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Film entier Mongol samurai


S Lee
The actress who plays Borte, Khulan Chuluun, is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my entire life.
Why do they speak French in China and Mongolia?
Абделкарим Кыргыз
Petit correction à "lesmuses1", Tchinghiz Aïtmatov n'est pas Mongol, il est Kirghize. la Mongolie est un peu plus loin! même s'il est évident que les invasions mongoles ont laissées leurs traces au Kirghizstan.
Andri Galau
hmm sub indo pun ble la..
Arabian Prince
Genghis Khan was a SAVAGE KILLER not a romantic guy.
It feels real strange to see a well-known Japanese actor playing a Mongol speaking French......
The French is hilarious xD
bolor oyunbat
Petit correction Chingis khan etait pas une bourèe et non plus un homme cruel et despotique !!! Mais le contraire il etait un homme plein de compassion et bienveillant. Voila c’est ca le vrai histoire. Je pense que il y a un peu fausser la vèrite dans le film.
jodolive- Çağrı
super film , merci :-)  C'est bien le film nomé Mongol de 2007 ?
JR production jea
50:40 who are they this maskmen??
Marlène Théberbe
C'est un très bon film, je trouve.
قارئة الفنجان
Nogol is man of war
i don't understand at all. is there any subtitle?
Long live the Ural-Altaic people!
Gabriel Ceasar
Dude..Genghis iz hving more than 2,000 children nt only two??
Dane Hammond
The Mongols
Mehmet Gökdoğan
60% of Turks, Mongols, Genghis Khan's army, made up 40%. In addition, some historians say that there might be Turks Genghis Khan. Genghis Khan because he knew very well Göktürk language.
Andri Galau
xde subt kee
Hli Vaj
Great father Genghis Khan executed GOD order because the mans of the world has committed great sins, like people today around the world... keep it up and you will see the returned of the Great King Genghis Khan he will make sure to judge you, each and everyone and he will give peace and security to mother earth and his peoples.
Badr B
We never forget wath holako khan do to Bagdad and for islam world barbarian tribe you know nothing about civilisation
yob dridi
what's the difference between han. turck and mongol
Abo Alaz
ينقصهُ الترجمه للاسف😟
محمد صلاح حفيد سلطان شاه مراغنة الاوغوز
Killer man go to hell
Misael Paranhaes
muito bom
my smoke head
Genghis Khan is Turk
ismail khan
Aray friend esko Hindi may dalo
Reiko Tray
is this part2?
Trideeb Roy
very good
George Mcdonald
We are talking here about one of the worst barbaric over the history he and his grand son’s killed over 40 millions and a lot of destruction and destroyed civilizations, his grand son holako khan destroyed in Iraq big civilization and a lot of books full of science and knowledge, anyway it’s good to learn no matter how barbarian you are remember one day you will be gone and history curse you
Elysee Bere
Cool j'ador ce film
نبيل رقرق
The great genghis khan
direxmann Be
J'ai une petite question pour les anglophones : What the fuck are you doing in french version of this movie. Et une autre : les Mongols sont des samurais maintenant je savais pas x)...
Adama Toure
Très bon film franchement j'ai aimé moi merci
nrushans HINDU
Buddhists need a military leader like hulagu kagan so that they will take back their stolen land
Bill Bud
Merci , un grand film
Soul Balim's
C'est magnifique film un vrai histoire
fandie ahmad
You know mongol the lose war from java indonesia
Klb Barry
Quel super histoire est Bell film
Cory von Shangri-La
Jackson Perjuste
super ce film j'ai passé une bonne journée
Ceasar Gabrial Son
Genghis Khan was the greatest invader in historyz: Respect✊
تحشيش زاحف
لا يوجد عربي هنا
sh ch
خواستن توانستن است
My god!   this movie sounds TERRRIBLE in French!
Imran Khan
This movies upload hindi & urdu please
amara hacene
Nuuuuuuuuuul aucun sens
Md Azhar Kamal
Mongol movie hindi version is not available and also not english how to understand this....
Rana Ngouning
Wtf no subtitle
Genghis Khan
Why they not speaking my language?
claude zanus
Un film,un vrai comme on les aiment,pas ces films débiles américains,merci!
Sidy Gueye
C c tres bien
Звездный Лорд
Bonjur tujur...
Hyvä Suomi!
Prio Saputra
मगरात आदीभुमी
No subtutle
Agus Hermanto
Ngomong naon sih ieu teh... Tapi seru film na 😏👍
lamine diaw
les mongoles
Orlino Tesoro
Nice movie
Antonietta Abiera
d actor also appeared in d movie Zai tochi n battleship i think
Herivonjy Andriamirado
Nice movie
Mohamed Qaba
Très bon film de guerre.Il est le che-d'oeuvre du cinèma mondial.Il faut le voir.
Frank Quitely
I dunno, there's just something about them Mongol Frogs that don't sit right...
Luc Durivage
this movie is cut , director cut of this movie is the best one
Жан Д.
lol, i did lol every time mongols said merci
Muddasir Khaan
plz tell me the name of this movie i wanna watch in eng dub
Eadoth Chakma
Very boring..... totally disappointed.......what I heard about Genghis Khan what they showed here
Herb Fulmer
french really ? wtf
한국어자막어떻게안될까요? 너무보고싶네요
Afif Hasan
please attache with English subtitle!!!
Zafar Anwary
duhhhh english dubbing!!!!!!!! or english speakers ar afraid to dub? O.o
Omar j madrid Chaabani
Sadaoui Salim
c'est un très bon film merci pour le partage, je vous conseille de regarder. la princesse du désert. top
Lh Hl
merci de nous partager des films en VF des films des arts martiaux IP Man, la princesse de désert, ong back, tout les films de kung-fu ou du box Thaïlandaise merci pour vos efforts
K. R.
I think it's a great film.. My question is: is it historycal Accurate?
Leon S
c trop coollllll!
فيلم روعة ... Goood ★★★★★★★★★★
ahmet çetinkaya
Ergenekon destanı gibiii....:D
Stephane Geoffroy
Très bon film !!!!
Tandy Lantu Basri
gmn cara subtitusi ke bhs indonesia,,?
imranal suresori
Add hindi dubbed
Malcolm van der Ziel
Tu t'appelles comment? Je m'appelle Temujin!
i think this chenges khan story is jus a big lie...a exaggeration of reality.
Turk, Mongol, Hun all of them are similar?
Manchu passing by.
Dion Didi
i like u movi
Josée Saint-PIERRE
J'ai passé un très bon moment à visionner ce film. Les personnages sont attachants même le grand Kahan. On a presque le goût de l'invité à prendre le thé sans avoir peur de ce faire trancher la tête s'il adevenait que le thé était trop chaud. Film à voir.
Rakhmad Hutomo P
longlife majapahit!!!
sidney silva
Bello film
Redwane Fhh
très bon film
Baghdad Taguine
cest cool.
très bon films. images. sons. acteurs etc... BRAVO SERGEI BODROV...
Mohamed Uvais
Lessons of past is nothing but parenting ... Its doesn't matter whom you by birth but death a history ...
bob hiro
فيلم رائع
Greatest and Strongest and Most Powerful Nation in the history of Life
bob hiro
فيلم رائع
muhammad asif
muito bom
S Atakan
Not mongol Cengiz han is Turk.
buono luigi
merci tres beau
Irfan Zaidi
i wants. hindi dubbed