How does caffeine keep us awake? - Hanan Qasim

View full lesson: /> Over 100,000 metric tons of caffeine are consumed around the world every year. That’s equivalent to the weight of 14 Eiffel Towers! Caffeine helps us feel alert, focused, and energetic, even if we haven’t had enough sleep — but it can also raise our blood pressure and make us feel anxious. So how does it keep us awake? Hanan Qasim shares the science behind the world’s most widely used drug. Lesson by Hanan Qasim, directed by Adriatic Animation.

If caffeine is a drug, does that mean that Starbucks is a drug dealer?
Don't do coffee kids
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when it comes to knowledge content _5-min of TED-Ed video_ > _a week in my classroom._
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am i the only one who feels sleepy after drinking coffee ??
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Cop: How high are you? Me after 5 cups of coffee: No it’s hi how are you.
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I consume half of these Eiffel towers in caffeine every year
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The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell
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Caffeine doesn't affect me, I can sleep right after I drink coffee or tea
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But first, covfefe.
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Love the animation which helps in understanding.
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Why do people say they're early when they're actually on time
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Love the animation as usual. 👍
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The last digit like is what drink you are. 1. Coffee 2. Tea 3. Orange juice 4. Pepsi 5. Coca cola 6. Milk 7. Water 8. Smoothie 9. Wine 0. Cocktail Tell me which one you got! Edit: Thank you all for the likes! I have never gotten this many!
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the narrator makes me want caffine XD
I enjoy covfefe
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Coffee beans are plants, not drugs. Therefore, Starbucks is not a drug dealer, it is a florist.
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More knowledge, yay
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anyone else waching this while drinking coffee?
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Other people: coffee makes them stay awake Me: coffee makes me really sleepy and makes me fall asleep in 1 minute
main man anderson.
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Caffeine memes 😁
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Somebody: *blah blah blah **_coffee_* Me: *dramatic head turning*
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I was never this excited for a video. Been waiting for this lesson a LONG time
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Came here to see all the *"Who's here from jack's video"* comments.
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Cool, so all I need to do to stay alert is get addicted to caffeine, get anxiety, quit, hope anxiety goes away, and I'm good?
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Lol I'm watching this because coffee keeps me awake!
2:44 There you can see my yellow face when life kicks my hopes away in one day.
I overdosed caffeine rn. When I'm trying to raise my hand it's weirdly falling. Also my hands are shaking. AMA
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*coffee is a drug*
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Omg the caffeine molecule's face I'm dying🤣
Who is here from Jack
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take caffeine to school
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Explained in a beautiful way. Thank you
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such a beautiful work of art is Human body! Amazing
I get caffine headaces to due t to lack of it. I regret it
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I 'm here as Jack suggested for it ... and it is lot informing
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As with most psychostimulants, caffeine works best when taken in a good mood...
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Useful information ends at 3:00. After that, it's mostly "thank you captain obvious" information.
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the animation is so cool!!
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who's here from jack's video?
Jackseptickeye anyone?
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Studying at 3:00 am with a lot of coffin already consumed and this Shows up coincident? 😄
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I don’t think there’s caffeine in chocolate. I always eat chocolate and I don’t get any symptoms.
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I was making coffee, Then I saw this.
Anyone else never had coffee?
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if u use Mr.clean your be asleep
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"It's the world's most highly used drug" I thought that was weed...
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Caffeine is life ! LMAO
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Now do a video describing why all of these effects don't work on me!
I stopped drinking water long time ago. It is just ☕ now 🙄
i came here because of jack <3
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it is not true. my daddy drink coffee and he feel sleepy Straightaway
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I mean caffeine dosent make people stay awake my dad drinks coffee and feels sleepy right after
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Caffeine can also flush away some of the bodies vitamins. Its similar to ejaculation
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When i can't sleep i drink coffee and it puts me right to sleep. I must have a backwards brain lmao
Wait if caffeine is the worlds MOST used drug is sugar on second place or something???
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Ted-Ed, your I really really really appreciate all of your efforts on making these awesome videos everyday for us, what makes your videos amazing is your voice, the animation that you use for making your videos, the videos you make everyday to give us informations and make us smarter everyday, thanks you again, your videos are fantastic. keep on going on this channel man!
These adorable and colorful health animations really soothe my soul compared to really unsettling realistic looking medical resources.
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That was real good also. I love the drawings and animations. Well done as always. And thank you.
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I'm literally addicted to the narrator's voice.. He's got the most beautiful voice I've ever heard in my life..!!!
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At first I thought this was Dumb Ways To Die because of the thumbnail Then I saw the title
I literally consume 315 MG Caffeine today.
It's a bit weird ( for me) that caffeine usually relax me, if what I'm drinking is coffee. ~Cool video, it's nice to get information~
I like coffee
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Is 2 cups of coffee (about 2 teaspoons) really bad for you or is is okay?
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1:04 Even bees have to deal with those long Starbucks lines 😂😂😂
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Last time I drank coffee was two years ago
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wow, the receptor visuals were very nice as well as helpful! Good job, TED-Ed :D
this narrator voice makes me sleepy..
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Logic is biracial, btw
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Cool, I'm drinking coffee right now!
Wait, so does that mean the more energy (i.e. ATP) we use in the brain, the more sleepy we get?
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I drink coffee but i am still sleeping
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Caffeine is a gateway drugs to Starbucks HELL🌋
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0:36 "it can also raise our blood pressure" like the cartoon sleep deprived italian man is literally raising a baby blood pressure.
I can tell you how it keeps you up.....ya drink it dhu... Lol
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Nice about caffeine, thanks for information.
ive needed this explanation for so long. thank you thank you thank you so much everything is clear to me now
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covfefe is better
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TITLE: how does caffeine keep us awake me thinking in my head: it has COCAINE in it
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Caffeine keeps me awake especially Starbucks Strawberry acai It tastes so good just like a Arizona fruit punch
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Thanks so much for your videos. Could you please make one about Logical Fallacies?
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is he talking more slowly and monotone than usual. drink some coffee bro!
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0:18 Most of this caffeine is consumed by french people
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It triggers me that he says 14 Eiffel towers but in the video there only is 13!
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0:28 "Alert, focused, happy, and energetic"
How caffeine keeps us awake is simple.... They Stimulate our Senses.
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i was drinking coffee and this video showed up! Good timing :D
This is the most informative and hilarious video I've seen so far this year. Great work! :)
To me Every Time i drink Coffee it makes me sleepy does this happen to anyone else
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more like "how does caffeine *never* keeps me awake" i don't think i can do night shift lol
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How timely. I'm currently looking for coffee.
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For people that get sleepy from drinking coffee, stay hydrated with water! It worked for me and I'm sure it can help others out too.