Hell's Kitchen - Season 18 Episode 4 - Hell Freezes Over Full Episode HD

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Kitchen Nightmares Hotel Hell and Hell's Kitchen
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Kelly Marie
Bret this is the 18th season of hells kitchen, you should know by now NOT to use canned ingredients you dipstick.
You’re doing gods work by posting these high quality full episodes
Girl 1: “Why is he so cute when he yells?” Girl 2: “Because he’s British” *PREACH*
Hethal Pothap
Has anyone realized how savage the narrator dude is?
Mia is the strongest chef there.
Janae Abbott
i hope mia wins the whole thing. the women can cook
Couple of Pokemon
Final 2 is Mia and T calling it now
Adam Hastings
You can tell bret is Italian because he talks to much lol
Real talk though, Mia is great
Battle Memes By Omari
Let's face it, they completely changed it to men vs women because the blue team is complete shit 😂😂😂😂😂
The veterans should have lost tonight. Kevin was clearly a disaster on meat and Trev literally did nothing to back him up on the station.
Valerie Stewart
I agree with the majority. Mia will definitely take it home. Although I really want Kevin to win. He was probably one of my all time favorites....despite how poorly he did this episode.
michael smith
After 30 years in Restaurants, I look at these guys, especially Trevor and Brett, and wonder, HOW THE HELL DID THEY BECOME EXECUTIVE CHEFS!!!
Rosa Maldonado
Mia is growing on me.
Quite possibly one of the most head scratching episodes ever... So, yeah zero sabotage from the veterans. I knew veterans wouldn't pull that crap. There are cameras everywhere...do you honestly think people could get away with sabotage? I was pegging Kevin to be top 2, but this episode has pretty much erased that image, WTF happened to him? I hope that's a one-off. Chris seems like a nice guy but I think he's pretty much next to go unless he pulls a series of miracles at this rate. I did not expect Ramsay to completely negate the whole "veterans vs rookies" concept all so quickly. Interesting to see the women in blue and the men in red, that's definitely a first.
Niesha McCoy
BRETT STOP!!!! It's not that serious. Move on...
Gabrielle Ashley
Why is he so cute when he yells? Because he's british! Lol
Octavio Lara
“We are a good team” says the worst cook in the red team
Some more Clorox Bleach
How many times did Jose just say thank you during the soup judging
Godwin Ogbeide
Men from the red team and women from the blue team. Strange, but a good decision though.
Dyandre Pitt
Oi why did they change the opening theme
Vince Marquez
The editor on this show needs to smoke a joint and get a raise at the same time
Everything Tube
Gordon has something inside for mia he never gets mad or rude to her
So bullshit, Mia is beautiful, great body, can out cook anyone on the team, hope she wins
The Legend doing it again
Chesapeake Area Paranormal
Rookies are kicking the veterans asses
Matthew Galloway
I’ve said it every episode and I’ll continue to say it until she’s gone. Kanae is fine! 😍
idle worship
bret is so annoying oh my GOD
Will Tai
waiting for the episode when Trev leaves... then I'll be happy
Strawbérry Milk
so much food gets wasted. i wouldn't mind being their trash can! - except when they throw dishes in it!
Gabrielle Ashley
Bret is the real life Tommy from Power lmao
At 29:11 is that the Therapist woman from the show Lucifer? On the right the one that says "because he's British"?
Mamuana Hnamte
What would Brian Boitano do. If he was here right now ? He'd make a plan, and he'd follow through, That's what Brian Boitano'd do!
gacha angie l
Where is episode 5
eloise rhyan
Where’s episode 5? :)
Syahmi Samra
damn, those funky bikinis though;
Lataco Grande
Was that the dude from super size me on the vip
Niesha McCoy
Chris wasn't paying attention.
Omit X
I'm sorry bro...but he's an Italian wigger bro.....I'm sorry BRO
K&W Productions
Lmao the guy from supersize me!
Dona Lyn
Awesome boys against girls
Sam Sepiol
Jesus Christ she sure loves her acid
F for Faizal
Why have canned tomatoes if you can’t use them
RtBallinRanger 93
These veterans are totally useless
Abdul Star321
is it just me or is mia hot
Boiled Broccoli
Well this is intense
Julio Olvera
Is T a girl? Daaaamn!
Cindy Desjardins
Only watching the previews at the beginning, and I feel like I've seen all there is to see.
