Vegan Cheetah blocked me! :(

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Here is the Roast video: Vegan Cheetah vs Der Vegan! ROASTED! /> I guess this makes me a tapeworm? Vegan Cheetah you have 24 hours to: Take the HORRID video down called "My girlfriend is a prostitute." Apologise publicly on your main channel to Anna In Wonderland, Jess and myself {You do not have to unblock me}. If you do those things I will NOT upload the roast video to my channel. If you do not, then I will start my series of what I like to call Vegan Cheetah Roasts. (Compilations of your content you put on youtube, nothing private or sensitive, I don't play dirty. If you even THINK about lying/slandering me or playing dirty, there will be severe consequences and I'll tell Daddy on you. Attack/critique my CONTENT Charles or just ignore me.) Subscribe to TKAT'S channel HERE: /> Check out this awesome breakdown on Vegan Cheetah's Revenge Porn, new vegan youtuber, sub to his channel: /> Der's Twitter: />Der's Insta: />Der's YouNow: />Der's Tumblr: Der's Facebook: />Der's Snapchat: der_vegan

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See you soon Charles 😘
Anna in Wonderland
Glad you are asking him to apologize on my behalf. Just wish you had been more forthcoming about knowing his story was a lie to other people. Sorry it finally happened.
YESSSSSS!!!! YESSSSSS!!! 10000x YESSSS!!!!!!
The Vegan Mojo
he has this problem understanding that there's a thing called being a good friend to point out some serious issues going on when they need to be addressed. not everyone is going to be nice and enable things 😂😂😂
Jen Shaw
"I'm not allowed to be friends with people who he hates" TRUTH. That's a very controlling and manipulating behavior.
Ugh.. Charles' behaviour is nauseating. I was such a supporter of his vlog channel, I first discovered him when his Mom passed, because my Dad passed a few days after. I felt like I wasn't alone. When I saw him branch into gossip/drama, I tolerated it, but I found myself getting angry and disappointed with him after every upload. The video he made about Jessica was the last straw. He publicly humiliated her and revealed things that a gentlemen would never repeat. I understand that he was hurt that Jess spoke out, but he took it to a disgusting new level. I hate that he's painting you to be the bad guy, Der. i guess that's what people have to expect when they befriend an ill man like Charles. I really hope this new girl knows how to spot signs of a relapse (yeah right) because I'm predicting a major fall very soon.
Der Vegan
The VC Roast video will be released Tuesday at 12:00PM California time/7:00AM Sydney time (wed)
Wolfie 1
Glad you've seen the light, he's turned into a monster :(
Jen Shaw
We all knew it was just a matter of time. He turns on EVERYONE, no matter how supportive they've been to him. He is such a baby. All of you who still supports him, your turn will come.
Melora Beecroft
Roast him!
Oh wow :( To be honest I kind of did think you were a dickrider but of course I never said anything because you were so fiercely loyal that all it would do would make things bad between us. Not that being a dickrider makes you a bad person overall, in fact you are amazingly entertaining, funny, and you have a great heart, especially when you stand up to Charles who has a history of being an outright dictator towards his friends. He doesn't deserve you. I hope you keep those other videos up in his favor because they are always entertaining despite what has happened now. I think there's going to be a bit of slander coming your way :( But now we know all his tricks and if he comes out with some stupid statement like 'Der Vegan wanted the dick but I said no' we all know he's a lying piece of shit.
Michelle B.
I had to unsub from chucky once he started promoting non-veganism. To me, it felt like I was watching a meat eater and I lost all respect for him (not that there was very much to begin with) You're better off without him Der 🙃💚
VegaN CalleD QuesT
You were too good for his mom vegan ass anyway
Phone Home
Hey Der! Great to see you again. That video of Cheetah's was sickening. I unsubbed to all his channels at that point, but tbh I pretty much out the door anyway--he's lost the plot. I'm looking forward to watching your series of Vegan Cheetah Roasts in the likely event he doesn't sort himself out.
Suzana Josic
Der Vegan, roast him! He has said and done so many awful things over the past several months, and apologized for nothing. I stopped supporting him when he released those stupid facebook videos. He was throwing smaller vegan drama channels under the bus, publicly labeling them psychopaths, sociopaths, criminals etc just to take out the competition and get himself ahead. He's a horrible person, plain and simple who will never, ever change. Oh and "unconditional loyalty"?!? LMFAO, he has created his own cult hasnt he?
