Unbelievably Creative Moments MMA

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Samuel J. Diamonds
They always have the shittest music in these montages
Lucas Felix
1:48 When u is an MMA fighter but watch too much WWE.
2:14 my man just broke the bro code right there
lazar pavlovic
7:26 just wow
I don't know what preceded this moment in the 3:55 fight, but it clearly demonstrates the economy of motion. Bruce Lee would be proud.
Arthur Coimbra
4:23 when your controller disconnects
Gordon Brodecki
Did I actually see some dude one dude give his opponent the Boston Crab? One of the most lethal moves in the WWF back in the day 😂
King Aragorn II
4:07 top 10 anime fights.
3:00 cursor exposed
Лайт если ты Русский.. А то развелось тут.. Покажем им, что наши в этом профи.
Damon King
02:09 cool flip but he hit him in the nuts. That's not cool Edit: 768 likes?! THAT'S IT?!?! COME ON PEOPLE! 768 IS NOT ENOUGH TO CREATE REBELLION!!!
LeBeard James
Chris Jericho: You know what happens when you use the move I made famous in an MMA fight huh. MMA fighter: Please no. Chris Jericho: *Clicks pen* YOU JUST MADE THE LIST!
Rankyn Collier
4:08 I guess his feet hurts that's why he can't move xd
User Name
4:22 Omae wa mou shindeiru
l'as de youtube
7 pub pour une calitée comme ça
نواف نواف
4:08 when u watch too much anime
Tilak Raj Sharma
4:02 I will try this
04:20 black saitama
1:46 la llave de Jericho las murallas v:
Paper St.
10 out of ten doctors say; elbows give you migraines
Silver Lantern
He say "creative" I say judo
Sketch_ Tepig
1:48 time out, did he just do a Boston crab like Chris jericho wwe style?!
That McGregor clip at 1:14 was just dumb. It's a weak move and a good way to open your entire upper body up to punishment due to being off balance during the kick. The guy in white trunks had an opportunity to blast him there but he missed, lucky for Connor!
Виктор Черняев
В конце трек: The seige - the drum
Carlos Butawan
4:10 was awesome dude 😂👏
Die Dye
Lmfaoo that Boston crab will forever make me laugh. 😂😂
Brett Werner
I learned so much. Now my big brother is dead !
2:45 I never thought I'd see a standing moonsault in a legitimate fight.
0:59 best of them all
Megalon Video
6 ads for "ad blocker"??? SERIOUSLY?!!!
Riv & Reb
Without watching I already know the Showtime kick and Crazy horse's spinning cage slam will be on here
Christopher Gibson9mm
I've never seen the Boston crab/walls of Jericho in mma
When they say Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Karate, Capoeria, etc, won't work in mma..... These are the actual damn moves of those martal arts...
7 ads 10 min go to hell
Alexander The Great
7:12 - 7:45 is the best hands down.
King Aragorn II
4:29. That sweet sweep.
Brandon Duncan
lol loaded it and saw 8 ads. no thanks
RedPanda FPV
I’ve seen all of these a thousand times and I’ll watch em all again a thousand more. Some legends in here.
Savage Gameplay
3:57 picture perfect strike!
Joseph Mcclain
Brother we’re is the fight we’re the guy threw a 90 upward elbow and cracked the dude
Thomas Nakagema
7 ads for a 10 minute vid some one must be hard up for cash .maybe not now though
The backflip to the nuts is my favorite MMA technique.
7 ads for a 10-minute video that's not yours. Good job.
nu skuul
who tf even listens to this kind of music nowdays lmao
Smokey Buds
Actually the chick in the end with that combo sub 🔥
عبدالله ال شاكر
عاشت ايدك استمر احلا لايك وشتراك لعيونك
Never thought I'd see somebody pull off the Boston crab in an MMA fight.
Anónimo GT
For those who want to know the name of the song of the minute 2:50, it is called Tabata song 6, by Anton Krinitsin.
*looks at title* *watches video* I think someone is unfamiliar with fighting if they think half of these are creative.
Irving Ramirez
3:55 dude went FULL TASKMASTER !!!
