Papa Roach - Between Angels and Insects (Guitar Tutorial w/ Tabs) by Kirjai

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Женя Петров
Вот очень классный разбор и точный! Почему у него так мало просмотров? О_о
Alen Novak
When you play intro its sounds very similar to system of a down spiders. :D
Exelente muy bueno !!!
Some strange whisle, but value is great. Noise gate probably...
Blanco Moisés
would you palm mute?
13:34 Hardest part in song to play it correctly with muting the high d string lol
Guillermo Manolio
Use the force Luke!
super cross
Dude can play
jhose jack
excelente...suena igual que la original...
Thxxx mann very helpful!
Great video!! Thanks ;)
Amazing! Really informative and easy to learn from you
Deag M8
how do you set your amp for this?
gary wintersteen
Could you do ripping me apart by NOTHING MORE with tabs
Wellington Soares
muito bom
Kenneth Hildebrand
Do you not own a six string?
Игорь Маркевич
The sound really good. Thanks for that tutorial.