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Dragon Ball Super Movie Teaser Trailer Official 2018 HD Dragon Ball 20th Movie opens 14th December 2018 The Dragon Ball Super movie this time around will be the next story that takes place after the anime that's currently on TV. The content will shed a little light on previously unexplored topics having to do with Frieza and the Saiyans, and I think it will be a very enjoyable story that serves up a long-awaited formidable opponent!

Dragon Ball Super Dragon Ball 20th Movie Dragon Ball Super Movie Dragon Ball Super Movie Teaser Official Dragon Ball Super Trailer Movie

"Saiyan's strength has no limit" - Vegeta's line in last scene of DBS ep 131 and here it says "A Saiyan has no limits". They did it on purpose I guess to hype the new Saiyan enemy.
super God
l love it so much 💕💕💕
Squigz Bros
I Just love that little warm up
XDGamerJosh Cringe
It's obvious it's yamcha's dad
flying down
theory: that sayian is a disguise, he is el hermano which is also i disguise for yamcha
Camp Counsel
only original DBZ fans will appreciate this style of animation
Spidey Sarthak
*This Movie is Gonna Blow Everyone's Pants Off* 😍😍 Man I can't wait 😥
Pheng Yang
Great to see that some people actually know a thing or two about animation!! Sure it get it that it’s all about preference, but for a fast pace fighting anime like DBZ, it’s essential they stray away from rough edges. Tougher edges creates stiff movements in fight scenes and doesn’t deliver the full potential of what is supposedly the feeling of fights at Godlike speeds. Plus, it looks cleaner with a little more realism.
Osas Aighewi
Don't forget about the King from planet Sadla :)... Greetings from SPAIN
Candypie 2010
OMG this looks Hand drawn shxt looks dope 🤜🤛
Brekner Catalin
Doesn't look like a real villain tho, else Goku'd be more serious. He's letting Goku warm up AND they are in an barren place so that they won't harm anyone.
I really don't understand why people think that this new saiyan is yamoshi It specifically said that yamoshi lost his god form against the great apes in BoG He is most likely dead if it ran out So this is probably a saiyan from one of the other universes that zeno erased
Sick Bubblegum
Uhm. So... DB Super was made only to raise some money and make a real Sequel to Z? I mean...the style is not the same as Z but it's quite similar. The villain looks "Zetaesque" too
Dragon Ball
Who else hate when u talk about dbs to your friends and they say dbs have over 300+ episodes and the animation are bad and they never watch it before
LMFAO i like how you pasted your youtube url on the video, when the video doesnt even belong to you 😂😂😂😂
Fat Moe
That new sayain is probably a GOD OF DESTRUCTION because when 17 wished for all the universes to come back that were erased he also meant the other 6 that Zeno erased.
El Pikachu ツ
-Bardock -Yomoshi -Broly?
Animation style: perfection in its simplicity
Traveling Bum
The art style looks more like Chinese animation which is miles ahead of japanese animation
Adorador do Demônio
That animation is simply perfect and fits the anime better than the one used in the anime.
destiny kid 365
Do you see how Goku is always cocky like he know he bout to win
cant wait
daddy af
I don't know why but I adore that new art style.
Da CookieGod
Winx Fairy
Ok now that's a saiyaan I think the one that made super dragon balls has come to battle or something like that or is from planet salda
Xrito Qtr
Anime is for kids and dragon ball is an old series idk why people still watch cartoons called “ANIME” in Japanese
Shendrit Cocaj
don't worry kale and caulifla will come to help and the way they were going the should have the MUI by now right ? smh
Jaden Haden
OMG they way how they did the movie looks OP and I think Only the dbz fans would of know what I'm talking about because they way how Goku gets warmed up and they way how he moves looks like the fighting will be Amazing.
IamDaBatMann SlasherGoat
YES it looks like super, DB, and DBZ is mixed into one. The animation is amazing
Lizafoot For5
Yay for the Dragon ball fans!
Aman Singh
is there is any sights of master ultra instinct in this movie??? what about u , reply me your thinking bcoz I think there is ultra instinct bcoz this movie is made after dragon Ball super ep131 ........
Is this after the final episode of dragon ball super or before the tournament of power? Hope it's after so they can set up the next arc
Miguel Lema
Gokus character looks like a sketch, it's terrible. The art is terrible. Why is anyone praising it
The art looks terrible smh
I dont understand why people complain about this art. Yes it isnt like recent episodes of super, but it looks good. It reminds me of Z, and its definitely good, for this series to get this kind of art ones in awhile. Looking forward to it.
uma sharma
The Majestic Shepherd
Now this whats lies ahead now we wait all everyone WITH ME
Mrarchitect 3737
like si pensaste que era fan animation :v
Ichigo Kurosaki Substitute Soul Reaper
holy shit this new movie looking crisp af
J Nathanial
This is the artwork i know and love... super just looked lazy alot of the time...