*Get rid of the STUPID music!* Youre not making our viewing experience any better than if having got to hear the actual sounds of the fight
Giguls Gaguls
It's so creative when they kick the opponent to the balls
How do you actually let somebody hit you with the Walls of Jericho in an MMA fight....and then tap?
Paper St.
3:55. Amazing. Economy of movement. Beautiful. I hear angels singing...or is that little birdies??
PeeGee OP
1:55 looked like a modified gazelle punch
Izaya Orihara
It would've been better without the background music (IMO)
Jesus Is My King
Yoel Romero's ankle pick is the best
Joey Crosby
So much inspiration taken from pro wrestling, it's beautiful
Alexandre Paquin
The amount of ads for a 10 min video is outrageous
2:00 Ninja balls stomp!
Not one Charles Bennett vid. Disqualified
Kai Schreurs
1:55 thats just a superman punch very well executed but not the most creative thing
Jerome Nopal
Somehow I knew The Siege was gonna be used for a montage like this.
James the Human
Wait wait wait - so I can't kick my opponent in the ribs or the head when he's down, but I CAN do a spinning heel stomp into his cup?
BREAK THE WALLS DOOOOOOOOWN break the walls down !
aTeanu Food Channel
Amazing technique.. soon will be followed by others
Cutscene Entertainment
4:08 The way he just stood there as the guy went down. He was just like "target neutralized. -__-" It's like he was under mind control or something.
Cesar Soares
1:46 o cara botou até a língua pra fora kkkk rachei kkkkkkkk
Keinia Maria
#5:5 olha o sapo (frog)
jay Sagarbarria
3:15 ref you're tapping the wrong guy XD
Ross Ebeling
I did NOT just see a Boston Crab for the first time since Mike Cleary's World Championship Wrestling was televised in B&W????
The walls of Jericho one is the best
Gucci Mann
4:40 he straight up snatched that guy from the floor 😂😂😂
Yi Jun
The one at 4:00 took some real nifty judgment and reaction!
pizza tuner
Nice Compilation, the one at 3:55 absolut genius...
Had to stop watching after the 3rd ad on a 10 minute video
Iker Ronaldo
00:40 -2:37 Musica : the drum the seige
Not Penny's Boat
"unbelievably creative" shows tank and kimbo in intro
KingJ 29
7 times advertising. Sad that's too often
barbara Corcoran
6:00 hahaha the flying whale strikes again
Han Zorro
2:30 It is called 'Tornado kick' from Tae Kwon Do.
henk visser
Well, I think - Heineken, drink Heineken- that its pretty - Heineken, drink Heineken- weird to have - Heineken, drink Heineken- this many ads on - Heineken, drink Heineken- such a short video - Heineken, drink Heineken- if you know - Heineken, drink Heineken- what I mean. - Heineken, drink Heineken-
John Ocampo
He dead used jerichos move im done 🤣
Dizzy Derwish
I've just looked at the other comments. Seems you're losing a lot of subscribers, me included.
Hide and Tweak
so many illegal moves
Ромарио Парк
carlos newton vs matt hughes
Paper St.
8:15...the Offensive Ball Sweat Offense
Almost every "creative" kick is made by a Black or a bit browner guy... No offense✔️ Edit: Cmon 20 likes and i'll sub all the ones who have liked.
How long until someone gets their neck broken in the ring?
Realistic Views
If it didn't have the music and had the commentary it'd be a great video.
Muhammad Fikri Kawakibi Huda
You would see a lot of scissor takedowns in every round in the olympics silat. You would see at least one uchi mata in every weight class in the olympics judo Beautiful technique, yes. But if you define creative as doing something unusual, not really for those case
Yaser Akuma23
Not creativity its the intuition of the fighter
Gucci Mann
6:12 he learnt that from scorpion in MKX
Dylan Martin
I came here for the Walls of Jericho and skipped to exactly that point. Today is a good day
GHostie Gaming
5:50 that was a risky move that could have ended in a fatal neck break
No flying scissors heel hook from Chonan? I know you can't pick all the nice subs, but damn, I thought that one was a must have for any highlight video
spartan god
The last one was just a triangle arm bar from the mount
Max Beierle
a bit weird to see that move on 2:00 but kinda deserved whoever stays on the ground for "par terre"
Liam’s channel
Boy at 1:50 put that man in the walls of jericho😂😂😂