Old Melodic Dubstep Mix (2009-2012)

Flamascus Music
My upload is so bad and i needed really long for uploading this but now its here, finally! Got so much nostalgia while making this with all the amazing artists. Whats your favourite old melo dubstep track?
woaw, this bring me a lot of memories, like when I get into the EDM world, that was one of my best decisions ever tho- 🔥
good job dude
Inspector L
Old melodic dubstep !! That's exactly what I need ... I only know new stuff haha! Ill take the time to hear it thanks a lot 😍
Amazing :3
Piotr Wachowski
Same mix of old DnB would be nice :)
had no idea you have a promotion channel
Flamascus Music
Also, i made some wallpapers and live wallpaper, look in the description for the links
nostalgic, this is a great mix!