Andrew Clancy
Ready the reels! I'm looking forward to your vegan(cheetah) roast, though I know you'd prefer he honor your request. (he won't) 💩 For a guy who trashes people for a living, he sure has a thin skin. Charles - buck up man! Consider what you do. Do you not expect anyone to hit back? When they do, why are they an enemy? You said it's all "just business" and not personal. If associating with people you consider "enemy" makes someone an enemy, I predict a lonely existence.
Jamie Leurquin
Thank you for this Der! This has been a long time coming, i can't believe he turned on you too :/
Michelle B.
108 likes already!!
Oh my god this is sad!
William Wonder
OMG, what in the hell did you do Der!!!! Did you trash talk his girlfriend or something? I can't see him banning you of all people. Why Der why?!!!
Smoothie Gamer
I'm surprised he blocked u u worshiped him basically
Emily Meiser
Well, if there is one thing that always repeats itself, it is history and I knew this day would come to you because it happens to all the women in his life after I watched the A Red Headed Vegan betrayal video. It happened to Vegan Lass and it will happen to Alina. It's obvious to me the Jess video is so full of lies and slander because Jess seemed like a genuinely nice person. You know his NPD can't take criticism and the path of destruction he has led in his life is probably over a decade long. My question to you is do you get pissed off when someone cuts you off in traffic or do you get pissed off the eight out ten times when you see someone else get cut off in traffic also?
Happy to see you back Der! Hope you had an awesome New Year! VC blocked you after you have had his back, how low can he go? I am with you DER 💯
Al Dente
Or you could just start a "secret facebook group" to off Chucky with voodoo witchcraft. That would be more than he could take. Because you know, voodoo, and secrets.
Suzana Josic
"Der does not condone lies, slander and personal attacks" Okay. Resubbed☺
Sarah Fox
I've got love for the both of ya... not going to take sides.
Cat Inhell
Don't take it personal Der he blocked his own bro/blood 😂😂 the dudes a narcissist!! I unfollowed his a long time ago, this YouTube stuff is getting to his head 😂😂
Daniel L
But you guys were such a good couple!!! lol. i thought you were against Anna Scamland after she vicously verbally assaulted you on VCs stream?
kitten paws
well, everyone warned you. now be a good girl and tell all.
Rot Op
👍👍🏻👍🏼👍🏽👍🏾👍🏿 yes girl!
Wolfie 1
24 hours and 376 likes.. Where is the video :))))
aww i love you for this der. Is great to see you sticking up for Jess as what he did to her was low as fuck. I started questioning his sincerity round about the time he did the dirty on Anna. Im really glad you have finally opened your eyes tho and came to your senses.......sadly it did take you a bit of time as you did support him through a lot of his bs but i can see how he manipulated you and used you just like he does with many of his supporters until he no longer needs you. I didnt think he would ever block you tho but that just shows you how jealous and childish he can be sadly. I can honestly see him turning on you for this tho but i know your a strong woman that wont stand for his shit. What will wind him up even more is if you become close with Martin, i always thought you and Martin doing a collab together would be funny as fuck :) xxxx
Shell Bell
Liked and shared everywhere! #TeamDer
LuLuLu LouLouLou
Der, You're awesome but I gotta say... All this time you've supported him I've just been waiting for him to turn on you, knowing that's what it would take for you to get it. He does this to every one. He should really get a new MO, this old one is dull. Please younow soon :D
Chef Vegán
Ouch! Sorry you guys cant be mates.
KissMy FugginButt
Is this high school? We gotta hate people our friends hate too?
there is no way he is going to give in to those demands lbr
Luna Charles
I knew he would end up sabotaging your friendship with him
I told you this before and I'm going to say it again... I LOVE YOU DER!!! (don't know what has been going nor do want to know)
Mick Taylor
Der, the hate started with TheVegbro first. Charlie isn't making videos and leaving nasty comments about him. It's not like you're trying to be friends with 2 people who just don't like eachother. A lot of over the top crude remarks were made by tkat about Charlie before you came on the scene. At the end of the day they both care about one thing, money and exposure. I hate to see you getting involved with this pettiness. I miss your streams.
I got blocked by 13 year old girls on YouNow if that makes you feel any better.
On his Twitter: "I'm a fake vegan on the internet. Someday I want to be a real vegan activist like Bite Sized Emily! "
Katie Smith
Girlfriend you are awesome!! rip him to shreds.
