Great White Buffalo -- Double Live Gonzo -- Ted Nugent

Uncle Ted's got some legendary guitar skills and this proves it.

the great white buffalo double live gonzo ted nugent rock song

I remember in college I had this Feminazi Sociology professor...just hated men. We had to find an indictment of society or the past through any kind of modern media. Your basic I hate America stuff. I blew it off until the day of & in a pinch I just jot down the lyrics to GWB, throw in some analyzation & turn it in. She gushes about it, reads it to the class, & just showers Teddy with glowing praise, & asks what else this "socially aware" artist has done. I just laughed & didnt say squat. I dont think Cat Scratch Fever & Wang Dang Sweet Pootang would've helped the GPA. lol
This is one example of the "live version" being far superior to the studio version.
Brian Willing
This is my favorite Nugent song-being part Cherokee I believe the slaughter of the buffalo genocide-they should be our national treasure the Indians didn't waste any of those they hunted.
Ian Gerig
Say what you will about him as a person or his political views, Uncle Ted can kick some serious tail on the guitar.
Eye Robot
This has got to be one of the best live versions of a rock song ever!!  
nk petry
One of the Great Rock n Roll Axemen of all time, regardless of anything, you have to appreciate that fact!
Who are the 159 AHOLES that gave this a thumbs down?
1st concert i ever saw- houston coliseum 1977 still remember parts -i was 17 and still love mr nugent. should be in hall
Bill C
Ted Nugent for President!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My fave Ted song.  Bad ass.  :)
paula streeter
The anthem of my youth. Ted used to play every December in Saginaw and my friends and I never missed his shows. Some of the best nights of my life!!
Trump is our Great White Buffalo. Thanks Ted!!
"Wild Man" Dean
This is Uncle Ted at his FINEST!!!! You don't mess with Uncle Ted!!!!
Mr. T. Robb
Blow the balls off a charging rhino at 60 paces!!!
David Reynolds
Please God let Ted play this at Trump's inauguration bash.
Double LIve Gonzo is w/o a doubt ONE of the best EVER live recordings made. Just imagine if they had this technology back in early 70's, how much better would Mtn's Twin Peaks have turned out, or, even Woodstock?..1st an 2nd Cal Jam's..that's ok, this is better than nuttin....JAT3
Cleveland world series of rock 1977 I was 13. never forget it . with aerosmith, thin lizzy, ac dc, journey and I think scorpion open seating. nuts. good days. wtf happened
Lita Coppola
Classic live record!!!!
All these years later, this song still kicks ass! \m/
David Hudson
This song RAWKS!!!!!! So good!!Ted's not in the RNRHOF.....that place is a joke.
Robert Beasley
Bad MF. Not in the hall of fame because they dont like his politics. Total bullshit. Sold more records in 1975 than anybody. Been rockin since the 50s. Played bass for Chuck Berry jammed with Jimi. Politics shouldnt play a part in music. Joan Jett is in and Teds not. Get real
Hugo von braunschweig
Damn, I wore out this album when I was in my teens. Nowadays my copy of it is collecting dust up in the attic
Richard Mowery
Always on the playlist! Dude picks his heart out!
Paw nShop Rocker
3:35 Min... "I think someone came and saved my ass baby. I think he's gonna come around and save you and me." -The Great White Buffalo. This is Made in the USA... sonic bombastic, super elastic, great and fantastic American rock and roll From Detroit City, Michigan. Suck-it.  Speak On brother Ted.
terry hunziker
I think this is the best version!!
John Taylor
Teds just a badass
Domenic Vitanza
one of my favorite live lps of the 70s
Chris Keach
Double Live every day in '78!
im goin to the church of uncle teddy where we all worship the great white buffalo.
Michael Ledford
ROCK ON  Brother Ted!!!!  We LOVE you!!!
Crankin' this on election night!
fulltang 65
This was my first concert in 1980 at Notre Dame acc when I was 15. The ticket was 7.50. I remember when it was over walking out with my friends and we could hardly hear it was so loud haha, good ol days.
David Heilman
Saw him at Benton-Franklin County Fair a few years ago. From laid back Blues to speed metal, he has gotten Amazing. Wicked!
Gene Silvers
As you can plainly see, the goddamn idiot savant rocked! I remember.
Karen stamey
saw ted many times they say i had a goodtime
Zha Zha Binks
TRUMP FEVER, TED thank you
Uncle Ted Still Kicks Ass!
William Hommel
Thanks, Uncle Ted, for everything you do!!
Ashra Tempel
Great rocker but huge shit man.
Annie Powell
Michael Graves
Uncle Ted for President!!!!!
Best live album ever!!!
bjorn kok
one of those great rock tunes!!!!!!!!,thx wing
Evan Connors
Trump is the GWB
L Dwayne Clark
Come on ppl! How many of us seen this man in the 70's during his hey-days, yet he STILL denies ever using drugs!!!
dave tierney
he only eats what he kills.
it happened a long time ago, in the new maga land.
Legendary Ted-ness.
Matt Lyon
Why was this not played at tbe innaguration??
Captain Sunil
