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He is like a drunk guy in a dragon costume...
people be singing their hearts out to get a golden buzzer and piff be eating a sandwich #respect
Steve Spencer
He keeps character, all the way through and that is difficult to achieve.
Garrett Anderson
Everyone keeps talking about the damn dog being switched, that wasn't the trick the trick was the $20 the whole time, that was just filler and distraction. Chill we all saw it. Lol pay attention the nuts, they all knew the dog was fake
Charlie Joy
11:10 when u lose the golden buzzer to a middle aged man dressed in a f***ing dragon suit
Liz Huver
Based on a lot of these comments, his humor is going over lots of people's heads.
Mr EneSwe
This is officially my spirit animal
Hannah Stanley
He speaks to heidi like she’s a dog lmao
Sufferin’ Succotash
Feel like he should have have just looked at the gold confetti unimpressed and after it’s all fallen brush some aside with his foot and be like, “Pffft. That’s not real gold.” “I can tell.” “I’m a dragon”
It cracks me up that he talks to Heidi and Mr. Piffles exactly the same way
Chaim Silber
6:13 who heard that crazy laugh in the back???😂😂😂
Lila Tu
i saw this guy perform once. it was amazing i was dying
ATM 3105
25:13, you can see the backstage handing Mr. Piffles to him.
I like the way he knows Heidi has no self-awareness or wit and he just preys on that. It’s brilliant
aisha mahboob
The perfect man doesn't exist Piff:hold my beer
Johanna the idiot
"What do you mean what do I do *I'M A MAGIC DRAGON* "
Ryan Mears
He’s got Charisma, and the way he delivers it in a very dry way but he’s found his persona on stage.
TX-FR13S -
Hey person scrolling through the comments😉
Bella Gefen-Alves
“hang on let me just find... the will to live” me.
Steve the magic dragon is obviously dead as he says he’s the last of the species 😢 1 like = 1 rip for steve
Rainbow Pandas
11:09 "No one can get the golden buzzer, it's gone" Mega petty, you just wish you were like Piff & Mr.Piffles
Lazy Hipo
Golden buzzer makes a mess Janitor: whyy
Valkrie 6565
I gave this guy 8 dollars once he actually came
Childish Gamer
25:10 a stage crew worker gives him the real dog look at his left foot
Emily morris
Did anybody else see the guy switch out the dogs
Alphys The Royal Scientist
Piff and Preacher Lawson are like the two funniest people on here. I saw them both on AGT Champions and I was dying!
13:34 "I don't want to play" I fell so bad for Howie.
Thea Maisie
i think neil and piff are jsut the funniest duo
Piff then went on to become the worlds best dragon.. Heidi was still wiping the spit of her lips And Howie never got his money back
MooshieMoo ‘’
“Oh, my goodness... *_HES DRUNK”_*
obvious things
He's like James corden!!
Matthew McGovern
25:13 literally you see someone swap out the dogs 😂
Sooo did Heidi ever get her ring on the final act? Edit: 21:42
Davlyn Nolan
Let me just try and find... the will to live, no I don't have it
Elizabeth Wallace
80% of the comments: THERE WAS A PERSON THAT SWITCHED OUT THE DOGS IN THE LAST ACT! 10%: THE SWITCH WAS SUPPOSED TO BE OBVIOUS! 9%: the funny things he says. 1%: other
King Luey
I could watch Piff perform all day 👍
Love Trolling
I love piff the magic dragon 😂😂😂
The Critic
**full British accent** I'm from Las Vegas Nevada. Lol
Moises Mazariegos
Piff: “ I do it for the children’s parties” *flips off camera* LOL
XxInfinitae xX
Golden buzzer moments Normal people: start crying or screaming and are generally really happy. Piff: causally stands on stage while eating a sandwich.
piff the mutherfucin dragon
Joni Ojala
Magic and comedy combined. What could went wrong?
Fortex vize
Guys.. the man/woman that replaced the toy with the dog wasn't the Trick. IT WAS MEANT TO BE OBVIOUS.
Chase McNamara
Piff is a savage Kissin hidie like that 😎🤣😏
Kyle Sullivan
I'm so happy I clicked on this
YoungChildSupport Xxn00b5layer
Ladies and gentlemen Boys and girls Dogs and cats Gays and lesbians I present to you, piff the magic dragon
Ceant Esterado
Was Howie robbed in that last one? Listen to Piff’s words. “I will take that thanks”
"Give him 8 dollars"
NUMBANINE Epicymaboo
25:12 u can see someone duck and replace the dog, from the shadow between pif and the wall
I guess he's the first Comegician Dragon.
