millions so id do watever it took too lol paint my face all day id be happy
minyoung ahn
2:22 vision what is u wearing? Hide before Wanda sees you!
Wow it must take a lot of patience to do this every time they need to film
0:12 what are they all doing whith that makeup? I mean,i dont see anyone there except for the makeup artists... *no one gets joke*
Eddy Arevalo davila
How beautiful were all the magic they do for the result
blake likes waffles .-.
No more of this after endgame 😂
David Si
Who else was surprised by Agent Smith from Matrix was Red Skull??
Faha Malik
Make up team-very hard work Actors-Patience
Bazil Niyas
Congrats to the camera man that he stays for hours
Lea Dioneda
I love Avengers. I will be a avenger fan forever!!
*So....Nebula is actually a cute chick*
ian De
Damn I thought that was vision and captain america on the thumbnail LOL
gracie Scheetz
I wonder how long it took them to turn kevin michael richardson (and vin diesel) into groot.... 🤔🤔🤔🤔 😅😂
Apurv Prakash
3:10 I rarely say this but she looks so beautiful without her make up..
Mask Off
You all are talking about how Drax was so still but look sat fricken Nebula
Most of them wear special effect suits so they don't have to actually wear their hero suits.
Galaxy Wolverine
drax is standing is still Me: is he frozen? *others PHONE TIME!* Me: i like lAzY ppl
This must take 16 hours for one it's so good
Georgia Morse
Song: “You make me BlluuuuUUUUUeeeeEe!” Nebula: *unamused*
TankisT_v_Tapkax 1982
нереальный труд и так каждый день,респект им за такую работу
I didn't know nebula had such glamorous lashes
Article 69
Why didnt they just dip gamora in a green make up pool
gємιиι ιѕ ιиѕαиє
I love how Gamora sits there for most of the time ner make uo is getting done. (I forgot her real name but we share a birthday ;-;)
garbage pickup
It takes over 8 hours for makeup, all for 10 minutes of screen time.
Super Collector
Marvel - real actors with real costumes DC - CGI characters Yup, DC movie are definitely better than Marvel's
Skyler's Animations
Clicks video with 100 volume on and the intro plays
Nabila Ainur
Perjuangannya bener luar biasa demi buat film yg buming banget di dunia...
Games Inclick
Oh paciencia pra ficat parado, esperando te maquiarem...
I’m scared I just got back from end game and this is in my recommended
Darkness Your Old Friend
This, tbh, kinda took the magic away Oh, who am i kidding. The Avengers will always have its beautiful magic
Percussion Punisher
Wait these are actors who are playing roles?! 🤯😯🤭🤔
Zoe The great cat lover Pardillo
I just got from endgame too. Wait is Thanus dere too? I'm skipping video lol But I will still watch
Unicorn Gacha Playz
Wow the way vision and nebula is amazing
i thought vision was wearing off shoulders lol🤣🤣🤣
My man Drax is made out of Kinetic Sand
MC Rainbow Cookie
Nebula is so pretty! 😍😍
Kayleigh Gunson
"I am stood so incredibly still that I'm sure I'm invisible"
Cuppa Coffee
Why were all the makeup artists running around nothing for the first one?
Rajesh Swain
Never knew nebula was actually so beautiful !!
Cherno alpha
Pagi Gacha
Drax, T-Posing... My life is complete...
Narwhal Friends
I love how no matter what obstacle is in Gamora’s way... She will always be on her phone
Vision is a…WOMAN!?!?
Yellow Yellow
I think the most detail that they put most into is Nebula...
Jeez Gamora get off yo damn phone
Who Fan IRONMAN 🤖 , SubCriBer Here 😉👇🏻👀