A BROWN GIRL'S GUIDE TO GENDER | Aranya Johar | Unerase Poetry | Reaction w/ Renee!

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119 rapist's disliked this video
akshay kr
She is amazingly talented.
People who are saying what the girl say is incorrect or she is overreacting: YOU are the problem. Rape is exremely common in India, the statistics are wayy higher if every woman in India would file a complain, but they dont because they are scared what will happen Stop deniying this problem and start to find a solution.
See, as a man, this is the kind of feminism I defend to death. This is what feminism should be. Promoting what's right, raising awareness, striving for equality. Now a days feminism has become a thing that spoiled brats use to get their way, which is wrong. But the lady who read the poem, I don't know her name, but an excellent job. She represents what this should be about, and I will stand by her beliefs, which I know are the beliefs of millions and billions of women around the world, because they are pure and correct.
Deepak Sharma
I love this video ! This girl , the message and her confidence .
Siddharth Kamath
Jaby skipped the F bomb only to drop the MF bomb! XD
Suyash Awasthi
Look at all these males here acting victimised. Seriously? Male discrimination does occur but on a far lesser degree than female oprresion, at least in India. We don't need to mention both everywhere because you feel attacked. Both are standalone topics and can have their separate discussions.
Ritwik Bhattacharya
It is one my all time favourite videos, I am man from India, and still it made cry,perhaps .... But it always does
randhir singh
Jaby i am following you from more than 1year... i never comment in your comment section.... but today i am doing so because its our duty to support what is right... This girl say just like that what wee are ashamed to say? or i say wee are not ready to discuss it in our family circle or friend circle... frankly speaking in my friend whenever i try to discuss over this kinds of topics, most of my friends tried to escape and the other ones, tried to shut it down as soon as possible... In reality, we all want to be a hero but for that we want someone else to sacrifice for us...
mayank thakur
how to be a man - simar singh unerase poetry react to dis !!!!!!
Abhishek Kumar
Just stay away from this dislikers they are monster ☝️👏👌👍✌️
Don't listen to misogynist guys ranting about how bad feminism is.These are the same guys who wouldn't send their wives, moms ,gfs alone at night. India apart from mumbai is not a safe place for women especially after sunset and its a fact. These man crying about feminism are so used to women worshipping them and calling them pati parmeshwar that they get shocked when women put out their opinions.
Wow, the comment section right now is really upsetting to read. Can you please try to listen to the message before trying to defend yourselves? You defending your gender shows you don't want to listen and you don't want to understand. Men face problems no doubt, but you can't deny it's the women who have been more oppressed all this while.
Sid S
There's more to this than meets the eye. Not all men are bad but we do have a problem. Many people I have come across might unassumingly pass crass sexual taunts at women in public or among themselves. Try to imagine yourself in their place, this and more contributes to the general sense of insecurity among females. Stop over sexualization of females in public and workplaces. I feel this little change will go a long way in tackling the issue.
Sruthi Nambiar
I have watched her perform the same thing many a times. I cry each time :(
Tanvi Gupta
Jaby please react to "going home" a short film feat. Alia bhatt
Prateek Singhal
"I wanna clap"; but you didn't.
Please also react to 'The Printing Machine' by unblushed, Kalki Koechlin
Misao misao
Have John and Achara react to this!!
Ask youtube team to reveal the identities of dislikers and we can spread awareness about those gentlemen
Amardeep Singh
You must watch LEGAL RAPIST by Simar Singh. That's also one of the masterpieces on same channel UnErase Poetry.
Shreya Gomes
She not only said so much but everything
Bunny Guliany
Jabyyyyyyyyyy , Please : ""Shayad Wo Pyaar Nahi"- Yahya Bootwala | Spill Poetry" YouTube this , Anybody who has ever been in love , See this . I bet you'll love it .
Hiya Dhar
Will you please react to Printing Machine and Noise, both from Blush! You'll love it! Pleaseeeee
Atish Tambe
yeah fourth atlast......yeah but first to comment!!
putri merrytha purwaningsih
OMG Renee! I think I saw you somewhere and then "yes that is one of ma CLEVVER GIRLS"😍
kalsum imran
I can finally live in peace. React to 1:THE LEGAL RAPIST. 2. SUICIDE. 3.EVERYTHING'S FINE.
Vivek Pokhriyal
I am full of respect for the girl. Epic poem.
Since you loved this and love Kalki Koechlin, you should react to her poems, Noise and The Printing Machine on the Blush Channel. Beautifully produced and REALLY powerful writing.
putri merrytha purwaningsih
She really is Ranee... Hai Ranee, I've watch you in CLEVVER
harmeet sohal
Check other poetry published by that channel, they are amazing...
Madhulina Bhowmick
A very powerful poem indeed...
Reya Mathur
You should react to some of *SATYAMEV JAYATE* episodes. They are must dude, a must
vil lain
Thanks for doing videos like this. Keep Always bring positive videos like this more 😊
Meka Maga
Feels.... Lyk a nice rap... With golden words😍😍
ashima amberkar
I was waiting for this reaction sooo long thank you jaby 😇
Xtreme Music
She is adorable and talented
Kunika Rahangdale
Hey jaby. Ur superb, i love ur reactions.
debarun das
Plz react to the Indian jam project tribute to the Dark Knight or interstellar or Requiem for dream (ft. Siri)
Priyanshu Mohan
You need to react to some of the videos of the you tube channel TRIED AND REFUSED PRPDUCTION
epic gamer!
