Brutal terrorist video borrows techniques from Hollywood

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Mohammed Jamjoom reports on a new and even more brutal Jihadi video from the al Qaeda splinter group, ISIS.

in Sweden, we take care of the terrorists and give them jobs and money
Why did you censor those scums faces? May Allah punish them
john titor
So ISIS can make Hollywood level shit, but Josh Fearstine can't make a decent vlog?
Aw, the religion of peace is at it again!
Good job USA. Good job. You have trained them well.
Isis isn't very nisis
A Real Black Person
It takes a special kind of evil for terrorists to disown you
U.S., U.K., Frace, why are you so surprised? as we say her in argentina, you made this, now, eat it all
america you destroy them counrty iraq. then you come and ask why they are crazy and angry loooooool
We Serve Allah
As A Muslim I Say.... May Allah The Almighty (God) Destroy Such People Making Islam Look's Bad. I Ask Allah To Send Death To These Animals, And Suffer Slow.
0:49 being jealous of your neighbour's new car.
Triskelion Global
1:05 her eyes is bigger than my future
Lurk Tizer
I can't wait to see the day when us, British, French and Russian forces storm through Syria and slaughter them one by one.
نايف المطيريء
I'm not with the Islamic State : but It should you show what did US forces in Iraq also 1- Rape 2- liberate the country from dictatorship ( Stealing Iraqi oil and gold ) wow 3 - use of internationally prohibited weapon in Fallujah The difference between America and the Islamic state that America kill people global protection of this is the difference, there is no difference you all criminals
Peter Michalski
Filmed in Iraq. Edited in Israel. 
Gery A
This is scary. How is it posible that people this cruel exist?
Sheikh Yakub
Isis other name is cia and musad
Sefiane Germany
Usa = terroristes
Adolf Eichmann
Yeah just shoot random people off the road lol, but the fuel tanker at 0:45 would've been a better target.
At least CNN finally admits that Hollywood is a terrorist organization. Now we need CNN to acknowledge Hollywood as the Pedophile capitol of the world.
Iconik Collective
When they were shooting out of the car at other cars i thought of GTA V
Vis Kag
well USA shouldnt have supported and financed them with tax money back when they fought USSR...
Adolf Hitler
1:30 Far Cry 6: Syria is looking great
john Dears
*cough cough* nuke them *cough cough* wait who said that
Colonel Burton
"What happened to these people, to lose their humanity?" What happened? Islam happened.
Shareeb Hashmi
Damn mossad agents disguised as terrorists
Moto insane
Bomb this place
Jón Hrólfsson
Everybody that is fighting for isis or is supporting them should be skinned with a dull butter knife
colin n
chicken dinner ! .
Vencore Vengeance
0:46 Far Cry 4 Gameplay
Michael bay would be proud
محمد العراقي
We are the Iraqi army, we have eliminated them, there will be no one left for them.
Maximus B'raid
The camel religion = isis
>I thought everything was true >Then I see the CNN logo >🤥
lil shoelace
The fact they hunted down the man and shot him in the back proves they’re worthless cowards
Bag Man
Terrorist win.
Luke Maye
lol great vid very funny i loved it make more
It’s about The metal
Scum they all need burning alive
bukka balaraju
why these people r killing each other.
"someone provided them with a equipment"...yes, yes...we all know who
*The Synagogue of Satan*
John Jenks
What is the isis filming budget? $1
USA Hawk
This may sound stupid but can it be the Russian providing them with this equipment?
hakim al sadr
defendez vous contre l'occupation ! si quelqu'un occuperais les etats unis ils ferais de meme !
ggg ddg
Fucking terorrist
Do we have any more moabs?
Adolfo Munoz
not MERCY!! for this people NUKE THE WHOLE COUNTRY!!!!! if they dont care why SHOULD WE????
Jeff Darnell
1:58, "What happen to these people to lose their humanity", religion.
Great Creation of Great America
I Like Sciences and Maths
Damn CNN, how are THESE Hollywood techniques?
_Flying_ _Fish_
The holy Handgranade...
american chicken out ISIS pity american lol
isis = Turk
Terrorist funny moments
Kareem Anmar
Does anyone know the link to the moive?
We should not have to live in a world where al Qaeda is seen as the "moderates" of terrorist groups.
