Iron Maiden - Holy Smoke

Lyrics!!! Believe in me - send no money I died on the cross, that ain't funny But my so-called friends they're making me a joke They missed out what I said like I never spoke They choose what they want to hear - don't tell a lie They just leave out the truth as they're watching you die Saving your souls by taking your money Flies around s**t, bees around honey Holy smoke, holy smoke Plenty bad preachers for the Devil to stoke Feed them in feet first this is no joke This is thirsty work making holy smoke yeah Making holy smoke Jimmy Reptile and all his friends Say they going to be with you at the end Burning records, burning books Holy soldiers, Nazi looks Crocodile smiles just wait a while Till the TV Queen gets her make-up clean I've lived in filth, I've lived in sin And I still smell cleaner than the s**t you're in Holy smoke, holy smoke There's plenty bad preachers for the Devil to stoke Feed them in feet first this is no joke This is thirsty work making holy smoke yeah Holy smoke - smells good They ain't religious but they ain't no fools When Noah built his Cadillac it was cool Two by two they're still going down And the satellite circus just left town I think they're strange and when they're dead They can have a Lincoln for their bed Friend of the President trick of the tail Now they ain't got a prayer 100 years in jail Holy smoke, holy smoke Plenty bad preachers for the Devil to stoke Feed them in feet first this is no joke This is thirsty work making holy smoke Holy smoke

Sergei Kowalski
Smells good.
Maske d'smith
i can`t wait for jesus to come back and sue all televangelists and the wbc for slander whilst singing this song
Boris Lonic
The NWOBHM just wouldn't be the same without this great Metal band! Iron Maiden Rules!!!
Luis Sanchez
holy bacon or bacon smoke :)
Rage Audio demo
As a kid headbanging to this track what a pleasure. Sorry millenials you guys missed out.
James Spradlin
ill allways be a maiden fan
One of the good songs on No Prayer.
James Spradlin
go eddie go
argus tuft
sam you should also listen to piece of mind and powerslave these were recorded when the irons were at the height of their powers best albums IMHO.
Elizabeth Larrosa
Estaría genial encontrarla con subtítulos en español.. 
Holy smoke! Yeah holy smoke! Smells good
Iron Maiden being Savage af....they are the best at savagery when they want to be. I always saw this song as a reprise to The Number Of The Beast.
diego Fraschini
Track 02 .........
John Appleseed
Haven't heard this song since I was a kid, now I hear it's a sarcastic song against those christian heavy metal CD brings. Lol, this song is so good!
So...Billy Graham died today.
Armando Flores
una canción fabulosa me encanta
Josepmulowayl Tshlbangu
Jandergil Cabral
Dar mais segurança.
Jo Jimerson
The Good Ol days,when Weed tasted like flat seeds and stems.
Dave's solo is the one!
Kaunasario Lucky
Nunca la tocan en directo. Una pena.
Patrick Shannon
Something happened to iron maiden during this time era it wasn't quite as good as they had previously been im not saying it was bad though so calm down maiden fans.
Benoit Vanhees
Strange it sounds better without the completely ridiculous videoclip....
Carlos Srour
war....its FANTASTIC!!!
Samel Segundo Campos Segundo
chido 🙌🙌🙆👌👌👌👌✊✊✊✋✋✌✌
James Spradlin
n I think the ryme of the ancient mariner rocks
Steve R
ha8 Ted it!!!
Prabin Raut
they might be talking about the smoke that comes from yagya ( a type of ritual of hindus, in which sesame, ghee of cow , barley etc are burned in fire) that is done to appease gods.
ohad segev
The best Maiden's guitar solo ever
Rusty Kuntz
Love Maiden but this is one of they're most boring tunes. Filler
The Antichrist
Awesome song, I hate preachers
Neil Farr
Guido Martin
Well, there`s a lot of excellent songs from Maiden. What i recomend is you to listen Seventh son of a seventh son Full allbum.
I'm new to Iron Maiden. What songs should I start off with?
cedric vasquez
Haha 666 subscribers
Dave's solo in this is too good.
Mert Talay
So good. İron maiden. You are king king. İ dont speak. İ am now crying. You are best. No no no you are not best . you are you are .... i dont know :((((((
dave muraay's solo;.. damn.. I'm crying.. so good
Sun Jian
Fucking love Iron Maiden.....Just wish i found them sooner than in my 20's.
Phil Mante
Any song exposing corrupt religious leaders is a good song in my book...
It's a transition album and enjoyable one at that. The shifting from the more progressive album of Seventh Son of a Seventh Son to a more strip down approach, this album is very raw, even Bruce vocal's remind of what we saw from his solo career which was happening around this time. The rawness of this album was buffed to form Fear of the Dark which is definitely a more refined in comparison to this. Still a very good album. I really enjoy this song and Tailgunner.
Merijn van esch
holy smoke! this song is great! Iron Maiden, my favourite band ever :D
talison jhonatan de lara
essa musica e show galera
Sergio Balladares
Please check out my video, 25 Greatest Iron Maiden Songs. This makes the list, and I would love for you to see the others! \m/ Up the Irons! \m/
the tone of this album harkens back to number of the beast. thats just my opinion could be wrong.
i think i have this tape somewhere. almost forgot bout it wow.
Perozzo Motorsports
Up the Irons!!!!!
Hoooollly SMoookkkee!! Maiden has never ever failed an album. Forever creating gems.
Just came here to listen to 2:30 - 2:57
Thank you Doom 2 1monster Map 14!
Felipe Delfino
I still smell cleaner than the shit you're in.
Agreed! Well said! \oo/
osvaldo rojo
is awesome!!!
Well no hard feelings then ;)
The Colby Connoisseur
it was your opinion and I was disagreeing with it, the circle is complete :).
I said "in my opinion". You don't have to agree with it, and if you do or don't I could care less.
The Colby Connoisseur
Are you serious? This is the only good song on the album, the rest are weak.
That melody is really catchy
maybe for u, not for me I enjoyed Maiden with Blaze for the most part
Wadson Drumond
blaze was a kick in the nuts
Wadson Drumond
What the fuck are you talking about ?
Antoine Aubin
Dave Murray's solo rocks so good.
This song has one of the best Iron Maiden lyrics....
janic hergz
one of my 4 km iron maiden songs i run to as citizens are amazed by my rocker appearance making them eat my dust,no ponytails, just my long locks in a blaze of glory
Maiden has never made a bad album and I'm including Blaze Era Maiden
Kairumon Darkkley
Charlie Scott
Is it just me or is this song not given enough credit
I couldn't give a flying fuck about you or your age. As a matter of fact, you might as well be 15 or 50, I don't care. I just find it funny that this was not the first comment I've read from you, where you feel the need to try to impress us with your supposed knowledge about metal in general and how devoted you are to the underground. And yes, "no fuckin´replies fuckin´moron internet piece of shit loser."
So you bought it when you were 2 years old, right? Stop acting like you were some sort of herald from the underground and grow up!
In my opinion this great album doesnt get as much credit as it deserves. It's a great rocking album. Its fun to listen to
Giovanni D'Agostino
Great song!
Bart K
No prayer for the dying was a great album. Fuck their critics \m/😎\m/