Toro y Moi - My Touch [Full Album]

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'My Touch' by Toro Y Moi Tracklist: Such Bad Handling - 0:00 My Touch - 3:35 Bend Your Body - 6:04 Deep Routes - 8:19 Existance Music - 10:55 Lesson 223 - 12:07 Take This - 15:06 Movements - 17:38 Master Of None - 21:50 Toro y Moi /> />

How can someone's demo album be their best album? And it's not like Toro Y Moi has made any bad albums. Everything he does is gold. This is the best music I've heard in a while.
Jeremy Calcano
Would kill to own this CD or vinyl.
John Tracker
It's weird I've been listening to this for the better part of the 2010s and I've never met a single person who knew what a Toro Y Moi was or if it's edible.
Matheus Guizolfi
Such Bad Handling - 0:00My Touch - 3:35Bend Your Body - 6:04Deep Routes - 8:19Existance Music - 10:55Lesson 223 - 12:07Take This - 15:06Movements - 17:38Master Of None - 21:50
Honestly, if we're just talking about in the "music world" when you find Toro Y Moi and come across this album I feel you've made it somewhere most never will.
This is his best album IMO
Dan Abrahams
How this album ha never been released... I spoke with him about it and he said 'oh it's just a CDr we did.' this is THE classic
Hunter Neri
what is this?? why do i not know about this?
Michelle La Velle
This album makes my brain feel blissful. It's perfectly healing the damaged parts of the past.
Jacob c
this album is insane.
i've been playing this album everyday now at least 8 times. i love it
Massimo Scola
Leslie Hernandez
Fucking banger
This was some of Toro's best music. Very raw
Prince Hollywood
Thank you @theuppermostinlife ❤️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Hero for uploading this! Ty
Sean Andresen
Does this have a STRFKR vibe or is that just me
L. C.
yeah you've got a brain child in your arms
did he produce this whole album?
Nat Yongpairojwong
For mobile listeners 1. Such Bad Handling - 0:00 2. My Touch - 3:35 3. Bend Your Body - 6:04 4. Deep Routes - 8:19 5. Existence Music - 10:55 6. Lesson 223 - 12:07 7. Take This - 15:06 8. Movements - 17:38 9. Master Of None - 21:50
Why no Spotify ?
Dollface 1
This music makes me feel it’s definitely life that imitates art ☝🏾❤️
Moe ad
Any body got a download for the full ep
Vinícius de Andrade
do you have his freaking out ep?
Pedro Matias
This needs more views, but at the same time, it doesn’t.