Unbelievably Creative Moments MMA

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avda Greenslade
They always have the shittest music in these montages
Lucas Felix
1:48 When u is an MMA fighter but watch too much WWE.
Arthur Coimbra
4:23 when your controller disconnects
Jonathan Andreas
2:29 hworang moves (tekken 7)
2:14 my man just broke the bro code right there
Damon King
02:09 cool flip but he hit him in the nuts. That's not cool Edit: 768 likes?! THAT'S IT?!?! COME ON PEOPLE! 768 IS NOT ENOUGH TO CREATE REBELLION!!!
I don't know what preceded this moment in the 3:55 fight, but it clearly demonstrates the economy of motion. Bruce Lee would be proud.
0:59 best of them all
barbara Corcoran
6:00 hahaha the flying whale strikes again
04:20 black saitama
Alexander The Great
7:12 - 7:45 is the best hands down.
That McGregor clip at 1:14 was just dumb. It's a weak move and a good way to open your entire upper body up to punishment due to being off balance during the kick. The guy in white trunks had an opportunity to blast him there but he missed, lucky for Connor!
lazar pavlovic
7:26 just wow
Monkey Nigger
The music is a nightmare.
Rankyn Collier
4:08 I guess his feet hurts that's why he can't move xd
Tilak Raj Sharma
4:02 I will try this
henk visser
Well, I think - Heineken, drink Heineken- that its pretty - Heineken, drink Heineken- weird to have - Heineken, drink Heineken- this many ads on - Heineken, drink Heineken- such a short video - Heineken, drink Heineken- if you know - Heineken, drink Heineken- what I mean. - Heineken, drink Heineken-
7 pub pour une calitée comme ça
Silver Lantern
Lucifer Hellscythe
whats the name of the song from 2:40 - 6:40
ThnxCya 2 The Bandit
the one at 2:32 is not creative it is an actual kick
Anónimo GT
For those who want to know the name of the song of the minute 2:50, it is called Tabata song 6, by Anton Krinitsin.
Riv & Reb
Without watching I already know the Showtime kick and Crazy horse's spinning cage slam will be on here
7 ads 10 min go to hell
Tariq Ahmed
10 :03 Song name plzzzzzz
1:46 la llave de Jericho las murallas v:
Carlos Butawan
4:10 was awesome dude 😂👏
Professor Time
BRAINS wins over BRAWN 99% of the time. I mean, Bruce Lee was 135 pounds. Nuff said.
Realistic Views
If it didn't have the music and had the commentary it'd be a great video.
Mannan Butt_Official
Black gay wow What a style. I love it
Lorenzo Spurlock
I just called out my move
jayne murphy
At 1:49 that’s just taking the mick
Connor Mays
I literally heard this song on a intro 30 mins ago... I have it downloaded.
نواف نواف
4:08 when u watch too much anime
5.6 M vues
Song name please
Reece Jackson
what was the first song name? I know a lot of people thought the music in this video was trash, I liked it :'D (from 0:33)
The Gamer Boy
Neffex music everywhere
guys all songs names someone?
7:24 he dont even touch him
NinjaGamer 443
Requis is that you?
Karan Rai
wooo some moves of Bruce lee I can see
deker true
Name song 3:00
2:00 Ninja balls stomp!
carolina Ana
3:27 música?
Josh Squash
That backflip to get side control was awesome but could have ended very badly if he was off by a few inches and landed feet first on that dudes head. That was risky as hell.
Roberto Raymundo
good video, music selection was trash tho
Muhammad Fikri Kawakibi Huda
Some of them are standard in traditional martial arts such as scissors and some kick maneuver on ground fights from silat
Hide and Tweak
so many illegal moves
7:23 the BIGGEST set up in MMA history
Sailesh Sharma
give it up with the sad rap song in the background that's annoying
Silvio Martins
I'm not into hugging other men. Not my cup of tea.
pizza tuner
Nice Compilation, the one at 3:55 absolut genius...
Jeopardy Professional
Yo this song is wack asf
too chainze
name of song please 😂😂😂
Who is the guy at 2:20 with that smexy kick?!
Oliver Guzan
Nevíte někdo jak se jmenovala od Gabora písnička když přicházel?
GHostie Gaming
5:50 that was a risky move that could have ended in a fatal neck break
Joe Goliath
sukhjeet singh
List without frank mir is no list at all.
BREAK THE WALLS DOOOOOOOOWN break the walls down !
Yellow Devil
What's the name of the song at 2:50?
Oliver Stories
Seriously tho, whoever is choosing your music needs to step out of the 90's for a few videos
Pedro Ricardo Jesus Da Silva Ferreira
What is the secon song
Devon Chambers
1:50 and 2:00 😂😂😂😂
I love addblocker :) 7 adds in 10min thats great boy
Eureo OBLA
Holy Ads
9:20 reminds me of a dear cought by a snake
Richard Hitchcock
What the song?
Sasha Sandu
Never thought I'd see somebody pull off the Boston crab in an MMA fight.
Aapjes Rijk
Life with Brock
Good content but too many ads.
Wawan Wahyudi
good music
William Turner
2.50 name song?
Jean Pierre Polnareff
3:55 the best
Shafik Bashir
Obviously this vid is made before Zabit has received attention from broad audience, because Zabit is the most creative fighter in the UFC. From start to finnish.
nehemiah lewis
2:59 what's the song?
U Kno
Mmanuel Mmengual
what is theme second song???
Giguls Gaguls
It's so creative when they kick the opponent to the balls
Jeopardy Professional
1:48 sharpshooter
Dany Johao Limache Coronacion
3:55 pensaba que eran dominadas con una pelota.
camilo osorio
esto es lo que verdaderamente se debería ver en las luchas mixtas de artes marciales, y muco mas; lo que o veo es que las artes marciales mixtastas simplemente so son personas musculosas dando golpes sin sentido. la verdadera idelogia de luchas mixtas o lo que deberíamos ver es un atleta completo que pueda practicar en su lucha combate diferentes técnicas las diferentes artes marciales
every time I see mma videos, I am surprised at how terrible the refs are at ending the fight when there is a CLEAR knockout or submission by choke. Reckless and just plain stupid
Calf crusher
Jonas Silva
3:55 and 7:25
Steve B
Any one know who does that first song?
Blade Kick
The one with orental man flipping was a dissqaulification due to a groin kick. Yupp landed right on his nut sac.
Morguex Monster
2:50 song?
Jay Saga
3:15 ref you're tapping the wrong guy XD
colton cat
Song at 2:58?
Bilal Akın
Emanuel Cantu
Pero que belleza de movimientos!!! Hasta me dieron ganas de aprender eso!! WOoow!! QUe ARTE! OMG! #AWESOME Goegeous Movings
Sergeant Cent
4:18 is possibly my favorite ^^
Vicente Castello
7 ads in 10 minutes? Bye, not coming again.
Kevin Chagoya
Name of this song min 3:30 ?
Ryo Chonan vs Anderson Silva flying scissor heel hook