Heroes of Might and Magic III: Cove 1v7 FFA (200%)

This is it -- the unique faction, Cove. A great way to, in a sense, "end" this batch of 1v7 XL+U videos that I started exactly one year ago. For this video, I play Horn of the Abyss (HotA), a fan-made mod for Heroes of Might and Magic III. HotA adds many changes to the game such as balance tweaks and the Cove faction while retaining the standard Heroes III feel. I explore some of these in the video. HotA is certainly a mod worth trying, if you haven't given it a shot already. The way I see it, Cove is a very strong faction relative to the other towns in HotA. Although it is not as brutally overpowered as Shadow of Death's Necropolis or Conflux, Cove's higher-level units are each strong in their own right. By the time you reach mid-game, you'll have your opponents scurrying for the shoreline all while you say, "Arr, matey!" Anyway, enjoy the video -- an unofficial finale to my "Let's Play Heroes of Might and Magic III" series. -- Official HotA page: />HotA installer: />HD mod: />Twitch: /> -- -MeKick

A Golden Bow guarded by Iron Golems? Up ahead: Armagedons blade guarded by imps.
It still amazes me how such a small game has such a big and dedicated community.
Where do you live dude? In a crime-infested city? I haven't seen every 1v7 video yet, but I wouldn't be suprised If I heard sirens once or twice in every video :/
The Professor
Those halberdiers look different
Piotr Wlazło
Man, you have great, nice and chill voice. You have skills and it's pleasure to watch you. Instead of I'm Eastern European and I don't speak fluently in English, I understand everything. Enjoy your work, subscribe and thumb up ofc :)
ahhh cove. i don't know jackshit about cove because i never palyed hota. so instead, imma just say that pirates are cool, therefor cove is cool.
Can you do a totally rule-less run? I'd like to see how fast you can beat a game 1v7 random 200% using all possible resources (hillforts, AI castles, spell scrolls etc.).
Mattias Nordqvist
your frequency of right-clicking is insane :)
Can I feel special for being in Homm (my name is Annabel)?
Nate Daren
This is extremely petty, and nowhere near the "Fry Gate" or "Equeestrian" fiasco, however I've already begun typing this comment so here it is: I think the correct pronunciation of Halberdier is like HAL-BURR-DEER as opposed to HAL-BIRD-EE-URR. Unless there's a Canadian clause I've overlooked. Party on dude.
The Red Panda
Omg yes! I have been waiting for this! Love the 1v7 series!
Jack Phoenix
Cove is now my favorite faction, full stop. The special for the upgraded sea serpents is, they do more damage the more damage they've taken, I guess based on the percentage of total stack damage done? Which is pretty useful if true since it'd mean the stack as a whole wouldn't do any less damage as it got whittled down in a given battle. I do have a formal request for a future video: another Cove video, only with no underground and all islands. Put that Navigation skill to good use :D
Jianqiao Liu
I love this game for almost 20 years, I am 24 now....many thanks for your excellent video and deep understand of H3.
Phúc Nguyễn Thế
This particular template literally killed me lol It's great to see that there are still people dedicated playing this, so cool xD
Sea Serpent skill is really confusing but basically it increases dmg of your sea serpents by % of dmg that THEY have taken in the battle.The exact number is really too confusing to calculate and the formula is actually complicated to use because every time that sea serpents receive dmg the % bonus is added. I was testing it out,and it was very amateurish test,with 3 Haspids (upgraded sea serpents) and a magic hero with 0 ATT skill and when 2 of the haspids died in the stack,the remaining one was able to do slightly less dmg than the whole stack of 3. While the ability is pretty crappy against the neutral stacks it can potentially be life-saving in final battles in multiplayer if it drags out for a while or if playing on a rich map.
Foose Osu
"here we arr" heh
omg, i have seen all of these from the start. I love your content. will you consider doing the largest setting of HotA (extra huge i think) as Castle?
'bout darn time. With this video, I'm sure your fans "ARRRRRRRRR" satisfied. K, I'll leave now.
The Red Gamer
I can't say I agree with you, in Cove being overpowered. Sure, it does alot of damage, but it's basically reversed Fortress. Everything, except for the Nixes, is a glass cannon. Sure, you can do alot of damage, but you take a trainfull of damage too, and lose your army in a heartbeat, if the enemy reaches you. So it balances out nicely.
Graf Jenja Standart
from now on you are the first nonrussian Heroes 3 player that I actually enjoy. The way you play is really nice.
"I'm a very big pickle"-MK 2016
cool vid, would be even better if you decreased combat speed, a little bit!
