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Dragon Ball Super Movie Teaser Trailer Official 2018 HD Dragon Ball 20th Movie opens 14th December 2018 The Dragon Ball Super movie this time around will be the next story that takes place after the anime that's currently on TV. The content will shed a little light on previously unexplored topics having to do with Frieza and the Saiyans, and I think it will be a very enjoyable story that serves up a long-awaited formidable opponent!

Dragon Ball Super Dragon Ball 20th Movie Dragon Ball Super Movie Dragon Ball Super Movie Teaser Official Dragon Ball Super Trailer Movie

*Lmao Toriyama trolled the shit out of everyone who thought it was Yamoshi* _But I hope that Broly really does become a more apparent character in the series and that Yamoshi makes an appearance_
Who came back here to see if he’s actually Broly
Hari Gunawan
Broly : Who are you ? Broly (dbs) : i'm you but canon
Lord Liquiir
What if its canon Broly?
mikele Beograd
Who’s here after finding out that the villain is broly
So Goku is finally going up against Mr Satan
Aashis Singh
The real broly that is in continuity with the dbs story line
Purple Pirate
Just was revealed that the antagonist in the movie is Broly
Bro it has to be a Canon version of Broly from a universe Zeno erased. Green Ki? Check. Saiyan Armor/Tail? Check.
Jimbo gaming Where’s my burrito
Was that... broly..?!
Haider Syed
Broly better say sentences rather than one damn word
Jose Fernandez
I came here to see if people are saying "ITS BROLY!" well what do you know
Solaire of Astora
anybody watching after the poster reveal?
seriously if you don't like the art style so much, don't watch the movie then go complain to somebody else about. I'm so looking forward to this movie and I love the animation >_<
Nate Samurai
Who watching this because they found out that the main villian is broly
Hipstery Dibstery
Well they changed Brolys Look alot.... Why The saiyan armor??
Y’all gotta think now ... they brought back broly 👀
King Bool
Goku jumping around and shidd like he finna whoop his azz and all I like the animation of that
Ken D. Uchiha
*It's Broly!!!*
Broly is Back!!!
Who do you guys think the new Saiyan is?
Oli Hartley - SPECIFIK
Imagine having to animate Dragonball. Spending hours and hours, weeks upon months perfecting it and trying to make something new and fresh just to have some YouTube, Internet, keyboard warrior motherfuckers slating your work. Smh. It's sad really.. We are all here because we love DB. Regardless of how its drawn, it's still Goku and it's still a continuation of his story so can we not just look forward to what's coming instead of complaining like it's magically gonna change something. 🙏 P.S. For everything mentioning DBZ. I absolutely love DBZ as well at DB and DBS but they are done. Animation is only going to evolve and change as time goes by. Don't dwell in the past, embrace the future.
It’s broly
I hope blood Will return!!
Adam Mitchell
A revamped and redesigned Broly by Akira Toriyama, Broly was a fantastic concept just badly executed so yea I'm looking forward to this more than ever now.
joel gsi
The green aura. It's confirmed. It's Shaggy
The fact that it was Broly this whole time. His body flexed unrealistically, his aura was green. Holy shit the writing was on the wall but we just didn’t catch it...
AnimatedBro 2017*
Who else is here after they knew broly is the villain..
Gingerbread 2.0
Wait why is the title "dragon ball super" Dbs already ended right?
Who though it would be Broly?! xD everyone though it was Yamoshi Who though it would be broly!?? Obviusly.. ME!!! I was praising for a return of Broly.
YT Paul
Godamnit its Broly
michael robinson
Has any one kinda noticed that he looks a lil like a ssj4 like really take a good look this shit is going to be amazing
Quinton Gross
this new artstyle is gorgeous
Super Vegito
FoxNix 復活
da'ved velazquez
Welcome back .. broly Us fans will forever worship you
nehu 10
Broly is back
Uganda Nano
Just shut up and take my money🤑💸💵💴💶💰💳
Damn that animation is beautiful. Also I’m really digging the new style. Kind of a modern version of the classic designs
Otaku nation
Am I the only one who wants to see Android 17 and his family in this movie ( they better be in the movie cause we didn't even get to see the photo that 17 showed goku).
