Minecraft: OVERPOWERED DORITOS LUCKY BLOCK RACE - Lucky Block Mod - Modded Mini-Game

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Today we are racing on this Evil Pink Lucky Block Race Map! Jen's Channel />Don't forget to subscribe for epic Minecraft content! EPIC SHIRTS! />Our Book! />Facebook! />Twitter! />Download Doritos Lucky Block Mod: Taken Down Sadly Map: /> RULES - First To The End Wins - You May Use Any Items That Drop - You Can't Skip Lucky Blocks, All Must Be Mined Unless Accidental - You May Go Outside Your Lane If Mobs Are In The Way - Do Not Attack Other Player - Arena No Rules, Just For Fun In this Overpowered Doritos Lucky Block Race Modded Mini-Game: Jen and I must race to the end of the map of this OP Lucky Block map to win! Intro by: />Intro song: Spag Heddy - Pink Koeks provided by Play Me Records: /> />Follow Spag Heddy: /> /> Royalty Free Music by

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**Finishes homework at **1:16**am and is ready to sleep** **PopularMMOs uploads** Well I guess sleep is for the weak
Big Memage Manny
D Do Dor Dori Dorit Dorito Doritos Doritos a Doritos ar Doritos are Doritos are d Doritos are de Doritos are del Doritos are deli Doritos are delic Doritos are delici Doritos are delicio Doritos are deliciou Doritos are delicous Doritos are delicious! Doritos are delicious Doritos are deliciou Doritos are delico Doritos are delic Doritos are deli Doritos are del Doritos are de Doritos are d Doritos are Doritos ar Doritos a Doritos Dorito Dorit Dori Dor Do D That took awhile please like for 1 dorito😊 (i liked my own comment...)
lunar shapshifter
Hi pat and jen... I am going through a hard time and you still make me laugh. I've been in my room crying sense Monday. My cat had to be put down and I can't stop being sad. But thank you so so much for making me smile during my hard time.
Black Fox
Jen had high expectations at the beginning and then Pat won. I like my own comment because I never gets likes.
Idk y u tell us to press the subscribe button because if u think about it if we are already subbed then we would just be unsubscribing
Aiden Coller
Pat, at 8:10 did you forget that you had flight from the butter chestplate? Also, nobody else likes my comments so I just like my own.
Grace Freeland
I’m I the only one that needs a snack to watch these vids idk why lol
Cute Kittens
I luv lucky block races 😘😍
Otto Gonzalez
It got me rlly annoyed when pat would not use his flight for the parkour
Corey Griffin
Pat u can flyyyyy
Explosive Fireball
Pat, your chestplate gave you flight!!
black craig
Omg lol your imortal and you have 100 hearts and 100 golden hearts
lindy Martinez
Dude you can fly like a bird it is your armor ok look next time ok XD
Ray Ray Wilkins
I really love nacho cheese Doritos it's so goood
I saw the lucky block and the lucky block name is dioros not doritos
Genesis Pacheco
You never read the signs🙃
Alejandra Sánchez
It was funny that you siad doritos and i was eating doritos
Sharron Gardiner
Please more of these and crafting dead
Samuel Bury
So the moral of this story is if ever in trouble eat neon candy (its OP)
Nicole Lawson
*Just to let everyone know the Doritos Lucky Block was made in German.*
Izuku Midoriya
If you liked it you should’ve put a dorito on it! If you liked it you should’ve put a dorito on it! If you liked it you should’ve put a dorito on it!
Adam Becca Sanders
I love Doritos
Saoirse Kennedy
Your vids make me happy.😃😃😃😄😄😄💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
Wator Wy
D Do Dor Dori Dorit Dorito Doritos Dorito Dorit Dori Dor Do D
taco boy
its ben a long time sees i see this
Izuku Midoriya
I love you so much Jen!! Yay!! Jen is finally back!! I hope you get over all of your sickness!!!
Kayleigh Schlegel
Good job elbowing Pat jen
geraint Ashcroft
I I h I ha I hav I have I have s I have so I have som I have some I have some D I have some Do I have some dor I have some dori I have some dorit I have some dorito I have some doritos I have some dorito I have some dorit I have some Dori I have some Dor I have some Do I have some D I have some I have som I have so I have s I have I hav I ha I h I Want some?