Mr fan Boy
Animation is perfect👌
Androidbro188 Gamers
aver almenos se ve mas fluida la animacion :v
Confirmed: Yamoshi is the fusion of Yamcha and Roshi.
Juancarlos Diaz
Ya quiro que salga la pelicula no puedo esperar estoy que rrebiento de felicidad y seme sale el corazon dame like si ati tambien
So the fan made trailer is no longer fan made but the actual one? If that's true,well then that's a bummer. I love everything but the animation. Don't get me wrong it's not bad it's actually really good for a fan made. But the animation from the tv series is perfect and how it should be. Still looks AMAZING though
activen los subtitulos
Hopefully he’s fully mastered Ultra Instinct in this movie 🙏🏾🙏🏾
*That is most definitely bardocks armor*
I hope that its going to be great. All i want is to see goku teaming up with jiren and being friends
Izno 59
It's Yamcha
It’s not Yamoshi . Yamoshi is gonna team up with Goku to fight this dude . He probably had a connection with Yamoshi in the past and wasn’t able to defeat him so Yamoshi just disappeared until Goku arrived and knew someone strong was there to help .
Since super ended, i guess now we'll all be looking forward to this
Damn that animation is beautiful. Also I’m really digging the new style. Kind of a modern version of the classic designs
So Goku is finally going up against Mr Satan
Cristhian Reyes
do u think its the god btw 13 and univer 18
Hector Hernandez
Capta un Goku antiguo
Yo wuts the theme song they used??
Rouslane Maouz
Looks pretty good Reminds me of dbz
jack luffy
You don’t get it
daniel santos villa
This movie is the final episode of DBS DBS will return, it could be *Dragon Ball Super:Hero of 7th Universe* maybe?
Doge the meme lord
Great animation
Richárd medve
The new Enemy.......Yamoshi the first ssj god
Someone explain to me who Yamoshi is? Where has it shown him like this name is new to me...
Imanool 3000
Dragon bola supa por el kokun supa
Naruto To Boruto: Shinobi Striker
That is not Yamoshi.
No like and dislike huh?
Semekson Sema
The new saiyan is ssj4 dude for sure
Arbienne Mallari
Imanool 3000
Goku looks young, like how he looked during the arrival of Raditz. Damn I can't wait for this, that animation is on point! Has an old school feel to it
Hmmmm my guess is he's gokus Alternate counter part.
MelyChan PY
Pinches ingleses.. Like latinos!!
can someone tell how powerful was that ultra instinct
Please make the animation like One Punch Man, everything looks so much more powerful in that style
joel gsi
The green aura. It's confirmed. It's Shaggy
Damian Ramirez
Shitty animation, Goku has more than 40 years old but here looks like 25 again... In super looked like 30s year old... but now looks like he's in 20s again. And he should be wearing that blue suit now.... Toriyama is lame now...
JR Celis
Imagine if that is bardock fighting goku
isaac martinez
Just don’t pass goku’s limits or.....
GamingDargoon 94
Holy moly did not know Goku is against my Mom 😯
Connor Hamilton
Toriyama: Finally, I finished Dragon Ball Super! Toei: Hey, we're doing a series of our own! Toriyama: NOOOOOOOO Toei: It's not GT by the way. Toriyama: That was a close one. Toei: We're doing Dragon Ball Super Duper! Toriyama: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
El papu Uzumaki 117
Ganó el universo 7 en el capítulo 131 y el deseo es revivír a los universos 😨😨😄
Sparks GT
Wait a min what if goku wished for a new enemy I mean it sound like something goku would do am I right?
could be the very first saiyan
Papa Nappa
Ultra instinct nappa
ιgи N̶e̶w̶b̶i̶e̶
Harambe is hack
Oh my god,Yamoshi-san
T0xic -
is it just me or does the artstyle of DBS different and more detailed than DBS the movie btw is this the official trailer made by toei
Akseer Ali
new villian is the saiyan from one of the universes revived in a wish by no.17. That villian was most powerful one during that time but finally killed by Zeno. Now he comes again :-)
Anime Live Reactions
Who do you guys think the new Saiyan is?
crazy dawninja - roblox and more!
Looks like its fake but it is real
i'm sorry but why is it using old graphics? super does not look like that? Fake trailer?
bisi bele badh - official
who"s here after watching dbs ep 131 ?
Gingerbread 2.0
Wait why is the title "dragon ball super" Dbs already ended right?
Nimity Tei
if the series continue afterwards PLEASE MAKE THE ART LIKE THIS TRAILER PLEEEEASSE. Dragonball should look like the Art from Z so much more beautiful.
Lovin' the artstyle.
Otk Clichê
Omae no shideru
Hood Gamer