baby blues 2008 part 1 spanish sub.

-On a secluded family farm, a mother suffers a psychotic break due to postpartum depression, forcing the eldest son to protects his siblings from the mother they have always loved. *With her husband gone and the stress of family life rising, Mom suffers a psychotic break due to postpartum depression that compels her to exterminate her children: ages 10,7,4, and 3 months. Now hope for the family's survival rests on the shoulder of Jimmy, the eldest son and surrogate man of the house. Using his wits and intricate knowledge of the farm, Jimmy must try to protect his siblings while fending off the woman he has always known and loved as his mother. Thus, it comes down to the most epic of battles, Mother vs. Son, in the most horrific of scenarios. Ridge Canipe (jimmy) Colleen Porch(mother) Joel Bryant(father)

Alyssa Mason
Omg this is solo sad ive seen this before when I was 8 and it scared the fubhk out of meet and I'm gonna give my mom a hug lol alyssa
tartar litar
Lizzy O'Connell
first time i've seen this movie. i've come here from the sims 2 baby blues
Isaac Gutierrez
yo tengo el juego de esta pelicula o en español me tengu game
Cassandra Jackson
look at casey anthony and she got away with it too...its freakin rediculouse. if you cant take care of your kids or you cant handle the fire stay away from the kitchen....or away from the penis!
Andrea Grayson West
viendo la el 10 de mayo del 2013 jaja :D ahi mamas n.n
jimmy is so beautiful!!!! :D
.... i nerver saw that before but ainme is real deep......
creeped me out but i know my mom's not crazy....... i watched this when i was like 8 0r 9 but i didnt want my mom to watch it cuz i didnt want her to be scared.....
Anastashia B.
when i first seen this i cried
Farishta Younas khan
I have already saw this movie and it is the second time I'm watching but where is the 3 part???????
@sandy16tokiohotel If you wanna watch something good, try Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni
Angie Alba
@FalloutRuler85 kinda sounds like something I'd like to but yeah, anime... Idk, it's different...
Angie Alba
@nanzkee1 aren't we all?
@sandy16tokiohotel I've Seen Worse Things In Anime. Try Seeing A Child Murdering Her Own Mother. Multiple Times. In The Same Setting
the dad looks like the cop/dad from the walking dead i just realized, or is it just me that feels this way lol
b rabbit
@EssenceAnimeGoofii right so did mine, so i had to check it out
león Zr
no se si quienes han visto esta pelicula habrán sido testigos de una conducta similar a la de la madre en algun(a) [email protected], yo lo he visto en una de mis cuñadas y discretamente se lo dije a su esposo, ahora ella está tomando terapias con el sicologo. Creo que una simple depresion o estar sometidos a un estres por la rutina diaria no se debe tomar a la ligera... o podriamos ser victimas o verdugos
I watched it last night, I almost cried. Lol. I felt so bad for the kids and the animals. I thought the little girl was going to live.
Megan Gilbert
i saw this movie last year but my friends and i watched this yesterday,its a good movie so we cant get over on this. We really feel sorry about the children. We all know that this is a true story, that mother is a monster geez ,i really felt terrified.
there are a few parts missing :(
Ditto. I've been through the same. My mom wasn't mentally ill (thank goodness) and was merely under the mild case of baby blues. Now, things are fine. But yeah- I always apologize to my mom if I make her angry or upset whereas my two younger siblings don't notice/don't care. Its perhaps apparent in all eldest siblings.
I have 4 other siblings too. When I was 8, and my youngest sister only a year, mom would threaten to kill herself by drowning herself in a lake and killing all of us too. But that's mainly because she was extremely stressed out when we moved to the States and her customs taught her to scare us (the kids) so we'd behave.
Wow, he actually notices that his mom is sad. My siblings just play and be merry- I guess the eldest siblings feel a little more difference in their moms.
Alyssa Mason
Btw they only have it on the northside movie store not south
francis martinez
Camila covarrubias osuna