Crosby, Stills, & Nash - Suite Judy Blue Eyes

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Wonderful rendition of a beautiful song. Stephen Stills is absolutely amazing.

crosby stills nash suite judy blue eyes live

Vitality Massage
Stephen killed that solo!  4:44
Ryoji Kitomi
This just makes the bad and stress melt away. Masters making music.. Take notes kids.
Clifford Young
Judy Blue Eyes is our generation's Strauss tone poem.  Steven Stills does things on the guitar that haven't been invented yet and have yet to be discovered.  We are all lucky to be alive to bear witness to such a performance.
Rick Menefee
Oh Yeah, you know these guys are the very best of the best. And Come on now, Steven Stills must be one of the most original genius guitar players / arrangers of all time! Can I get an amen?
I have no words except two. Pure genius.
Steve Struthers
Individually, each of the members of CS&N wouldn't have been quite as successful - not because they weren't good musicians, vocalists or performers, but because together, their voices had an absolutely iconic, definitive sound that none of them could produce on their own. 'Judy Blue Eyes' has always been one of my most favourite songs from the 70s, and one that I associate with a particular time in my childhood.
Gebre Menfes Kidus
Great rendition of one of may favorite songs by CS&N! No need to criticize Crosby or any of them. These guys all understood teamwork, what harmony is all about. Stills is the virtuoso on this one, Nash gives the energy and support, and Crosby just chills and adds his beautiful harmonizing to it all. Nobody trying to surpass anyone else. All of them just making music. Watch the entire concert if you get a chance. You'll see that David Crosby is well involved and giving it his all throughout, in spite of what he may or may not have been on. Just enjoy the great music people. This is wonderful stuff!
Johnny Botts
Stephen Stills on an acoustic guitar is a site to behold!!
David Crosby in His Zombie Drug State ! & Graham Nash Flying on Something Himself, & forgot His Shoes too ! & You get to see what a great Guitar Player Steven Stills is .
Robert Blanchard
Well, I guess...Somehow I am Lucky...Cause I was Blessed to see CSN at Woodstock. I was 16 and just about 4 months shy of joining the Army and going to Vietnam. They saved my life several of I would listen to their music in my head all through my first tour. Suite Judy Blue Eyes was the one I loved the most. If I could stand before Steve Stills today, I would give Him the medels I won in VN. He saved me...Not good luck.
Mike Ritter
All of your comments about how great this performance is are spot on. This may be one of the greatest CSN performances ever. However, this trio was not in their prime when this concert was performed. They weren't topping the Billboard as a group like they were in the 70s, and they were entering tough times personally. As we know, Crosby was in the midst of his "Drug Years" and this undoubtedly was a burden for the other two. While you older folks were around when these guys were making the big time, the more I read about these guys, the more I find that life can be hard. It has its ups and downs, its easy to get caught up in success, and it takes you down roads you may not want to go. I think people that might downplay David's drug issue don't exactly understand the toll it took on him, and the pain it caused the others in his life (But I definitely don't understand or know what he went through personally). But that's what I think makes this performance so special. Crosby, Stills, and Nash were able to, for this performance, rise above their personal issues and life struggles and were able to do as Jose Marti said in his fabled poem "Guantanamera": "share the poems of my soul." And its no surprise: the trio's spot-on harmonies, Stills' killer lead guitar abilities, and the overall energy and passion these guys bring to this performance of "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes" is definitely a piece from these guys' souls. Its simply beautiful
Mick G
Lesson in Harmony. What a song. Thanks for sharing
All three are fine musicians. Crosby from the Byrds,Stills from Buffalo Springfield, and Nash from the Hollies. All play guitar just fine and I don't need to mention their writing and harmony abilities.All have had solo LPs. Enjoy this gem because your music/ noise in todays generation sucks and is put together by corporations and drugged out rappers. Sad.
I always wander back here to see this. David was not in a good place here but he's bounced back with that richest of voices recently. An acoustic guitar and 3 amazingly rich backbone goes unnecessary everytime I get the slightest hint of those harmonies.
Jim Lappin
must be one of best songs ever
''Fear is the lock and laughter the key to your heart....'' beautiful song.
Julie Johnson
<3 <3 <3  This song is medicine.  CSN is a gift.
Bud B
Best Fucking song ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish I was older at the time.
