SCREW 10th Anniversary BEST『Brilliant』 2016.03.30 Release

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SCREW 10th Anniversary BEST『Brilliant』 2016.03.30 [wed] RELEASE SCREW 10th Anniversary BEST『Brilliant』 [PREMIUM EDITION] /> [LIMITED EDITION] /> [STANDARD EDITION]

May Ventura
Cant help myself to cry everytime I hear or watch this Brilliant song.. I feels like this song is they to say goobye and thank to us purple gals who love them for many years past by. Im gonna missed the them so bad for sure.. But I know there is no forever. They will going to this band soon and this year is the right time. But even if they go separate ways I will alwaya loved them. They will always in my heart..😢❤ I know Its impossible for me to see them performed for the last time. I will always support them and love them eternally. They been part of my life for a long time. Goodluck Screw.. I hope someday I will able to meet the one of you.. I loveyou always.💕💕💕 Thank You for the wonderful Brilliant decade. ❤
Perfect!!! Congratulations on your 10th anniversary!!! Hope to see you together for many more years!!♥♥♥
shit it's been 10 years already! I miss Byou's short hair. I hope them the best! as they got me into JRock
Raion Garu
Finally PSC channel featuring another band than Kra and Lotus :D Thank you! Nice song and video. Congratulations on your 10th anniversary, ScreW!
Kanu X4
Congrats on your 10th Anniversary and i wish you many more. Awesome song and Kazuki is killing the gt solo as usual, well i wouldn't expect less from him <3. Keep up with the awesome work!!!
im so sad im never gonna be able to see them live DX why do they have to disband after 10 years DX DX
Lourdes Veira Mercado
Such a beautiful song! SCREW has outdone themselves! I love the growling second vocals, it was perfectly mixed in... And ahhhhh, Kazuki's solo was superb!! <3 <3 <3
Sugar Bae
Dem i wish i still can know more ab Screw, they are my youth since i was in high school. Even so many years I didn't listen to their music usually but they always stay in my heart especially Kazuki. His picture still on the wall in my room after so many years never faded. That's so sad till now i know they re disband 😭 how can i find them again. No matter what they re my most favorite j rock band ever!
Clear Mairuy
porque screw!!! porque!! yo soñaba con que vinieras a México o por lo menos que suguieran en la banda :'v fruta vida.... les deseo lo mejor! siempre fueron y seguirán siendo unas de mis bandas favoritas!
i -mokenpi
Screw has been a big part of my life for 7 years. I get emotional listening to this song. I am going to miss them so much. Thank you for your music and for being such a wonderful band. Arigatou .
Mejibray Fuuto
i still can't believe they're going to disband but i don't get why they would disband
Yui Satou
I Miss SCREW (TwT)
May Ventura
I love this song! The sexiness of them never failed to amazed me through the years! Please continue of making great music! Greetings From Philippines. 💖💖💖
Brenda Moss
Somebody can tell me why did they disband, please? I'm confused right now.
Go Getter
Really brilliant! Happy anniversary to SCREW! Keep on screwing. guys!♱♡‿♡♰
congrats for your 10th anniversary soon ♡ great song like always
oh god <3 they want to kill me, congratulations on your 10th anniversary screw.
Brenda Moss
Apenas me entero que se separaron ._____. MALDICIÓN.
Sonja Mamacita - Garza
these guys and there sexy..... is awesomeness on an whole other level. one of my top bands I follow. 4ever.
Arkadiusz Makarowicz
I don't like SCREW but this song is amazing
Jesus jack Lopez
Wua is the second most I like very good rolls oh yeah :)
Athanasius Pernath
Nice one, more peaceful in tone than what they'd been releasing lately.
May Ventura
Happy 10th Anniversary SCREW! 💗💗💗💗
Brubs Henrique
I'm so proud of you, boys. Happy 10th anniversary. ❤️
Adry Hydeist
I love Byou !!
ريكا كاكاشي
your amazing byo San 💜💜💜💜💖
gars here
Nadia Nacis
I love you forever. :(
Sakahi RouLloyd
Mis amores!! ❤
leslie withers
Nadja Araujo
MDS PO ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Kathleen Athot
J'adore 😄
良くできました!Hope SCREW continues for many years and come to Mexico soon! これからも頑張りましょうね!<3
Can you please put your stuff on iTunes.
please come to México 👏 #SCREWinMexico
Ashley melt
Kathleen Athot