Masterchef Season 8 Episode 6 Full Episode

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Masterchef S8 E6

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Thanks for the fullscreen upload with decent quality!
Carmen Cotto
If i took a shot every time eboni says that she cooks Indian food for her husband the entire season, I would die of alcohol poisoning!!
Newton was way too cocky 😂😂😂
Legendary Batman
Man you really something different, finally someone who posts full screen with good quality. You just earned yourself a new subscriber! Thank you. 🙏
Karnage 380
11:25 if only I get average grade as good as Jason
Jose Nell Andrew Tumulak
found the lamb sauce
Esther Nam
Where was Dino when they were evaluating the rack of lamb? 🤔🤔
Julia Marie
Love looking back at how the winner did in these earlier episodes :)
Alleyan Marshel
Jennifer lacks self confidence Which will lead her to a trip home
Uplifting Comments.
Jennifer is a mess.
Tramy Nguyen
Gordon Ramsy make's everything look easy!!☺️☺️☺️☺️
Amal Das
12:00 see the chef's hair... I'm noticing it for the first time
Carmen Cotto
Cate reminds me of a beautiful evil queen in a Disney movie!!!
Coree More
Jason should win....I don't like cate
jiu jai
7:54 Imma gonna have a nightmare tonight
Son Of Adam
Dino won the whole thing
Momo Jjang
Jennifer Christensen
I like Jason. Lucky kids to have him for a teacher.
Olivia Jablonski
Has anyone seen the chefs like taste a little bit of there soup or take a little bite out of something to taste if it's good or not? I have no idea how they do it when they taste there really good food and don't want to eat the whole thing so I could never become a chef because I would probobly eats the whole thing
Daniah Saw
i feel so bad for sam and newton!!! ☹️
Shaw Hennessey
Master chef uploaded with master quality. Thank you!
Booty Hole o.o
It would be so awkward if Gordon Ramsey ever messed up while showing off his skills😂
40:46 anybody else think that sounds like a voice simulator???
Sam was such a great sport, and I hope his elimination doesn’t discourage him from cooking... he’s obviously still an amazing chef for making it to this round :’)
Naega Meosjin
My sister passed away 5 years ago and then she smiled HAHAHA
David Schreibman
Why'd they have to do my boy Sam like that at 37:42
Justin Rivera
I thought newton was getting eliminated
Cate is cute !
“But they’re vermin.” “I don’t care. They good.”
I like Eboni, strong woman with attitude but has a good attitude, and isn’t mean or self absorbed. Gotta say her husband is a lucky man for all that cooking she’s doing at home
Cyril Apelo
thi is probably the most friendliest season ive seen by friendliest i mean not a lot of people are mean
Zack McKinley
squirrels don't lay eggs
“It still has fur on it” um... lamb have wool even my sister knows that and she’s 9
Justin Saylor
Dino looks like Jonny Depp on crack.
Zachary Schneider
16:00 there is one thing right, that is a crime:DD
Cameron Chang
I miss joe and gram
Maged Algahim
Gordon Ramsay did not finish showing them how clean the meat he took the first one and acted he was cleaning the bones
take a shot every time cate says she’s a tomboy
Nerdy Girl inc.
Cate.......a tomboy?????? Wow
holland is my city
I feel bad 4 Sam :((((
Ramsay: They're vermin! Reba: ??? I don't care, they good!
The only thing that i can cook is a burnt egg
Lina Janajreh
*asian scores a 98% "nice passing grade"
chris matthews
Eboni is beautiful
Johnny Denmark
Should have gotten rid of the cowboy too. Hes only in to make great tv 🤣
mohd Helmi
transparent Dino
RequixZ Z
Dino wins the master chef title :)
Gavin Expose
it was amazing to watch Ramsey make the Lamb dish
Ana Samarra
Why does Gordon cook everything in this season
Nelson Zhang
It would’ve been funny if Gordon failed when showing them lol
Cimberlea Lilley
I hate the new judges ... they should of kept Joe and grim . Gordan, joe and grim with perfect together with their attitudes.
Aaliyah Lo A Njoe
If i was there i would ask if i can eat my dish cus damn some look goooddd
Yacheca and jason,always with that wide smile on their faces.and That arrogant rancher newton ,so confident at first was a shame,booom.
Olivia Jablonski
I could not stand this episode because I love love love rack of lamb song was hungry the whole time
Patrick Castillo
Newton was so boastful he messed up...
Canadian Turtle
Im vegan this is disturbing lol
I was waiting for someone to lose a finger.
Jonathan Pham
When Gordon says oof
Zarrar Awan
Yo I wanna be so rich that I wanna hide chef Ramsey to make me food like this, omg, I’m getting hungrier just looking at the food as he makes it, oh my, satisfied.
Jason is so witty and corny
Newton should've went home not my boy Sam 😧
Meliza Payne
Aw I feel bad for Sam ): I hate the new Judges ugh..
Jennifer is like a fatter and less ghetto verson of Woaah Vicky
Fernando Mendoza
Thats debra steve's girfriend from american dad hhaahah
fujioshi yandere
04:40 i love these parts of the show, gives u a real appreciation for where the ingredients come from
Creepsten Playz
Christina Tosi always says "Home Cooks" every episodes xD
Ebony, we get it, you have a husband and kids...
stefoii _
Yachecia is the best
"you take people's possessions away as a living!" OMG PLZ GORDON LOLL
Did they always have so many duplication challenges? :/
Brien had the same look as Caitlin’s lamb.
I really love Jason
Runumi Thakuria
My favourite contestant is Cate. I hope she wins. Love you Cate. You are the best of all.
Krishnan unni
Full screen upload with quality audio. Bless you random stranger💜
the cowboy couldn't do butchery???
Juliana Cathrine
Aw god I feel bad for Sam :(
Kinchue Cat
Jason looks like a guy from myth busters
I loved this season dino won
Christina 🤤🤤
15:37 DAMN.
Wow. Let's go Cate!!! I feel bad for Jenny and Caitlyn but they still made it through plus Eboni too. 👍
Barb Barbie
Newton thought he was better than the younger cooks then tried to hide the fact that he cut off several bones. Haha smart ass!
Sammy Sushi007
Fátima ArMarques
The lamb is still RAW!!!! And stone-cold!
Gabriel! ❤
Yo they roasted my boi Sam he is burn to a crisp 37:45
Gaming Guy
16:17 ooooffffff
shelia Evans
i love Sam but he's clueless. i hated to see him go though because he made me laugh. and when Gordon talked to him 😂😂😂
Talco doggo
memoo 55
nooo sam ;(
Homaira Suhail
gordon ramsay is a f-ing legend!
It’s raw!
The reactions in this program have to be the corniest in the history of television. Here's a hunk of lamb, "ohhhhhhhhhh!" The show is great but man they need to butcher the corniness out of this show. Shameless and corny!
Hello my name is Nino
Jason 😃
Lexie Carbat
The contestants this season look like sweethearts. From what I've seen so far :,)
Cheska Dela merced
I love jason! 😂
Jhulie Simon Acas
I need to see MORE of Dino!
i cryed for sam