Stephen Stills is amazing and always has been. This song is my all-time favorite, and this video is my all-time favorite performance of "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes."
Cameron Cook
'Don't  get much better then that
Helen Thompson
Does it get better than Stephen? Not! He is musically and vocally gorgeous.
Steven Bolfing
Suite: Judy Blue Eyes - if this is not the best song ever written, then it has to be in the top 10!  I have loved it since it was released, and never tire of it!
Cheesy Cola
Nash is so awesome. He is ALWAYS so into it.
steve read
Play it LOUD !!!
Beautiful, truly a classic.
John Wilkes
my first kiss was while listening to this song.
Alrighty Then
When he gets to the guitar solo he totally jams the living shit out of it. This guy has got to be one of the greatest guitarists of all time.
Gabby Hayes
This is the best live version I've heard of this classic. All at the peak of their talents. Beautiful song.
Belongs in the all time greatest American songs (of any genre) of all time. Just beautiful, powerful and it just... IS.
Terrell L. Moody
This has been my earworm for the past few days and I'm now just a tiny bit obsessed with it. After hearing it sporadically for many years and being rather ambivalent towards it, I now see what I've been missing! Such a wonderful feel to it, with great lyrics ("Don't let the past remind us of what we are not now."). As for this performance: almost perfection! While David looks pained and uncomfortable, Stephen's guitar playing is just incredible and I so love how much Graham is really feeling it and how so many of his movements match up to the beats; I can't take my eyes off him!
ace bass
Crosby looks comatoast in the video
Mary Robison
words can not describe this performance~genius comes to mind
Tony Nickoloff
Stephen Stills is why I play guitar the way I do... oh ya and Richie Havens...!
that's the kind of 60's rock I loved.
Joseph Dungee
"Sweet" Judy Collins!
Alvaro Egas
2:55 Nash comes back from doing couple of lines
MattyK USA
If all Stephen had ever written and sung was this one song, he would have still deserved to be in the Hall of Fame. Epic in every way - songwriting, composition, voicing, harmony, performance. A song for the ages.
Jason Burns
Ah...we were all so much younger when we bought this album. I always wanted the sofa/couch on the front cover. Wonder if it's still around?
My Blues Playlist
Fear is the lock, and laughter the key to your heart......
love to love
Stephen Stills is a hugely under-celebrated guitarist. Total virtuoso.
Lynda Russell
Great song classic
three guys one guitar
Judy Kinne
I NEVER tire of hearing this rendition of "my" song ~ a Judy blue eyes !
Silas Fatchett
Put the voices of Stills and Nash together and it's extraordinary. Add Crosby's voice and it becomes sublime.
Bud B
David is so high here!!
Got chills.
Michael D.
Absolutely the most beautiful group ever. I saw them at the Concord Pavillion 15 years after this song was first released. A very young girl was sitting next to my wife and I. The girl had tears in her eyes when this song was played. I remember thinking that she was a baby when the song first came out, and wondered why she was so emotional. Then I realized that the passing years had nothing to do with the emotion. Beauty is timeless.
Gave me the musical chills of my youth (sigh)
Bob W
Such a great song! A classic Stills tune using D modal tuning. The original tune is in the key of E. Stills plays it in D. The tuning is DDDDAD! He plays a few songs in this tuning! Acoustic sounds full and rich! Great player!
Richard Sabsay
man this was fantastic. the vocals are unbelievably great.
Jake's cakes
I love Graham Nash here! he's awesome
Jorge Pizarro
What a beautiful song!
Matt Dickey
It's an amazing song and performance. I'm not a fan of whatever effects Stills uses though. Same thing when he plays electric. He used to have more pure tones. I don't know what happened to Clapton either. In the '70's he had a great, bluesy tone. Over the last 15 years, whatever effects he uses makes it sound so thin. For me SRV had the best strat tone in history, I wish other strat players would copy that.
Jake's cakes
how someone as young as he was then write such a beautiful, meaningful, timeless song is beyond me. They nailed it here! I grew up to CSNY. Puts chills up my spine. Thank you for creating such a masterpiece.
Frances Dunaway
I am51 yrs old and still remember every word.Please share this music with your children and grandchildren...don't let it fade away!
kayne west couldn't even do anything like this in his dreams..............simply amazing!!!!!
crazy eddie
What is Graham Nash on? I want an ounce.
Bud B
Great song thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!!!! amazing group even though I am a kid from the 80s love it.