Juliette Mor
Toota Esmail
Where is the blue teams sabotage for the rookies? Damn i should stop believing what i see next weeks preview trailer.. Its fake..
uwu noice
Ignasius Edward
At First I Thought Mia Is The Weak One, But Damn She Proves Me Wrong !
Jen Ernest
Love it
Vue Tony
That pho was hella disappointing. -_-
Suzy Siviter
I don't trust those 'Muslim Aid' adverts; I bet not one penny goes to victims.
Kell Brigan
I can't believe HK paid that asshat Spurlock to be on a show about food.
I’d call this season’s intro theme music far from spectacular, but it’s a HELL of a lot better than that goddamn “FIIIIIIIRE!! WHOA WHOA WHOA FIIIIIIIIIIRE!!” song they’ve always used. ( ಠ_ಠ)
Welp, the whole Rookies vs. Veterans concept was just straight up abandoned in episode 4. That's disappointing. Wonder if the ratings plummeted after this for this season.
Ash IAm
16:40 and put ur playback at .25 the guy in the back of the blue team scratches his head with a middle finger
When roe was making her pho I just got done eating pho lmao
Chris Wippich
So Gordon f’ed up the red kitchen chop
pieter lion
god Mia is so cute....
Thankyou so much for posting these vids in such high quality.
barracuda h
mia will win it////
Chris Wippich
Bret isn’t even a rookie
Salt N Shade
i feel bad for chris :(
29:10 OMG, Is that Mrs.Hefley from Diary of the Wimpy Kid? AHHHHHHHHHHHH😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
nejc suban
I love that the rookies are showing that rank doesn't matter
Scotty Lewis
Did Jockey compare Trev to Dr Eggman from Sonic?
Manny P
Scotty Lewis
Brett stop apologizing!
Sky He
The end of episode 3 as a trailer for this episode was so fake. The blue team never tried to sabotage the red team😒
Laura Te Aho-White
Poor Chris, his short term memory issues must be frustrating as hell to work with.
mister Pancakes
Finally the watermelon is gone she's making so much more for yourself bye Felicia
Garbage Human
The soup challenge is rigged. You can hear Gordon say "three" before the woman judge rates Jose's soup a three.
Dol _
Red teams are great at challenges but suck in the service, unlike blue team who are terrible at challenges but carry the service smoothly (almost)
alan lars
how can you be a chef without hitting the slopes ;) ;)
Allyssa Lukhachi
Oh hell naw, did he fricken say Mia was the weakest on the team, damn that's how you know the pressure is getting to his head.
Jack Patterson
Who I want to win Hell’s Kitchen Season 18 from who I like the most to who I dislike the most (currently) 1. Kevin 2. Ariel 3. Trevor 4. Scotley 5. T 6. Bret 7. Chris Mendonca 8. Jose 9. Chris Motto 10. Roe 11. Gizzy 12. Mia 13. Kanae 14. Heather
alan lars
Battle Memes By Omari
Let's face it, he did this because the blue team is shit 😂😂😂😂
I just wanted to say that as someone who can't watch these episodes when they air in my country, thank you so fricking much for uploading!
Hana Yousufzai
I was horrified for a few seconds when gordon said Kevin’s name. He did mess up tonight but he is one of the best chefs overall ever in HK
Soundous Sondosa
So excited for the next episode I mean boys vs girls. Seems more entrusting
Why was Roe asked back? She was mediocre at best last time around...& proving to be the same this time. I remember her former season well; never understood how in the world she made it to black jackets!! JMO
Brandi Taylor
“I can do things.”
Temmie lee
imagine if he did hazbin hotel lol
Yash Gurjar
Wish Jockey went like, "goo goo g'joob!!!" @ 21:01
sean ahmed
as a thirty some guy, i totally support the vets but...GOD, HOW I LOVE WATCHING TREV STUMBLE. AND BRET TOO. AND ALSO KEVIN. LOL
Not Ben
Honestly, why does Ramsay even give them the option of cooking with canned vegetables or pre-made pasta?
Chikago Asa
Kanae.....thug life
whatever happend to scott the sue chef gordons
Chikago Asa
WOW....on the team change
Hey! Dr linda you're having fun without Chloe and Maze!
Felix Natanael
I like Trev, he's sarcastic and cynical, but funny.
Shann D
It’s 90 degrees and they’re wearing jackets. 😂😂
David The only Endಠ_ಠ
Trev seems really awkward for some reason but I kinda know he's gonna win
sis vs bro
How the hell you forget about the Damn chop he literally told you the time and you forgot Damn doughnut