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Epic Dragon How to breed Clay Dragon ? - Dragon Mania Legends The body style of the Clay Dragon is stout. It has a light orange body with a pale cream underbelly; these colors gives it the appearance that it's made out of clay. Its eyes shine a bright blue on a rectangular head. From its head jut out four light brown curling horns that seem to have a rocky texture. Upon its back rests a large fin that consists of five dark brown fin bones, while the flaps in between are an orange color with a cluster of three dark brown spots in the second flap and one in the third. Below this fin is a cluster of three small light brown rocks to further accentuate the texture of this Dragon. Its tail ends in a heavy craggy circular rock which has a rocky blunt spike jutting out of the side. Each of its feet have three short claws that are the same color as the rock formation on its tail Clay Dragons are flexible beyond belief! They will be crucial in breeding a truly malleable dragon. /> #dragonmanialegends #gamex #ClayDragon If you feel happy when you watch this video Please Subscribe and like this video It makes Game X happy as you Thank you so much ! /> /> . 💗💗💗 Follow Dragon Mania Legends Club: 😍 Subscribe: />👍 Website: />👏 Facebook : />💖 Patreon : /> 💗💗💗 Dragon Mania Legends Club has been sponsored by Gameloft, DML Wiki. 😍 👌 Subscribe my channel to get so much tips 😏👍 💗💗💗 Download Dragon Mania Legends here: Windows/Windows Phone: /> Android: /> iOS: /> /> Dragon Mania Legends Club: />💗💗💗

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