Graham Nash looks and sounds absolutely incredible here. He managed to stay so fit and healthy over the years, both in mind and body. I just finished his autobiography, "Wild Tales", which he actually wrote; no ghostwriter. Highly recommended reading for all CSN fans!
Robert Longwill
stills is a great player too
Bev Dziengelewski
Guitar sounding like a sitar!!!!! GENIUS!!!
Tim Gilbert
OMG Stephen Stills was amazing in this...
Rhonda Laffey
“Remember what we’ve said, and done, and felt about each other...” My favorite moment of song, 50-55 seconds in, the exchange between Nash & Crosby is so sweet.
Marie Trebilcock
whats the matter with David? He looks asleep in this video
Mrs. Hudson
Stills is a genius. End of story. Goodnight everyone.
Scott Russell
It's a gift that with all the greats dying off at an unbelievable pace of late, not only CSN are all still living and playing music, but Neil Young as well. I can't think of any other super group from the 60's or 70's that still has all it's members not only alive but still playing at a professional level. If any of us get a chance to see them live today, don't miss the opportunity. I saw CSN on the Southern Cross tour in Memphis and the concert was pure magic. I'm soon to be 53 years old and these guys a huge part of the sound track of my life and I'd have to assume the same holds true for many of us. Love these guys, and I'd pay just about any price to see CSN&Y just once more before they are gone.
Shawna Daniel
makes me feel so free and young again. I'm dancing naked to this song now while smoking a cigarette. whoo hoo! 👻
Derek M. Theriault
ugottalisten2b4udie Don't let the past remind us of what we are not now.
Madeline Musilek
wow i always listened to this music from my album I had back in the day. but we had no video..this is so great to watch these musicians actually singing this song. love this song forever
Absolutely amazing!
Andrew Mantle
Sometimes when I listen to this, I feel an opening to universal love that I can't quite grab, but it is beautiful and shared. Thank you CSN for your giving.
The songs, world over, have a common thread : Nostalgia of our youth.....
Graham Nash is and always will be one of my vocal idols, at least when it comes to harmonizing, but videos from the '80s and beyond really remind you how much strain those high harmonies put on your voice!
Yale University, Fall of 1969., Trey, Morse Residential  College, Pekruhn,Welty, Javits, Oldenburg, Lee, Charlie Foss!!! Suite Judy Blue Eyes, Fireplace, Commons room, love Crosby, Stills & Nash -- Times of our Lives
Cosmic Rock
My favorite song of ALL TIME.
250 idiots thumbs down?? wow!
This is a Stephen Stills "tour de force" LOVE IT!
terry moore
Agree with April 25th but then I cry a lot. Yes I've opened myself to be shamed but at my age it's the least of my worries.
Patty Boda
they are absolutely fabulous! they always make me happy, no matter what!
Nash over-acting - as usual.
yeah... that's what i'm thinking too. perfection.
Bill Scott
Crosby can't move . He's on his 3rd liver. !
Gary H
What an immense talent Steven Stills is.
Stu B
I hope the people in attendance at this show are appreciative of how unfuckingbelievably fortunate they are to have have been there.
Patty Pratt
The Best of 'the Best' does NOT get ..any better than this..belieeeve me ..ty so much CSN xxxxxxxxxx
Stu B
Wow. Just wow.
Art Knight
@0:53 when David and Graham catch each other's eye! My heart melts.
Raymond Faron
SONG...via America, except for Graham whom I have personally adopted as my American..
Aaron Anderson
"Que linda me la traiga Cuba La reina de la Mar Caribe Cielo sol no tiene sangreahi Y que triste que no puedo vaya oh va, oh va"
Craig Anderson
Crosby in La La or Nirvana?  I love him either way.
Stephen Stills killed it
Rick Sundberg
Steven Stills and his back up singer and a dancer.
Randy Gardner
Steven Still's is a virtual metronome! Watch him play and everything is precision and kept in time and tempo. I love watching this performance. CS&N would not be right without any one of them but Stills is the absolutely indispensable man.
Julie Gibbs
saw them last night and the performance was way better than this.  The voices have changed but Stills' guitar was AWESOME
Wow, amazing how GREAT that sounds live...! That guitar playing is sinful...!!
Diane Kennedy
I've always been a Young fan but I forget how TALENTED STEPHAN STILLS IS!!!!!!!!