Hey MeKick! i found an Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Mod for M&B-Warband, you should try it and maybe make a mini series for youtube :) that would be great! BTW great video as always ;)
When playing I love the instant animations but as a viewer I prefer the very fast ones you have in SOD.
Bro, where's the faction Forge? Yet again you fail to please me. Kappa
Stefan Teodorescu
does one get more movement points if you end your turn on a road?? idk why but i just thought of that
You don't actually have to disassemble your combo artifact to put it in your bag. It's a nice way to save bag space in the late game. ^^ I think Cove has the most varied viable strats of any town. Most towns only have 2 possible paths, but with Cove you can go for heavy melee with Corkes, Clone cheese with Eovacius, Sorceress cheese supporting Nix Warriors to go toe to toe with an equal number of T7s, Cannon kiting with Jeremy, or prioritize Pirates which are powerful but not required for anything else in the tech tree. D'you reckon you'll do any of the challenge maps for the channel, or is this finale... final? D:
Position of Pink lol
Tea Huzanić
I really love to watch your videos. I could spend hours in front of a laptop and watch how you play. I follow you on Twitch whenever I can because of large differences in time zones. I'd love to see you play a map Good To Go on 200% difficulty. I find it very fun and interesting map and I would like to see you how would u play that. You are really an amazing guy and I admire your spirit and your passion for this game. Greetings from Croatia! :D
Thanks for series! You should try some ERA 2 mods.
Finally :D
2 op valve plez nerf
ЗлатомиР АлександроВ
Mod looks neat, but this race is totally busted. WOG still #1 :)
I really appreciate you going through the intro how you did; I've never played Cove, nor seen it in any way, only heard people talk about it. Seems pretty OP.
This looks litlle OP just a litlle bit! By the way amazing video like always
Valentin Ziman
again awesome video from awesome guy! keep it up!
ah, New World Computing
Now that the faction videos are over will you (and admittedly I ask without having seen all the streams) do the custom/challenge maps now? Would be really nice to see you take on a new format.
Simas Adomaitis
Finally a new video, arrrrrrggg, looks fun though
Alex Yeverino
Hey Mekick, Long time stream and YouTube lurker. I was wondering if you had ever considered doing a HoMM7 playthrough? I think it would be interesting to see how you react to the new one and see you analyze the differences. Thanks!
Awesome vid mr.Mekick :p
Couldn't wait for new video.. Love you dude! :3 (FULL HOMO)
You're such a loose cannon MeKick.
what are the map templates you recommend for 1v1 or 2v2 ?
wow you are so good in combt
Nam Dang Hoai
Hi Mekick =)) I have a question for U: What hotkey do you use at 58:14? Share it to me, pleaseeee
Mashinate ESO
Awesome videos as always, any chance we could potentially see some videos from the campaigns of Shadow of Death for instance? Would love to see you do a campaign playthrough!
MK I think it's about time you create your own custom map and fight subscribers and topes! ;)
You show more understanding for the game that most let's players do not manage to show. Makes it comfortable to watch.
Isak Erlandsson
0:06 - 0:11 Idubbbz?
Eblouie Par La Nuit
someone should make Minas Tirith fraction with Boromir tier 7 600hp
Hail Caesar
Again, a great video and thanks for listening to the fans. Your videos brighten up my day when I'm bored so, thanks!
dems some mad trains you doin bra (edit: God I don't know what happened to Vey in between the original and Hota update, but it looks like it was a large amount of meth.)
Thanks for keeping things G rated :)
Rob. brown
You really need to chill out when you play this game, slow your clicking and speech down a bit, you're likely to have a panic attack, Jesus.
4:31:03 -Finally, the FULL MEKICK moment of the match ;)
Small question. Is it good to get angels in fourth week on 200%
So Hota fixed Conflux and Necro by adding the best faction? Logic comrade. And why is the cannon so special compared to the ballista? Both are still basicly one-shots to any half-decent army.
It's not a phase mom
Do a 1v7 using only imps
"Fry-gate." 😂😂 It's fri, not fry; get, not gate. But whatever, keep gaming man!
How can i download the addon for the quick unit deviding... and hero transfering please..
Plamen Kotsev
HD mod ain't workin for Hoda?
Ben Smith
okay so i own homm3 complete and i downloaded hota from your description but why cant i get it to work?
Are there any units with both melee and ranged attacks but ranged attacks being much weaker?
Why do you avoid building city halls ASAP and capturing mines for resources and experience?
zeta ritari
so is this same homm 3hd what is in steam cause i dont get those splitting keys working at all.
HD mod shows up as Malware. Yikes.
Liu Tianxiang
May I ask which version of Heros3 you r playing with? is there a link?