Izuku Midoriya
Piff is playing favorites with Heidi
krish coolen
He's just a chill dragon
justin bush
People.. the dog swap was intentionally bad, nothing to do with the actual trick, just a gimmick for a the act. The trick is the signed $20. Everything else is just cause he’s funny
Tafheem Ahrar
Celebrating golden buzzer with a mouthful of sandwich
Galaxxix Chu
My future dog is going to be called _Mr.Piffles_
Fukkin Clown
I love Neil Patrick Harrison .....
chocapic 360
"is it me or box number 3 is slightly swingin" -Piff
Tziyo Gold
Howie: u were Soo good an- Piff: I'm hungry so I'mma eat a banana Howie: haha as I was sayi- Hidey- do u want my water piff? Piff: ya thnxs, as u were saying? 😂😂😂😂
Tommy Stokes
Piff's face when he got the golden buzzer.
Chargrilled Productions
“The English are very polite” he says this while eating a banana 😂 (I’m English too btw and I’d like to disagree)
EvTheBoss 1122
A man eating a sandwich in a dragon suit and wearing a bib on stage just got the gold buzzer
Cringe Queen
Mr piffles is so cutee
Hmmm I didn't know Heidi sounded like that.
FOF .Productions
He completely told him he was in box 3..he has to be the worst magician and an amazing comedian lol
Marcodisius van Liebhausen
Someone changed the toy doy into the real one...you could see that
Heidi.exe has stopped working.
Gay cheese
*The only furry the gamers expect*
Alicia Hawkins
Haha, he's great. His sense of humour is like mine 😂
In the first one the camera had an unfortunate angle to show him forcing the car...aaaaaaand it didn’t matter since it was a joke card dammit
Josh Ladin
10:00 guy in the back is either red skull or thanos
Gamer Wolf
2:45 "lemme find my will to live....no i dont have it Hidi " me too man
Gåčhå _Gürl
Sandwich+doggo=Golden buzzer Golden buzzer+Dog food on ground=ANGRY cleaner
Spotlight & Fluff
:o I Like That Hes like:Well I'm A Magic Dragon So I Do Magic! Duh. Hes Like Very Chill About Everything.. Like He Dosent Care If He Gets A Buzz Or Golden Buzzer Or.. He dosent care about anything!
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Magician Got (likeable) Personality
dead skull
Last performance the guy behind the painting switches the toy dog with the real dog
only..Neil Patrick Harris could have the boldness to chomp on a sandwich from Piff.. That just makes me like NPH even more :)
Dab4 Life
Piff's attitude is like my English teacher
Carlos Euan
Am I able to classify myself as a dragon in 2019?
jacob bigirimana
I think they were just attracted by his sandwich They really wanted it
Olivia Lychuk
Piff Obviously has a crush on Heidi 😂🥰😂😏
[CURRENTLY INACTIVE] ivanforlifexdlol
He 100% has a crush on heidi
Alex Burt
You know I forgot my will to live as well what a shame
Hazys Day
(Wood chipper of destiny ) 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Sultan Arfeen
25:15 u can see at the bottom right of the sheet the mr piffles is coming in.
Nick Gere
25:13 i'm so sorry to piff the magic dragon but like if you see it ------->
Something about him just feels...dead inside, is it just me?
Billy Norikey
Neil patrick harris is the best
Damn, that surprised face was unexpected.
2:43 “hang lemme just try and find my will to live, no I haven’t found it” Piff is way to relatable
Dan Rivard
I’ve seen this trick before by different performers.
At 25:12 you see the shadow a head poke out behind the wall. Thats when they swap.
Tyler Chow
I don’t think people got the joke when he says mr. piffles prize is a year of dog food when it’s just a small can.
Sans The Memer
I feel like he didn't know the Others name so he kept calling Heidi
17:43 you can see the thing on his hand 😂
Dimitar Matanski
Piff is not only a magician/dragon/comedian BUT ALSO A PLAYER
Joseph Sumner
I couldn't enjoy because all I could hear was the judges laughing jk it was awesome
It’s a gag card he can rub of the king and he had it all ready as the 7
Serena D
*MAGIC SPOILER ALERT* (I warned you, so don't blame me) He pulled the flowers out of his dragon pocket xD
ScreamingPsycho Spare
25:13 COUGH** Just ignore the man behind the poster...