Check out Kommune - Shamir Reuben. Thanks and do more poetry! Shamir Reuben is also very good!
stuti raichand
you seriously need to check out the storyteller's "Why I don't fall in love by shamir reuben " and also others of the storyteller !
Shivani Tripathi
Jaby please please please watch Diksha Bijlani's 'In which I resurrect Wonder woman ' ... its amazing... Please watch and react to it...
Madiha Ather Hashmi
Jabyyyy plesse react on The other love story fro JLT films
shriya singh
react to SPILL POETRY....they are amazing as well
Bikal Bakharel
React to"Lord ram in court"from the channel UnErase poetry
Aisha fathima
Please do react to 'periods are nothing to hide' and 'why die young' by the same Aranya johar.They are really great.☺
Sharukh Mohammad
please react on TOP LECHIPODDI Music vedio from IDDARAMMAYILATO movie please react it......
Abbas Phalasiya
Please make a reaction in Gaurav Tripathi's - Ghalib in Jail....just for the intro part Ghalib was a famous Urdu Language poet. Watch your videos very keenly....thanks and do update more often...✌
Nishal Newar
React to right to pleasure from unease poetry
Aashish Pahari
Wht im just watched 🔊🔊
Aabishkar Thatal
React to 'How To Be A Man' by Simar Singh, the sixteen year old founder of unErase Poetry.
React to Shamir Reuben from Kommune. Lost in Okra or any other. They're all good
nidhi mishra
Such a talented girl Aranya Johar is!!! More power to you!!!
Warboy Michael
You are Reaction Hero Jaby Koay
Jaby Koay-- plez watch the video from unerased poetry about women trafficking-- you will enjoy it Loving the reactions on important stuff like this!! Lots of Love xx
Soumyadip Roy
312 mcp and so called 'MARD'... DISLIKED THIS VIDEO..
Legendary dialogue😢😦
Rahul Raj
Jaby, do we also have Achara's or others reactions to this?
Arghyananda Bhattacharjee
Thank you jabby from the core of the heart...this is the current scenario in india, I don't know about other part of the world...thanks a lot
Harish Hari
Really great speech,may be it will reach you're deep heart
react to solo second teaser #world of siva...the first one you have reacted which is #world of rudhra
Girl with flaws
I am so proud of Ananya Johar...❤️👏
Girl with flaws
I am so proud of Ananya Johar...❤️👏
Kristi Mazumdar
Jaby, please react to the Girl in the City.
react to accha aadmi tha by rakesh tiwari
// Ritvik
I loved Jaby's Partner Accent.
Anand Gupta
How money can be safe... If u put it outside... Yes everybody should be honest but its not reality of our real world so we keep money hide.
nishant badhel
do Man's world reaction
Kornica Jain
Jaby if you are actually interested in poetries with feminist undertones, do try The Printing Machine of Kalki by Blush channel
Gyanendra Sharma
Jabykoy go in right way...that's woh
Tasnim Nila
Your intro so freaking loud! Sometimes I have to remove head phone 😒
Siddhant Sharma
If possible,please try to react on Shamir Reuben's 'Why I don't fall in love'... uploaded by Kommune India...u should really try reacting to poetry more...thank u❤
Hey jaby please react to honest engineering placement by aib
Rishabh Dwivedi
watch KALKI KOECHLIN's Unblushed Episodes, you will love it.
Suraj Purohit
she is inspirational man😍
Sourav B. Singh
Thats Insane.... She nailed it.....
Gokul Raj
React to Shankar Mahadevan breathless video and Alvida song & making from D Day movie
Fred Woodworth
Very powerful message, thanks for showing us this, jaby.
achal cr7
Hey jaby, can you please react to Shamir Reuben Short stories on Kommune India channel...please
Shiva N
I got a baby girl..... I love her... I mean, take my life before her.... respect women.. they are everything...
Chaitanya Deodhar
That girl is great. I literally had goosebumps while listening to her.
shivani joshi
her reaction were so pure 😢
kolkatty girl
react on little things..please
Knowledge Tank
Love u jaby.. U r good😇👌
harsh tomar
Please eeeeee react on first love views by Indians
Karanjeet Kainth
Why the f that guys playing happy music in the background with his guitar 😡
Niranjan Prasad
Respect Respect Respect!!!!
colour me red
i just got goosebumps
Ishani Pandya
Nailed it grl ! 😘
Abhilash Nanda
We call her Tupac of India, lady with perfect rhyme
Honey Singh
What to dislike 332 disliked for wt 😡
Jyoti Sood
Speechless true face of our society 😷
Samriddhi Sharma
Renee from clevver???
Aditi Taori
Can u watch kangana ranaut interview with anupama chopra at filmy companion
Vikas Waghmare
hit like for Amir Khans "Satya Mev Jayte".... Jaby can you react to this Talk Show...?
Anushka Srivastava
Please look at "Everything's fine" by Shamir Reuben. You won't regret it, trust me.
Akhil Jain
React to " shayad ye pyaar nahi " by yahya bootwala please!!!
Anaz Abdul Hakeem
Bro pls watch solo teaser 2
surya krish
Man thanks your video link. Because of you I got to watch a wonderful video.