Heroes of Might and Magic III: Horn of the Abyss expansion (Fan Trailer)

Horn of the Abyss is an unofficial, yet still a true HMM3 expansion. It is made by a mostly Russian composed crew with various talented people. The expansion features, to name a few things, a completely new town 'Cove' (Pirates). HotA also fixes bugs, adds a host of new expansion content, features an updated editor - and much more. Link to the full change log: /> 'HD mod' is used for creating a widescreen resolution of 1280x720 in the game. I've included a HD mod download link below which you can use for playing the game in high resolutions and in widescreen. HotA can be played without the HD mod. Horn of the Abyss is currently available in Russian and English languages. Download (English 1.3.3 full, - *standalone*): /> Mirrors (English 1.3.3 - *not standalone*): homm3hota.com/HotA_1.3.3_eng_setup.exe /> Download (Russian 1.3.3 full - *standalone*): /> Mirrors (Russian 1.3.3 - *not standalone*) /> HD mod download site: /> Official Russian HotA forum and community: /> Official HotA English thread on HC: /> This trailer was composed by hippox89 with the help of the HC community. The trailer is fan made, not official.

For some reason I like HOTA much more than WOG. WOG has some great ideas, but HOTA just adds more of the classic HOMM3. Anyway, looking forward to the new towns in the works.
Apart from the technical stuff, which was nice, WoG was a bastardization of gameplay, far removed from the spirit of the game. HOTA really is the missing expansion, something that could very well sit among the official ones, adding to the game in a non-destructive way, completing it, balancing it, enhancing it. Great job developers, and thank you!
Thank you. I appreciate you work!
Vahid Bilverdy
Looking nice cant w8 til play it !!
hans lund
Nice! Thats how homm games should look like. HOMM3 is great, just like chess. Making it easier etc etc, like constant renewal with bad storylines like the new games, is a bad idea.
reeeeaally goood ! excellent travail, merci beaucoup !!! it's awesome, thx a lot ! i still play this old game since ten years, but i didn't know another crazy peoples still work on it ! thanks again !
Tony Laszlo
where can you get horn of the abyss?
Andrei Miga
Is HotA free to download (I have HOMM 3 Complete installed on my computer)?
Hunk Gaming
Can you put that somewhere else? I download it at 14KB/s, If you put at mediafire, i might get it faster.
Savage Source
Very nice and detailed information about the Horn of the Abyss game expansion.
@Mitch Daroczi The crew actually doesn't accept any kind of donations that I know of. I've thought about arranging a HotA tournament where people could donate for bounty price pool. The point would be to help promote the HotA competitive scene. It's sort of an alternative way of helping out, I guess, but it was just a simple thought I had. Anyhow, I know that Baratorch (part of the crew, too) accept donations for the HD mod.
cesar valenzuela
Hello guys..  I have the Original H3 ROE CD(just for you to know) ---- Im trying to download this Standalone but links dont seem to work.. Any help guys??
Looks really cool! Does it work with the gog complete version? And is there a "balance & bug fixes only" version of this?
Updated mirrors for newest version of 1.3.3
Can you combine any of the mods like WoG, Era mod, this mod and the hero of light? Will some of them work together?
So it installs to heroes 3 compleate? Or its another game? And this will work with hd mod??
Jason Titze
Hi, I intalled HotA today and tried to play it asap but every time I start the game i lose the signal of my monitor (tried it with three different ones). I used the Complett Version download (since i dont have the Heroes § CD atm).  I am using Win 7 64-bit. Would be nice if the problem could be fixed.
Diego costa
го взямку
Balogh David
This is real ? 
Did they change score formula? I played The Allience last night on impossible and got only 335 points (we won, 94 days, did not get treasure). But still I was expecting way more points... any ideas?
very nice work. i like it very much. hope u can fix the problem that it doesnt run very good on Win 8.1    .pls think about it. thx ^^
Is this free or does it cost money?
I don't like Cove, but I have to admit it really looks like an official faction. The other enhancements and additions are very well thought, the balancing is very good and I like how they made water heroes and maps really viable.