Fully funded by AresPromo apparently
tyrone has an opinion deal with it
Anyone here after hearing the crap title for the movie?
Thicc asian boi Shrek is beauty is Minecraft moviw
This guy is that fish who lives with beerus cause HE JUST PREDICTED THE FUTURE
Drag Gamer
This trailer should tell ya that broly isn’t the same one from before
Errol Gello
It kinda look like broly to m😠
Did anyone come here after finding out it’s Broly
XDGamerJosh YT
It's obvious it's yamcha's dad
PhatBootyCuties Exclusive
zeah 17
ayo who ever guessed Broly was the saiyan when i first saw this , y'all a fuxkin genius my 2nd favorite sayian is back and i hope he's more destructive as ever
Logigamer Productions
I love this style! It takes a nod at the original dragon Ball z style ( First 2 sagas ) while keeping a modern look.
Black Hydra
Who came back because they wanna see how broly look
Papa Nappa
Ultra instinct nappa
Jose Cabrera
Actually, Broly Is The Most Famous Villian Of Dragon Ball World.
Suave Dogs
Is that another word for coffin?
Well now it was confermed to be broly, we can only hope that akira can fix his trainreck of a backstory and personality....mabye???
Camp Counsel
only original DBZ fans will appreciate this style of animation
Thewhatyoumacallit 78
Leaks say that this is broly Nani
I’m only here to see how many people predicted the Broly thing.
DUDE they HAVE to get Vic to voice Broly
Who came back to check out Broly's face
Animation style: perfection in its simplicity
Dragon Ball Resurrection F
Kale vs broly 😽😽 Kale X broly😻😻😽
Zorolan YT
why is almost every dragon ball character named after a thing? all the sayians are vegetables. the kids of the sayians are underwear, so now all the sayians that are vegetables: broly:brocoli, radditz: Raddit i think?,kakkarot (Goku): Karrot,Piccolo: Pickle and vegeta is actually just a little adding to a chicken soup to make it taste better and its made out of vegetables lol
zura lobjanidze
It's broly he came back forth😧😧
Lol Pop
Gamer Goku
The fluidity of this animation is so refreshing!
Lil Drizzzle
Wait so that's broly
Abhiroop das
at the end the trailer says 'earth has goku', that means the villian is alien.
Claudio Zappitelli
Is it just me or does he look with his hair on his body like a ssj4 broly?
BiG -T
It feels right watching it now knowing that it's broly xD
Chris_Gamer YouTube
pues ya comprobamos de que es broly :v
BlackMage yt
*Se confiemó Broly Vs Goku*
Remember we thought it was yamoshi
Goku looks young, like how he looked during the arrival of Raditz. Damn I can't wait for this, that animation is on point! Has an old school feel to it
TheFosterKid FromSpringfield
It's Broly! For real it's Broly lol
Ultra Instinct double X cheese burger Goku
It’s broly! And he’s Conan! IN YOUR FACE!
Russell Westbrooks Lawyer
Anyone here after finding out thats a reboot broly?😂
Nicolas Kaito
Wow the animation looks amazing.
Doge the meme lord
Great animation
Foxy Brown
That animation is epic
Epic GamerZ
So it actually was Broly
Mike Dixon
Now from watching it again I see now the green aura and the only person I know from db with that same color is Broly my boy was right
abbas hashem
*Incoming people picking up In-between frames and calling it bad animation*
Vegito blue
I can't believe this is actually broly.
Is that Broly??
king dingaling
My question is will Broly be stronger than Jiren? Cause...that would be awesome if he is :)
Bob Reno
Damn you, Goku. Why did you have to go and push Monaka's buttons?
*Like si pensaste que era falso por la animacion :v*
Nazty Arts
Love the new art
Undefined PLAY
I really hope they bring back Bruce Faulconer's soundtrack style (Or at least similar to that), those theme songs really makes the fighting sequences more aggressive and exciting to watch! Just like in the american DBZ.
Ocarina Link
The Black Reaper.
Meme TV
New Soul
בר איפרגן
Who is here becouse broly?
welp its now offical.. this guys is BROLY