Nicole G
It sucks when a friendship falls apart -- but why are YouTube vegans obsessed with making every personal fall-out into a public spectacle? Why not just pretend that person doesn't exist and move on with life?
Thalía de Montserrat
Shall we start the Roast? :)
You women here realize that Cheetah hates and uses women and is probably a closet gay and had gay experiences when he was in jail?
Free Spirit
u should sleep with tkat
This is hilarious.
Sarina Brennan
Vegan Cheetah fits this quote perfectly: You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain...wasn't that Two Face? ;)
Ann Mous
I wonder if Blue Wren is going to do a response video from his shower showing his fat hairy body.
Jason Jenkins
Cheetah is going to be on MTV? What's up with that?
Space Carrot
Wow. When Cheetah turns on Der, there is truly no way back. It reminds me of the time when DR kept turning on more and more people in the community just because they didn't agree with some of the things he was doing. It's always all or nothing with these people. They don't understand friendship.
Road Darling
He's on an MTV show? Yeah, that video where he trashed Jess was absolutely disgusting.
Aaron Verran
what is this? the biggest snail is turncoat? finally wakes up to cheaters bs?
There's a last straw for everyone with this douche. Hopefully VC will realize soon that he needs to be off youtube and in an asylum.
and... where is the video? :D
did i miss something?! Wtf is going on? :D
KissMy FugginButt
Aw you had 666 views before I viewed this...sorry to mess it up ;)
Mizztress BELLA
Liam Nek
don't worry der, I will do you in your butt
Lisa Love
VC has turned into the Donald Trump of Vegans. Narcissist much?
Inika Inika
Wow, never thought I'd see this day!?! 😯
Jane Smith
I cant even, with the vegan drama on YT, it's too crazy for words!
Steroid Free Gains
I know this is a somewhat old video but the background music, imagery and the lack of seriousness cracked me up... silently. BTW, I hate men like The Not So Vegan Cheetah
Der. Sweet, vivacious innocent Der. While I could rub salt on the wound....I won't. It's pretty disheartening that once you think you know a person, it turns out you never truly do. Devotion can sometimes lead someone blind. believe me, I know. But I also know your free spirit is still soaring above the clouds and while it may be in limbo atm, I hope it isn't forever. Take care, Der.
Tyger Tyger
He blocked me months ago but it means he is actually scared of you, LOL ...
you're quite pretty for a vegan
Why is there an ultimatum? Cheestah is rubbish and should be exposed regardless.
Wow Der :) I don't know what to say...... I support good people, I got your back!
cherri pauper
I used to really like Charles. 😟 hopefully he'll realize fame is short lived when you're capitalizing off of drama and it's not worth losing your friends and followers over. his last few videos have had an insane amount of dislikes. if that doesn't say anything, then I don't know what does.
Jasmine Wilder
I can't believe he's blocked you !!! wow. true colors 😔 love you der!
cherri pauper
I used to really like Charles. 😟 hopefully he'll realize fame is short lived when you're capitalizing off of drama and it's not worth losing your friends and followers over. his last few videos have had an insane amount of dislikes. if that doesn't say anything, then I don't know what does.
Thank God! He did the same to me because I like ML (I blocked him 1St on IG with Duhlina because SHE CAME TROLLING ME 1ST, JEALOUS I had younow clips of HER BOYFRIEND saying hey to me, asking how I was, etc. from back in Sept/Oct) He called me a "Random Troll" in that video (& EVEN WORSE ON YOUNOW, where I couldn't defend myself! He also said everything was good between you two) and he knows damn well who I am, you and I have talked in his younow. I'm sorry Der, I kinda hope you're trolling, but then again this seems to be a pattern for him, once he gets what he wants from you, in your case, help with the show real etc. Now he has Veg$ource doing his reels. Oh, he said he doesn't have NUDES? I'M A FACELESS TROLL? *I CAN PROVE BOTH ARE LIES!* We've been trying to get the video down, with no success... yet, now I'm hoping he doesn't take it down just yet! haha. #VCROASTED #IHaveReceiptsToo just haven't released them because I don't want Jess to get the backlash, even though it's ME! REMEMBER, HE TOLD EVERYONE, HE NEVER SENT HER NUDES, SO THEY COULDNT BE FROM HER!
michael L
VC is a fake vegan/liar/racist/homophobic/cheese eater/generally shit human. I feel sorry for the guy, he has to live via social media because from what he has put out there i can't imagine him ever being employed by someone else. He could be self employed i guess. If anyone saw a brief compilation of the horrible things he has said they would likely put their attentions on one of the other 7 billion people on this planet. If he becomes more popular he is just going to have more problems because what he has put out will never go away. The guy really is just plain fucked.
