5 Great National Teams DESTROYED By Cristiano Ronaldo

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Rollie Raydden
Cristiano is simply the best. Left foot, right foot, long range, short range, aerial ball, penalty, free kick, passing, physique, speed, strength, power, agility, club, international you name it. The dude is the whole package
Tris Matu
Ronaldo doesn’t have enough help in Portugal to lift the world up..if he had the talent around him that Neymar has in Brazil or Messi’s Argentina, no doubt Ronaldo would win a the World Cup
Simone Linetti
The best in History!!!🇵🇹🇵🇹
Th moment you realize..you can't even keep it up with all highlights because RONALDO DID IT AGAIN AND AGAIN😂😂😂
Diyar J
Add Spain now 😂
Gulan HD1
VS Spain 3_3 world cup 2018
Shadow Ninja
Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi in court: Judge: Have any of you won the Golden ball? Ronaldo: Yes, 5 times. Messi: Yes, 5 times as well. Judge: Have any of you won the Golden Boot? Ronaldo: Yes, 4 times. Messi: Same here. Judge: How many individual trophies have you each won? Ronaldo: 16. Messi: 13. Judge: Have any of you played for another club’s first team besides your current one? Ronaldo: Yes! Sporting CP in Portugal first division and Manchester United in BPL. Messi: No. Only Barcelona. Judge: Have any of you won a title with your national team? Ronaldo: Yes! We won Portugal’s first ever European Championship. Messi: No. Judge: How many goals have each of you scored for your respective teams? Ronaldo: Should I count the goals I’ve scored for Man United and Sporting? Judge: No. Only for Real Madrid. Ronaldo: 436 goals in 426 appearances or 9 seasons. Messi: 539 goals in 625 appearances or 14 seasons. Judge: Who has scored more hattricks in La Liga? Ronaldo: Me. 35 in La Liga. Messi: Ronaldo has. I’ve scored 28. Judge: Which is the most prestigious competition in club football? Ronaldo: Champions League. Messi: Champions League. Judge: Have any of you won Champions League? Ronaldo: Yes, 5 times in total with 2 different teams. Once with Man United and 4 times with Madrid. Messi: Yes, 4 times as well with Barcelona only. Judge: Who has scored more goals in the CL between the two of you? Ronaldo: I’ve scored 118 goals in the CL. Messi: I’ve scored 100. Judge: Who has more assists between the two of you in the CL? Ronaldo: I have 39. Messi: Ronaldo has. I have 26. Judge: Who has scored more goals in total in the CL finals? Ronaldo: Me. Messi: Ronaldo. Judge: Which one of you have scored more free kicks? Ronaldo: I have. Messi: Ronaldo has. Judge: Most goals with weak foot? Ronaldo: Me, I think. Messi: (Nods in agreement). Judge: Most goals from outside of the box? Ronaldo: Me.. again. Messi: Ronaldo. Judge: Who has scored more headers? Ronaldo: Is that a serious question? Messi: ... Judge: Who has a better penalty conversion rate? Ronaldo: I think I do. I’ve scored 82% of the penalties I’ve taken. Messi: I’ve scored 77% of the penalties I’ve taken. Judge: Which one of you have scored the most goals in total during your career? Ronaldo: I think I have. 647 goals. Messi: I’ve scored 603 Judge: How many football records do each of you hold in total for both club and country? Ronaldo: 146 Messi: 110 Judge: Well, after analyzing all of the facts that have been presented to me. I can only draw one conclusion when it comes to comparing you both as football players. That conclusion is that Ronaldo is the better player in almost every category. When it comes to goal scoring and accolades for both club and country, Ronaldo comes out on top. Messi, you are without a doubt Barcelona’s best player of all time. But certainly not the world’s best ever. That is clearly Ronaldo at the moment. Messi: But I am younger than Ronaldo and haven’t played as many matches as him. Judge: I understand that, but until you surpass his goal scoring records and win as many trophies both individually and collectively as he has, then Ronaldo will, according to the statistics, be considered as the best football player of all time. Until then, keep pushing on and you just might be able to achieve just as much as Ronaldo.
B a b a l o n
Hes not like messi, he’s better then messi
Jareena Jasmin
He's the best in ever in world. .👐👏✌💪
Nathan Drake
I'am Real Madrid fan but now Real and Juve Fan ;) All Real Madrid fan (maybe %70-80) now REAL and Juve fan because C.Ronaldo (Ronaldo v2.0)
Jonathan Giron
Cristiano Ronaldo El Mejor Jugador Del Mundo, El Rey, El Jugador Legendario, El Mejor De Los Mejores, El Más Completo De Todos Los Tiempos Y El Mejor De Toda La Historia. Es Alucinante Y Todo Un Ejemplo. Es Una Máquina, Una Leyenda Y Un Crack. Fan De CR7 Y Mi Jugador Favorito Al 100 % Y Excelente Bro Gran Video.
cas sandra
Excited to watch your game for tomorrow. New fan from Philippines. CR7
Abdirisak Awes
abbas ismawir
you need to put vs spain now 😇
Bass Legion
First . Road to 10K. Also WC starts today! Go Cr7,Go!
Hyper Z
Absolute legend, there is my idol..
Incredible soccer player , the best of this planet or ... the best on this planet, but ... comes CR7 from another planet?
Aneesh Cr7
All in one cr7 the great world btr plyr ❤❤💞💞👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Elsa Cristina
The day after this video being upload, he DESTRYOED Spain with 3 goals
Jan Hirschfeld
The Greatest of all Time
Binod Kunwar
Shubhamita Pal
Cr7 god of football...best player in the world...😚😚
Reyban Original
My idol CR7..from malaysia
Stop Now
I’m soo glad he was born!and the rest of the team as well.I love the Portuguese national team and I really do believe we can win the World Cup
InSpace x
why was muller in the cover
Bipul Chakma
cause he is a great footballer
Imran Sakib
This is why I am supporting #Ron
forgot about Spain few days ago?