Wilmer Sundberg
Does HotA have a custom soundtrack? And if so thats pretty noice.
i had a thought. what happens in homm3 if you were to use say, chain lightning, and the armies of both sides died at the same time. what happens?
The Alchemist
Was about to push "E" just to skip some of the turns :))
Special Guest Star
I never knew what Cove is. Now I know.
Andrew Lyssunov
You should play a Giant sized map on 1v7 FFA. It will take you at least 20 hours xD
Ah, there goes the classic new invented pronunciation. I find it a bit amusing how you so confidently kept always calling CassioPEIA -> CassioPIA. Not that I really mind, but I am amused by the fact that you're one of the few people who consistently mispronounce with such admirable confidence in the voice, with no sign of uncertainty or restraint. And yes, I just wrote a paragraph on that for some reason.
So sad that this is the last video of this kind! great work as always!
Jean Carlos dos S. Silva
How did you split your units?
Leonardo Peruzzi
How to get Cove ? Btw nice gameplay
Even though at times I find myself incredibly frustrated by the way you play ( _such as giving all units to another hero just so your main can run a few more steps_ ), watching your videos have taught me how to deal with stacks that are more powerful than mine and thus win in situations I'd normally not win. I just wanted to say that, and also, whenever someone makes Forge, you should make a Forge video x3 I tried Cove for the first time yesterday. The Pirates line is just incredibly powerful. One of the best ranged ones for sure. A lot of great and fun heroes to use and they - or at least one - excels at Island maps since he starts with Navigation as his skill, and Advanced Navigation. I tell ya', a Lv 1 Hero with +++ to Movement on Water is just amazing. Great faction and very good music. Though both times I've used it, the AI have steamrolled me by spawning in a great location and getting great artifacts at the start and then just steamrolled the whole map while I wasn't getting anywhere. Still, Cove falls into the line as one of my favorite faction. Something like, Necropolis - Cove - Rampart - Fortress.
I got a question, I have never seen u revealing obelisks, why?:)
no offence but wouldn't this be 1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1? or just 8 player FFA I guess idk
Václav Jagri
Hello, I would like to ask for help here. How I can shoot between creatures with lich or magnos, because UI can and I didnt found the way how I can use this upgrade by myself. Thx for help
Valentin Ziman
could you please make a longer video where you will use sharpshooters?:)
I''m really surprised you don''t drop cuss words the entire time, and aside from a splendid play, not bad, where ye from matey?
Oliver Ebbing
Change the Music in the Cove town to the Theme from "Pirates of the Caribbean". HINT ----> ITS AWESOME!!
Wait is Horn of the abyss an official expansion?
user name
Could you tell me where can I find the mod that makes all animations during the battle much faster. I would highly appreciate some info about it because it seems to save you a lot of time. Thank you in advance mate. I love your videos.
Trevor Howard
In all the walkthroughs ive watched people take forever to build the capital? Why is that?
1:52:42 you have something against Frodo ? You don't like small people huh ? Well.. the halflings don't like you as well :D
tyjion bumpers
great game
2nd Commander Sabo
Heroes m&m7 is dump than this 3 I saw the bar tab - 2 lane..
Was watching the fight at 1:00:00 and wondered if you ever played Cove while having the main hero specialize in water magic. Bless is incredibly powerful here, as virtually all units except Nixes have a wide damage range. On pirates it's brutal. To top things off, Bless appears in their mage guild more often than in any other castle, along with other water spells. Their heroes also get offered water magic more than other schools. Expert earth is still the best specialization as always, but in Cove I'd put water magic firmly in 2nd place, followed by air magic and lastly with fire magic which is beyond any help. I've heard the HotA team is working on a spell system rehaul so hopefully we'll get a more balanced system at some point.
Anyone who enjoys HOMM 3 should give HOTA a try, at least. You can instantly see how much love and dedication went into it.
Paul von Tarsus
I only play Hota these days because XL feels so small. What version of the game are you using, with all those map options? And what do you use to record the gameplay?
Im Tyfyh
Why is this video in MEGA High Resolution? I can't see the cursor. And movement speed in battles seems instant so I don't understand what's going on
Hey MeKick I have an idea. Would you like to try doing the same thing but with Heroes V? It could be fun to watch and the game's not that bad
hota hota hota hodor hodor hodor
Branko Kolevski
can you make like 1.2 with the changed towns in hota?
Lars S K
what does the cock/bird do north of Jeremy 2:28:15 ? :) i tried finding something about it on a heroes 3 wiki
generic goose
a thing about hota is that it removes some kool things from random maps and instead adds 12 teleporters... i hate teleporters