30 - Kenan & Kel (Music Video) Prod By. Hargo | Pressplay

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Pressplay Media
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UK Drill Insider
Yeah he’s been listening to Russ 😂😂🤔
Ben Dover
It’s coming home boys...
Legend has it Deedee is still driving
12 Gauge
That girl is too jeetable 😓
Anonymous Person
Imagine raising your daughter to be half naked in a drill video.
*It’s really time for 30 to blow up again, Time for him to show everyone he’s one of the most coldest in Drill.*
Mocking Russ flow🤣
Kenan and Kel was a certi show
0:56 ah he handled russ flow proper here
we all deffo didn’t click for the song
Deep how man can’t have “BSide” in the title🤦🏾‍♂️ trident some pattys
Dommo ENT
Man said the England match looked like the zone 2 and Moscow scoreboard 😂😂
been a while since we've heard from bside 30, glad to have u back big man
独 / Lethal / Grim
Finally back 💥 Imagine K-Trap x 30
Free Killa K 🔓😤
rich the kid
when dis guy catches russ it’s peak cant lie 🤷🏾‍♂️.
Hes back bby 3’ Bside doe
Dommo ENT
6-1 a disgrace , the match looked like Year 11 vs Year 7 in a secondary school match 😂😂 too unfair
Y. Inuit
30 X CB would be a dutty collab shame it'd never happen
David Poku
0:25 dont lie that reminded you of ktrap paper plans
Jayy 1up
Missed his demonic voice negl🤫
Jarel Ahmed
No point with the "chatting wass" tactic on youtube. It's so sad the amount of people that's been chinged through verbal or just in general is intense. Idc if you disagree or you persist on doing it, take this input from me. You really don't know when people are after you through something stupid like that. Even the littlest of trying to "act bad" can earn you death. Learn this from me. Be wise and think what you're going to say.😬😶 Stay safe.
Whats that Girl’s IG ?? 👀
Imagine raising your daughter for years and years and then seeing her in a Pressplay media music video
that gyal is a bad one on me
1:07 who else can see DeeDee in the merc waiting to drive dat
Sister Fister
Real one watched the old before it go taken down 30 too cold ❄️❄️❄️
LukeFly #808Mob
Video quality 💥💥💥
Lord of the Pigeon
The England Match represented the bside vs penge scoreboard
SMM Productions
Bside will come back bigger and better to fulfill their potential which they had in '017. 3 Da B
SRD MakesMusic
Man got whiplash in that dinger Kmt 🤦🏾‍♂️ 30 shuts down every tune
Rytehand 2Rong
She's thicker than zoo glass.
Is she brassing? What's her Adultwork page?
here before 2 milly, i have faith
Jordan Average
It's like the girl is paying him to rap alongside 😆
Anonymous Person
He probably didn't put bside in the title because everyone else is locked😂🔐
Stylish ute
her Insta anyone ?
Idk Idk
Who saw it when it first got uploaded on 47 seconds
htee Dpi
She peng❤👅
Start looks like k trap paper plans
Lord of the Pigeon
Lool He catted russ’s flow
russ his flow made this tune certi
UK Drill Expert
30 is deffo better than Runsian
BG_ R8
Shes got a "mom phone case" 0:26
Abdullah 7
Cold but how many guys gonna jump on the same flow. Russ S1 30 CC. Getting ridiculous now
Dommo ENT
Ngl I can hear The Russ flow a little bit netherless he’s still cold
30 x AM needs to happen my bruthas 🔥🔥🔥❄❄❄💥🔫
steven west
This producer was lowkey waiting for 30 release he’s had this tune for time
Gemini - Agar
This is the 5th I've heard this instrumental being used.
Adil Makame
30 is too cold.I remember when he was top 3 soon on top again ❄️
Zeph Jazz
I swr 30 is better dhan russ n taze
Little Syikes
this is dead
Been tryna avoid the click bait but damn that ass😩 ..... It's a banger still 🔥
Lord of the Pigeon
Bside run London
Lord of the Pigeon
3’Bo 3’KK 3’Buckfiddy 3’K1
Tlyer williams
30 one of the coldest in the scene serious
Alex Gomes
Too cold ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️
44 maud
This is wavy no MOT on the ride
Free 30
Deiago Bolton
Beside is to hard but everyone is locked up
Whyso Chatty
Can't lie man didn't hear one word of the track 😳
Mrlzcomedy Daddylz
Get dis 500 k
Feds gon listen to this one carefully 🤔🤫
t. sd
If 30 releases more tracks he'll be bigger than s1 again
Grab dem Yutes
30’s back ik dat Russ’s hiding but Dee garn find him🤣
free all of bside
Daniel Grigg
Who else came from 30 Instagram?
L7 Tommys
Here before Kane Ramsey
Young doomsday
3bside 3django 3kk 3buckfeddy 3bside most certi Man 💔
Melle Vocals
B-Side: realest.
Rayane Cheggour
Anyone has the name of the girl. It's for improving science
Sxnny foz
Straight banger big up 30💯💥
official banterist
3 Bo 3 K1 ❤️
Jack Swift
I think man just got nicked
t dog mn
i couldn't even focus on mans bars that big ass was everywhere fam 😂😂
hamza khan
This tune needs something else to it #not feeling it
Kevin Adu
imagine rising a girl for like 18yrs. For her to moving like a prostitute in drill video👏
Linda Pemberton
sad cah should have been better with 30s standards i just want him to make a dexter x ic3 kinda tune that will bang my fav artist back on it though cant be mad
Dommo ENT
On which song does Russ have this flow?
somerleyton & moorlands estate SW9
here before Lord of the Pigeon
Does ANYONE know the name of that ting in the video
Larenz Odog
His voice & flow are madd 🔥
Joe Joe
Defo needs a mill dis yute is different 🔥🔥💯👊🏿
Mr Ash
Kenan & Kel was a certi show
samuel awolesi
I'm just gonna go ahead and say it... HER BACK FAT
Proper Gunman
How does he do russ’ flow better than russ himself loool
Remember the last time we try skid up, man got whiplash in that dinger 🤫
gyal budget was low smh
This is one of my favourite Russ tunes 🔥🔥🔥
Lord of the Pigeon
3’KK most OJ in Europe #Dean pack
this guy is bare tall
Lewi K1
He's finally back
Ahh he’s violating Russ🤧😂
Lord of the Pigeon
That yat would get it👀
Fundz. 1hunna
He definitely banged her after the vid
Russ and taze disliked this loool
connor morgan
push my shank straight though man bah bah bah
Fire, nuff said