Nice, great idea bro
Shapal Nawaz
Ronaldo is great
Sonrixx 619
Ronaldo can do it on his own. If only he had more support. back then only quesrema and pepe, now I see ronaldo has formed Portugal into something new
Wadani dhab ah
Add spain 2018. 3 goals
Bal Magar
Perfectionist Goatnaldo 😍
Sandeep Rana
It was clear that no one can dribble like Messi and no one can goal with head like Ronaldo.(heading master)
Nada Nada
I have so much respect for Ronaldo...I love his desire of winning of being the best...He is just sensational
Immanuel Mudjanima
hari krishna
Ronaldo ur amazing
Egypt isn’t exactly a great national team but good video apart from that.
Jelan Posta
Jetzt kommt Spanien auch dazu 😂😂
Bina Magar
I adore him alot 😘😘😘 He is the best ever player in this era and I felt lucky that I am watching his game. I will also tell my future son that once upon a time there was #Cristiano_Ronaldo 😍😍😍 like #Casilas 😊
Irbid GT
Might wanna add spain now :D
syaiful rizal
mo salah 1 vs 2 ronaldo (win) ibra 2 vs 3 ronaldo (win)
Anshuman Adhikari
Old Ronaldo was really fast nd more energetic his style changed I would like to see him like before cz tht was more strong then now one man army the way he always taken the chance to goal from anywhere he's a legend
A ohri
Egypt is not good only Salah is and Sweden nope Portugal nope like egypt they got Salah and portugal got Ronaldo
Leo paul
Best viedo of the world we will never forget
what to do now.he has done everything.now just to win the world cup and he will be the best player in the universe.
Dayza Kalla
Meilleur joueur de tous les temps Cr7
junaid khan
Background music is unique keep it up
Soma Jha
where is spain 2018??.. put that too :*
Evo 10
Actually i don't like him. But it seems he never give up in any situation.. A true leadership in him..
Акм Акм
красавчик роналду🖒👍👏
Anfas Hussain 7
Cr7 is super i am a strong fan of reno
Unknown Person
cirstiano ronaldo is better than messi. He can efficiently use both of his legs to strike while messi will always strike with his left. Ronaldo is the best ever.
2:31 , does it mean to destroy players haha lol
Rikta Mondal
Ronaldo is a all time best and he is a god😘😘😘
sing along
This is misleading cause on the thumbnail it was Germany
WWE Edition
That was amazing. 👌
Great video bro <3
Brahma 13
With very Weak team defending his Legacy . What a legend
Cr7 💕💕💕💕
Egypt and great national team Bruh!!!!!!
shahil hans
when he will score against Germany ??
Dr.Ahmed Sheha
But Egypt scored a goal for history 😍😍💟💪 CR7💟
Vinotinto NYC
Egypt, Sweden and Wales "great" teams? Or teams with a great player on them?
Simone Linetti
Spain 2018😎😎
Spain 2018
o justice
I love Cristiano Ronaldo, not that his the best...... Just love him.....
6 With Spain
Joel James
Y not against spain 2018world cup
Emmanual gaming
Ronaldo is that kind of player who keeps capability win world alone.
red and white
Belgium not great team in 2007
Nike 22
Robert Almer (Goalkeeper from Austria) destroyed him 😂👌🏻 Em 2016
Daniel Oropeza
Falta España xd
Soumya Agarwaal
When you realise this video will never be enough 😂 need to add Spain to the list now. Great collection though😍👌
Riccardo Di Luca
Spain 2010 and 2018.
1 1
5:10 ronaldo should had kept same hairstyle fpr 2018 world cup.
Pormay Murmu
İ'm fan of cristiano ronaldo.He is very good player.
Therta Hosokulu
Cr7 best player in the world....
Shabeer Ahmed
The world: Who are You ? Cr7: Your Destruction
rajeev shah
cr7 silent the criticizer ...one of them is ztlan is slapped by cr7 ..vs hatrick sweden 2013
usaid raqeeb
I wanna know who was that Netherland defendor man that was lit
Estela Peruzinho
Siti Aprriani
W o w .. woooowww Yg paling fenomenal kontra sweden ..
fernando gabriel coitinho gonzales
Cristiano =G.O.A.T
Ronaldo best player in the world
Nothing new to me because Im portuguese! Simply the best of all times
King Yousuf
Ronaldo was on Nofap for 323 days 💪😎💪😎💪
Abdullah alhalmi
Barcelona fans saying Ronaldo can’t dribbling from 4ot 5 players
Shib Kumar
Ronaldo is a great player but not the best comparing to pele
Nafia Mardhatillah
Cr7 is the best's
Holland game should’ve been like 10-1 all those near misses
Jin Kazama
Ronaldo is always the HERO
Klaus Taler
Egypt? Great National Team?
Ashak-ul Arefin Saif
WOW!!!!!! He isn't a human, he's a goal machine, a perfect goal scorer & his skills are outstanding. And of course, amazing video dude... Thank you!!!
Pakya Che Man
Netherland, Sweden, Egypt, Belgium, Wales r the national great teams??? hahahahahahahahaha
Tesla Santos
That's what you call commitment! 👏👏
Edgar Carreon
CR7 is the best player in the world
ettienne koffi
tout simplement le meilleur joueur de la planete
Maczy Thurr
Ronaldo the best 21st century football player in the world