withlove_ jana
Whoop!!!!! love it👍👍👍👍 A roast..did I hear of a roast reel of a cheetah?..Whoop there it is! For him to have turned on you,one of his most loyal friends??? Shows so so much about who Charles Marlowe really is,and that he himself has 0 loyalty.Sad,sad he can turn on a freind over a very trivial thing.Roast reel...pretty please:) xoxo
withlove_ jana
Whoop!!!!! love it👍👍👍👍 A roast..did I hear of a roast reel of a cheetah?..Whoop there it is! For him to have turned on you,one of his most loyal friends??? Shows so so much about who Charles Marlowe really is,and that he himself has 0 loyalty.Sad,sad he can turn on a freind over a very trivial thing.Roast reel...pretty please:) xoxo
The video to Jess was disgusting. He can say what he always says 'it's just trolling'. No, it's too far, the same with the order66 to TVC, the same with Tommy, Anna, Lauren, Renee, Joe and many others. He leaves a trail of destruction and plays victim when the shit hits the fan. There are plenty of ways to get entertainment. Not like that, not by dehumanising and degrading others. What happened to Charlie from the summer vlogs? I'm glad you're back.
that guy
Some of us tried to tell you about charles months ago. we predicted this would happen. you should expose him regardless of what he does with the vid you object to. he will do it again to someone else. its all fun and games until he slanders someone or something you (as in anybody who supports him) care about. glad to see you have seen him for what he is. forcing an apology is not an apology. it won't be sincere. there are also many other terrible vids he has done that are just as bad though maybe not what you care about. but others do. removing that one vid may make you happy but how does it help stop his overall slanderous style. should he only not slander what you care about?
Earthling Carl
You were his biggest fan, insane!
amethy rose
"and I'll tell Daddy on you" xD
This Vegan community on Youtube is Dog eat Dog,not so Vegan.
Der he is going to take you up on your challenge, not apologize. He isn't scared of your joke reels. He doesn't want you to try to come between him and Alina. That is why he went after Jess too, he thinks she is out to destroy their relationship. If you want to put out jokes on him, go ahead, but don't expect him to do what you say. That won't happen. If you want to fight with him go ahead because Vegan Gains is already at war with him. He probably hurt your feelings and he knows it. Your best option is to move on and not try to manipulate him. Suddenly caring what he said about Anna or getting involved between him and Jess, that just looks desperate on your part, not like you are the Vegan Police keeping civil behavior on youtube. He isn't going to take you seriously at all. He is very smart. If you want to be smart, just do your own thing. If you don't, you will end up in a mental hospital like Lauren.
Der Vegan is still the best channel around, keep doing your thing!
TheToothless Prophet
I don't blame Charles for blocking you, your content and fangirl behaviour was borderline creepy and embarrassing. Vegan cheetah runs the vegan media ! Don't forget that tapeworm. He will crush you. You should stop putting out garbage content and acting like a school girl who got her heart broken by her online crush, Bwhahahaha! You have potential Der but you need to clean up your act.
So qutrille
Because you have seen the light I will now sub to you
Witch's Brew Sims
*grabs popcorn and wait for +Chantelle Robin to say something *
Of course we do!
Allison Beaulieu
Derrrr!!! So glad you have finally broke free. I knew you were better than that!! Release the damn video regardless.
Olivia Love Worthy
This is the best vegan drama on YouTube, by far :D
You know what dude, I appreciate you. For whatever it's worth it's really nice to see a vegan (or whatever!) on YT who isn't a super privileged (monetarily) perspective. I think your vegan umbrella is a good idea. i support you! that's it.
The Truth Of The Matter
I can't say I feel sorry for you at all. I told you several times he was not a decent person and would treat you the same as soon as you did something he didn't like. He's so self centered he sees nothing but self surrounding him. You argued that you'd NEVER make a vid on him like this and I laughed and told you that you're being stupid to think you're any different than all of his other friends he's turned on....I see I was right. smh
Uchiha Itachi
Charlie needs to get off of the interwebz and walk children in nature
Katherine Yau
Nice background music:)
Katherine Yau
omggggg, that is funny VC may have AIDS, lollllllllllllll
Katherine Yau
yes, cuz he is a drugs addicts, that VC is vegan cancer