Венчание Андрея и Веры | The wedding of Andrew and Veri

“Bless this marriage: and give to Thy servants a peaceful life SIM, long life, love to each other in the bond of peace, the seed dagoizena unfading crown of glory; vouchsafe them to see their children Chad, the bed they keep nanavaty. And give them of the dew of heaven from above, and the fatness of the earth; and fill their houses with wheat, wine and oil, and all kinds of charity, so that they shared the excess with the needy, give to those now with us, everything pertaining to salvation.” * * * A wedding is a sacrament of the Church, in which God delivers the future spouses, if they promise to be faithful to each other, the grace of pure unanimity for joint Christian life, the birth and upbringing of children. Wishing to get married must be baptized members of the Orthodox Church. They must deeply realize that the unauthorized dissolution of a marriage approved by God, as well as the violation of the vow of fidelity, is certainly a sin. For braconinae you need to prepare two icons — the Savior and the Mother of God, which is Holy bless the bride and groom. Previously, these icons were taken from the parental home, they were handed down as a home Shrine from parents to children. Icons brought their parents, and if they do not participate in the Sacrament of marriage — the bride and groom. The bride and groom to acquire a wedding ring. The ring is the symbol of eternity and continuity of the marital Union. One of the rings should be Golden and the other silver. The Golden ring symbolizes its brilliance the sun, whose light is likened to the husband in the marriage Union; silver — like the moon, the lesser light, and glittering with reflected sunlight. Now both spouses are bought, usually gold rings. Rings can also have decorations made of precious stones. But, the most important preparation for the upcoming mystery is a retreat. The Holy Church recommends marriage to prepare yourself for it with deeds of fasting, prayer, confession and communion. ➀ Subscribe to my YouTube channel – and is typically 20-25 of interesting new movies in a month of Traveling around the World and Russia, children, plays and concerts, etc. that is my life, hobby and work. ➁ Follow my IG - every day something new />➂ Add in the VC and />➃ Knock on FB /> ☆ Any suggestions? In my email: Vl[email protected] Neither Your comment nor your letter will not remain without answer! PS If I suddenly said – so I haven't read Your email or review! © To the media and any information sites: you may use or copy materials from this video, completely or partially, but only indicating my authorship (photographer © Vladimir cat) and a link to this video.

АЛЛА Егрищина
Спаси вас Господь Володя, прекрасная работа, всех вам благ.
Toni Vidal
Красивая пара . Счастья укрепившим узы воедино !
Zhozefina Batkovna
Такая скромная и симпатичная пара.Счастье им , любви на долгие года.
АЛЛА Егрищина
Совет да любовь вам Андрюша и Верочка!!! Пусть у вас все будет хорошо! венчание это серьезно это большая сила. Что Господь сочетал человек да неразлучает, с Богом дети, будте счастливы.
Nadja Alf
Какой храм чудесный ! Мы в Германии в Ульме венчались , только мечтаем о таком ! Ангела Хранителя р.б Андрею и Вере ! Спаси Бог Владимир за ваш труд !