DAĞ (The Mountain) 2012 - English Subtitles

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DAĞ (The Mountain) 2012 - English Subtitles Sound: Turkish Sub: English + more. Thank you to all who continue to translate the movie text into other languages.

traditional ilginç beam rombai maetaeng nattapat puifai fai af ปุยฝ้าย มิเชล ก็อต น้ำฝน video komik enteresan videolar namfon insan orçun dünya yalan hasret ayrılık mecburiyet şiir sevgi aşk özdemir nebi atilla attila ilhan attilla DAĞ (The Mountain) 2012 - English Subtitles

Hachi Ko
I watched the second part first and that was my first Turkish movie ever. After watching these 2 movies, I fell in love with Turkey and Turkish people. Love from India...
Mark Levinson
I'm not Turkish I came to know about this movie from imbd rating. its taking back the memories of my cousins. thanks for the great movie love you all turkey
mona archy
Am fr Asia .living in London Uk
Zlatan Karic
i am Bosnian , living in USA and this movie brought a lots of war memories, many mountains to say ....thank you very much 4 posting this was great flick, Allah may bless you!!!
lf 01
The Turkish Jake Gyllenhall lol
Parviz Mesginy
سلام دوستان Abi ben irandan izliyorom, çok guzel film , harika olmuş 1numara دوستان ایرانی حتما نگاه کنن
Nasir javed
I am Pakistan. We love tayab urdgan. We love Turkey
gamers never die !!!
shit bro this movie was hilarious I'm not even from Turkey and i loved it so much
Aleksandra Stojadinović
Oguz's shirt says 'Çağlar' (like Ertuğrul?) or...? XD
Sajib Ethan
lot of love turki from Bangladesh
haitian voodoo priest
Unfortunately it's far away from reality. Turkey let IS rises by leting IS supporters pass through Turkish boarders to Syria so IS could recruit them to become bigger and bigger. Erdogan allowed this just to weaken the YPG kurts. He closed the boarders far too late.
Andika Sead
I love Turkey from Indonesia
Nok110 เพชรเกษม
Anas mattapally
Awesome movie
shiine yare
I love turkey from somalia
Namgay Dorji
Enjoyed every bit of it. Not a masterpiece material, but thoroughly entertaining. I give it 3.5 stars out of 5.
Zubair Khan
Love you Turkey from Pakistan
temur qazan
good turkish movie good standards
sidahmed mecheri
the best film
Safiya Turdimuratova
Supar 👍🇹🇯
Lingua tONICA
SO this and baby driver are today's some of the 8+ rated movies. No comment. ...And no rating
Victoria Hill
I had a moment to watch this & I loved this movie. It was so good. I was riveted. Can't wait to watch the second one. Caglar Ertugrul is just awesome. Love him!!!
Salman Mahmud
thanks man, can you upload the 2nd part?
thetweeterfaitdelamerde78 55
Dont have the french subtile ?
Sadaf Kazmi
Where is English?
I have seen finished Watching my first turkish film...So gud and INteresting,very well made movie and the crew acted wisely.Superb
Serchhip Chelsea
Chandu DHONI
So good movi respect army
azaharuddin khan
Movie is very danger then can try war
Said Abadid
Turkey the great
5 bullets .... forgot about the AK?
Emir Yilmaz
Abi cok mutluyum demekki altyazi okumamaak boyle biseymis
Putra Meutuah
Who can make indonesian subtitle for this movie..?
Miftahol Arifin
each country has a reason to fight, which is certain that the United States and NATO are looking for - to find an excuse to intervene for control
Francis Nobleza
Please doanload the dag 2..
sabina shila
plzz upload 2nd part👀
Zaid Malik
Respect my brothers ...
love turk
Pearl Remedios
Sangita Mazumder
Beautiful way of telling a story.
ارفع راسك جنسيتك عراقية
ترجمة غلط احمبائي🐸
اوْوُم لسًٍُـﮯّـانْ ے
Worldwide Aluminium Profile
I am from Malaysia where do i get to buy this movies DAG
Lovely story