Cute Kittens
Pat is the best, he is a expert at being a expert
Jodie MacBeth
Do more bed wars 😻😻😍😍😘😘 Like if you agree
Richmond Lim
I love you guys
IndonesianMan Gaming
/spawnpnoint Minutes later I SPAWN POINTED!!!
i love you guys i watch all the time keep up the good work👍🏽
Rana Kotb
Hi pat and Jen love you so much
Omid Eftekhari
hi Read more
Edward Pritchard
I wasn't listening time on vid 3:30
Dawn Wahl
you guys are soooo funny you mack me lafe so much
Zora Marie Diffidil Love
If you like it put a dorito on it
Kenniette Martinez
I meant #puberty
Jon Cardona
It dose not have a face
Chris Perdue
I love you
Jayda Shaw
They don't even look like Doritos
Joanna Underwood
All my friends have boyfriends and girlfriends and I'm the only single Pringle so I say: I'm like the only Pringle in a packet of doritos
Kayla Drummond
He had 30 blocks in his inventory from one of the blocks
Alpha Crazy
Me:*watches tv all day* *starts homework at **2:00** a.m. and finishes at **3:30** am* Dang I'm tired *lays down**notifications ring and it shows a new PopularMMOs upload* I guess I'll watch this one *watches upload*Oh one more *watches*Ok ok, ONE MORE! *watches 50 videos**now 7:00*Wow I'm so tired Mom: Its ok you can stay home today Me: HECK YEA! *watches PopularMMOs all day**eats candy and ice cream and watches PopularMMOs all night**finally reaches **6:00** a.m. next day**passes out with PopularMMOs playing and covered in candy wrappers* (My story)
Calista Wilkins
Pat look good in it
the king
Description sais pink lucky block race ummmmmmmm
Carter Zimmerman
You and Jen y'all need to play FORTNITE
Shamyog Rana
On the chat said gen turned into survival mode so does it mean that she was in creative
Juan Revolorio-Ventura
For some reason I didn't get notifications (I have them on) Youtube is weird....
Nili Daykondi
What dose it mean
raghav kashyap
Can you make a cartoon luckey block
Sweet spicy chili Doritos gang
Tuyết An Nguyễn ThỊ
Who like Pat comment to me
Zora Marie Diffidil Love
Dorrrriiitttoooossss aaarrreeee bbbaaaeee
Nili Daykondi
Only gunis knows it
Lisa Roth
Pat!!!😰 you were soo UNDEFETABLE when you and Jen we're battling each other.
Neil Wilders
Brayden is the best thing is that 6th and I
Can you play a survival world I will be the only one likeing my comment I now it😐😐
Ahiyan Rahil
You said spawnpnont lolz
Daniel Owens
Punch it that seems mean
Suhail Faraj
Pat you can fligh
Jp Hays
I whated the meg it was scary
Jake Wuebker
For April fools you guys should get Cloud a dog bone!
Head is Roy from Fire Emblem
Hi Penguins
Jacqueline Healy
if you Love it then pot a nooooooo on it
Loreo Tito
You said spawnpnoint on chat that’s why XD
Queen Christine
Who else saw 30 lucky blocks in Pat's inventory? 12:15 - 12:58😬😁
Leslie Travers Smart
pat defedently won
Ambar Velazquez
I sad
Leslie Travers Smart
yum doritos
Anthony Ciriaco
Blue Love
"I look like a Pokémon master" -Pat 2018
The Last Knight
Pat didn't jump in the well during his 30 extra blocks.. Jen wins
XxSark_Fire Gamer_GamesxX
Snowflake_The Gaming Animator
I stubbed my toe and tripped so i got a bruise on my toe, i dont know how that happened but Popularmmos is my pain reliever
Wings of nachos!
1:06 is a nacho party!
naruto uzumaki
Fight the queen dragon with dioros block like if agree
kay smedley
Don't take the lord's name in vain
luc basile
Go to 3:48 if u want to skip all the talking and watch them break lucky blocks. Like if u did that.edit, wow. Only 2 likes😔😥😥😓
Pratima Anavekar
I love your lucky block race!
The Minecraft Girl
It's red sone
Varad K
Was anyone else screaming at the screen: PAT YOU CAN FLY PAT YOU CAN FLY PAT YOU CAN FLY!!!!!!!!!!!
Alysia Payne
Who likes me like if you like me \ Pat like me PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pratima Anavekar
Pratima Anavekar
Woof Dog
Use this block in the challenge games
a google user
WHERE IS EPIC PROPORTIONS!?! Please start the new season. I know that many people would love that, including me. Like so Pat and Jen see this. (Edit) Wow, 129 likes! Thank you so much!
Red Panda
Hi thumbs up 4 no good reason
Beau Vang
Hey pat ummm Jen won because that you had 30 more lucky blocks 😢
Wout Van Der Lely
Jeg kan snakke dansk
Diego - Nunez
Who else is lonely for Valentine’s Day 😂😂😂😭😭😭😭
Funny penguin
If ya like it den you shoulda put a derito on it