Hussein Ali
Hahahahaha good
doge gaming h
I saw these on live leak. It was pretty messed up
Islam at it's roots.
Wandering Fish
where can I watch videos like this?
border lord
funded by usa
Samuel Osaulenko
Isis just did what quran says to do, rest of musims dont obey muhamed. Problem is quran because its evli deception.
The US armed forces will make them pay for what they have done
john danó
Armor Guy
ISIS is being funded by the US
ناصر الإسلام
Muslims always win ^_^ Because allah (my god) with them .. ☝
ابو الحسين على
driver mmmm,,, taste it drivers Hahhhh
PiruLuv AllThaWay
This would be a great movie if it was a movie
more like windows movie maker production techniques
Jayseal ENDURO
taliban and al queda combined forces in afganistan
We in the Anti Islamist resistance have prayed for the Caliph. Finally we have a direct target. Something we can take on and fight. Bin Laden disowned this lot not because they were to violent but because they would no longer be able to hide among innocent people. Now we have them out in the open. Now this is going to be fun.
hemû diçin di destê me de bimirin
فارس الظلام
الله اكبر علي الصليبيين
Rico Rodriguez
I rate it 9/11
توته كشخص العراقي
لوودري شيكووولوون
Mrs Bre
waleed kaled
Oh God, Victory Mujahideen of the Islamic state and all the truthful Mujahideen for the victory of Islam and Muslims and the pride and glory of Lord of the Worlds Oh Lord your soldiers Wonderful Lord, Amen.
Ali Roshko
Why do you hate Iraq 😔
i want to watch those videos
That is just normal Islam, why are you so surprised? That is an Islam which American Democrats and liberals love so much. What happened to them? Islam happened to them.
why wont the us and russia just purge Iraq and afghanistan all together no survivors
Jose Aguillon
Soon isis will die, they will all burn in hell and be punished for what they committed.
Tank Penguin
Lou says boo!
Im a muslim and I hope that ISIS will be punished for the crimes they did!
Jesus IsGod
Give your life to Jesus Christ and Repent is too late. He is coming back quickly
Bima Prasetyo
The real Terorist is the "Puppetmasters" behind this..
Glenn L
President Trump ordered the military to destroy ISIS...and it's working! The FAKE news hates Trump and will never report good news about him unless they have to. Trump in 2020! MAGA
Сучье племя !!!!
محمد العراقي
ذوله داعش بريء منهم السلام
Shad ow
Isis can only fight a terrorist action they can never defeat the west in a war .they are tough killing civilians and unarmed peasants ...or attacking a soft target like a shopping mall ...they are cowards when faced with real men with iron wills and training ...Isis .. know this, the west has it's own counter insurgency methods and can be equally as merciless as Isis ...we will help them get to heaven as much as they like.... keep coming we have more than enough bullets and more than enough men willing to kill you Isis and Islamic terrorists ....
Do Bo
Whoever is backing them is whatever. These people are still committing these acts on other people. They are monsters. They are demonic. These people need ot be hunted and executed and then the people supplying these state of the art weapons to them need to hunted and executed. Unfortunately they are obviously bend supplied by people in the US and in Russia. I cant wait for Jesus to come again and i wish I could see the look on all the non believers and these monsters faces when they see Him. They will plead for forgiveness and their lives and Jesus wont listen. He will cast them to His side and say get away from me.
Zionist money behind it
achmad rivai
rebel syam not teroris the real terorist is AS and Israell...
احمد محمد
for every one see this actions of muslims are Terrorism  we do this because Soldiers of shiae )الشيعة (want to kill as so we defend our selves  you must know every one we have the right to kill any one try to threat us 
yousef alt
may allah mit then i jahanam means hell
1st One
"What happened to these people to lose their humanity!" Oh! Nothing happened except US and Shiete soldiers killed their families and raped their women... And put them for several years in prisons like Abu-ghuraib to be tortured every 3 hours. What we see in this video from killing those soldiers and executions isn't equal to the brutality of american soldiers to iraqi civilians... But,remember those are soldiers up in that report not innocent.
Alvin Tuy
Hella gangster with the ak47
Prathamesh Sawant
Everyone knows who is funding them. Americans behaving as if this is new to them.