Candle Almuteri
ليش مو مترجم عربي
محمد الربيعي
فااااشل فاااااشل فاااااشل افشل فلم اشوفه بحياتي والله انصحكم لاتضيعون وقتكم بيه مثلْيےّ 😐 لا ترجمه ولاتفتهم شي
Jin hee
wow Awesome film çaglar did a great job! can't wait for Dağ2
Ng nNGg
Dee M
Hi can u please translate dag 2 as well?
uchiha yuki
pirat 77
thanks man👍👍
Zeeshan Bismil
Now going to watch 2nd part.
kende zx
Such a travesty. This film ripped off so much material it is a disgrace. The level of cringe is unbearable in most of it. The subtlety of the propaganda is laughable but the Turkish citizens are eating this shit up. I could live with that, but they've gathered hundreds of thousands of people to inflate the numbers of not just this film but any big budget film of theirs on every voting site there is. Now you can go to imdb and see "Dag 2" with hundreds of thousands of votes (more than most of the greatest films of all time in a lot of cases) and being rated ahead of any other film in all of history. But then you look at where the votes originated and it all becomes pretty clear. This is a disgrace to your country. Spreading such a message only repels film lovers and does nothing but harm your reputation. At least when Bollywood films are voted on en-masse by Indians there is a level of deviation and it isn't all just fraudulent vote tampering. Good luck with Dag 3, no one is going to want to see it now. Just look at the copy and paste comments in this comment section alone... it is unbelievable.
Good movie, I'm not a movie person, but I do like this one.
Roses Revolvers
Shittiest movie ever, don't bother!
Rov Siro
Nonsense.. Movies
Cat Person
Great movie! Love from Philippines 🇵🇭
thanks for the upload, hard film to find but will now watch dag 2!
Shan Fsa
I liked the movie so much.... Wish i could learn Turkish... I ll definitely learn it
Werewolf Mylo
Wow a really great and inspiring movie ...with love from India
The most damn movie iv'e ever seen. Its a rubbish. Lousy military tactics.
Aldus simor
çok guzel film . ❤🇮🇷🇹🇷
Muhammad Isa
Sarosh Latif
love from PAKISTAN biz size cok seviyoruz
Hafiz Ameer Hamza
Love Turkey from Pakistan
vishal Anand
Love turky serial "FERIHA"
OMG, This is so boring, too much talking , do they just simply want spend less on war scenes?
Fadli Fadli
I love turkey .. Im really love turkey
Heri Suderajat
Fix's movie . . . Love _ from Indonesia.
hhs jhd
ترجمه كلها غلط
Gulf Jobs
I love turkey ♥️♥️♥️
ajita nair
hi... where can i see part 2 of this movie
Danish Rizaldy
i can't download
nowras ali
ترجمة فاشلة 😤😤😤
Hass Araji
الترجمه غلط وماكو
shila forkan
please upload DAG।।
Mai Gandara
There is turkeys soldier inspired me to learn about their culture and to know more about muslim people in turkey. And i'm really inlove in that man but i dont know why he disappear without saying goodbye. But i still love him.
Nice one
Said Abadid
Turkey the great
Enjoyed this movie very much.
Apem Geo
please upload English subtitle
Irfan Khan
I love turkey from Pakistan
paytm king
love you turkey from India
Fallen in love with Turkish films. Lots of love from india Wasim
Sir hindi language please
Siciid Sakaaro
The good films
Hasan Mahmud
where is subtitle
godric Elkhazali
The second one is much much better
kamalapathi murugesan
nice and super, i love turkish
Bao Nguyen
Ông nào vietsub giúp đi
George Texstel
thank you, grateful
Naba Kumar Roy
I m from Indian,,,,I really Love this movie
Watched Dag for Caglar and all I can say is ''WOW!''.
Rudi Saputra
Mantap kayaknya film ni...👍👍👍
ابيه مترجم😭😭
Phật Tổ Như Like
không co thuyết minh tiếng việt à ta :)))
Great Turkish
zhengfeng peng
我就是想讲个中文 哼哼
Rosekan Patan
นุ้ย พเยาว์