PMMP - Paula and Mira interviewed on Musiikki-TV, April 2009 (HQ)

One of the most succesful bands in Finland ever, PMMP, released their 5th album on March 25th 2009. In this interview the lovely duo Paula and Mira tell a bit about the background of song-making process, as well as look back at the start of their career in 2003 when the breakthrough-hit "Rusketusraidat" and the first album were released. The interview contains also a brief appearance of their brilliant and highly talented producer Jori Sjöroos. Paula, Mira, and Jori have created a band that has become an important part of the Finnish pop-music history. Despite of achieving almost everything a band can achieve in Finland, they will hopefully continue to delight their large audiences for years to come with catchy melodies, clever lyrics, and energetic stage performances, which have become their recognized trademarks. Aired on YleTV2 Finland, April 5th, 2009. (This clip is a slightly shortened version of the original interview).

martina mühlemann
aaaaahhh i L-O-V-E PMMP ^^
yes she did and it's a lie they broke a long ago
Lucía DLV
I think what the fans of The Rasmus do with Paula is just STUPID! I am a fan of The Rasmus, but, I will never hate Paula just because is Lauri's couple! It's so stupid! Oh, my God! They both have the right to be together and be happy with their son Julius, without have fear of something bad could happen to them! LEAVE PAULA AND LAURI ALONE, PLEASE!!
Lucía DLV
Did Paula and Lauri Ylonen brake apart?
Thnks for share this!
Oana Rogozea
Thanks a lot for posting thins and also for the translation it means a lot to us(PMMP foreign fans). If you got more video with PMMP I would apreciate if you could upload them on you tube too. Thanks again. The girls look lovely like always.