Ashanti Only you Ft. 2Pac, Biggie

no copyright intended one of my favourite beats of all time and obviously two of greastest rappers of all time

Frank Woods
2pacs voice was a gift from God
T Fate
I just came for that guitar in the background
abraham montoya
this is a good for working out
Mikhol Frith
Fuck lil wayne!!!
Shantelle Smith
This is classic .. !!
chi chi
The good old days when music were good now they make crappy songs.
Leonardo C. Marques
West side, death row, outlaw riderz
Richard Schlegel
What happen to tupacs right arm?
only busta rhymes would make it better
Wow ! That's the best !!!!
Kelton Morin
Holla if ya hear me (Ashanti-only you beat)
soooo fett =)
Rodrigues oficial
WildCat54 ,
this guy need a award
Frank Woods
lerycs plz
Richard O-Godson
Great job homie, bless up. why don't you post a version with Ashanti singing? Also you need to line up the biggie lyrics they're a little off
The main sound melody is a cello with heavy distortion, not a guitar 😁
nosso guetto
de se fuder
Andres Luna
Is there a download
Loved the original ashantis only you song, but loving the 2pac lyrics over the same beat much more.. much respect 2 biggie but he shyd av stayed outta this mix!
Lyon Islanco Squall Shiar-Triton
Zexxed F
Omg looks like my profil picture
InRage GT
This is true rap. don't call xxxtrashtacion a rapper cuz he aint. All new "rappers" are not real rappers they are destroying real rap.
Brayden M
2Pac sounds so badass and yet so funny on this beat it's weird
Jay Dee
Who fingers their ass to this song in 2018?
Li Amara
Dimaondss Walker
I like songs
Jonder Wonder
luminattee need to bow down to father Jesus and father god cause there coming soon