Great White Buffalo Live. with Ted Nugent/////////////
Ricardo Garza
I saw Ted down here in texas, as he is rocking he says " can you hear my heart beat" of course the whole audience is wasted and gives him a half-ass responce, then TED NUGENT lead guitarist get the microphone and starts banging his chest of course by the heart area, THIS IS ROCK and ROLL.
Come on, lets do this, Ted for the Hall!
Keith Sage
I have known Ted for 50 years and this draft dodger gossip is all political bull shit..if there was truth is this than why would Fred Bear embrace him as a friend. Ted is a Sheriff Deputy in Michigan. How could he be in this position if he was a felon? # NW Ontario Canada..Sioux Lookout.
The live version is so superior to the studio version its ridiculous
Gavin Peterson
2:52 - 3:18 that guitar....
Gerald Smith
I've seen this tour. Back in the 70s. Tooth Fang And Claw. Call of The Wild. TED NUGENT. Way before any of you new who TED was. THE MAN IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I agree I think maybe he should try to run for president
K lee
I had this album, I always thought Ted was hot on the cover, plus love his music alot of talent
Jaimie Katcher
Teds the man!!!
Stefan Coulombe
2:05 and on such an amazing riff!! but who am I kidding, the whole song is amazing
I don't care for Ted Nugent much, either politically or as a person but this is an absolutely killer rock and roll song.
Dale Rice
Martyn Davies
The Greatest song in the world!
Daniel Ring
Can't stand his politics, but love his tunes.
Brian Breighner
Just like a lot of songs written , Ted sure is an asshole but this song sure is awesome.
Harold Keil
4 yrs from now. It will be Mr President! !
Paul Schmick
Because of this song my favorite musician, Ted Nugent, and my favorite actor, Charles Bronson, will forever be connected.
176 soy boy's wrists are too limp to give the thumbs up for Uncle Ted.
Peter Boutier
The best song from Ted. Greetz Holland
David Hoffman
don't u haters have anything better to do
David Hoffman
nobody out does Nugent
Edgar Pires
Yeah, that´s right, remember what uncle ted said , the preservation of the life forms, a true story
Rob DeMark
The energy level of this is staggering!
this is one of the best songs and guitar i have ever heard. other than strangle hold.
Patrick Mack
Fucking TED.Wildman.LEGEND!!🌋🍺🐲🐂💥👍
JT Gerlach
Want to find out just how legendary, check out the Amboy Dukes. Sooo sweet and of a awesome era.
Otto Greenleaf
Happy Birthday today(December 13) to Ted Nugent. Cheers!
aabaa aabaaa
Love the music. The lyrics though. We White men knew what we were doing. Had to get rid of them injuns. That meant taking away their food supply. And, the reason there were millions of buffalo before the White men came is because the indians couldn't kill enough of them. Otherwise there'd be millions more indians riding herd on the buffalo, like White men did with cattle. Nobody's perfect, and he did give us Terminus El Dorado.
Mark Nemitz
great tune
r bull
what do you expect with 6 fender amps loose in the cord
Uncle Ted RULES!!!
the BEST!!!!
Logan Massingill
Ted is coming back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
James Cozad
A Great American Song.
John Rogers
One of the most under rated guitarist and vocalist around
Mark Anthony
My favorite TED song hands down!
metal prick debault
I just watched snakeskin cowboys, and seen a struggle for alpha between Derrick and Ted, sorry love both of them, I'm from Kalamazoo. Got a different view on this shit.
Zha Zha Binks
Buffalo's kick azz, like our POTUS Administration!
Paul Erny
the great white  buffalo existed in the form of a 63' Plymouth . thanks Louie's grandma
harry steinrock
1st concert was the motor city madman, free for all tour
Great history lesson.
Chicago kills more than all other cities!
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run for president Ted Bear*
We need a FOID!
Ted for the hall!
this was a must have in the 1970's in the album collection. I read some of the comments here..for some of's not that Ted became Political..its that some of you probrobly rocked out in your years but turned more political in your views..Ted's always been the same, but you speak out more about your views politically..and Ted's doing the same..I see things differently then I did in the 1970's early 80's but I don't give a rats azz about Politics ..sure I voted..then I move on just as I do after every election..Music was and always will be an escape even if for only a few minutes...if I was going t o fly off the wall over a Bands political album collection would be very few..Politics changes people..some for the worse..i just don't have time for it ....Rock On..
Joan Morris
no they used the hides to make their winter clothes, like there mocassins. and other outfits. and they used the meat for winter. They never wasted any part of the buffalo. Not like the whites. They liked to kill just to kill.
Les Paul
I haven't heard this in like 35 years. Guitar's a little out of tune but it's still better than studio version on Tooth, Fang and Claw.