Hell's Kitchen - Season 18 Episode 4 - Hell Freezes Over Full Episode HD

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Kitchen Nightmares Hotel Hell and Hell's Kitchen
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Hethal Pothap
Has anyone realized how savage the narrator dude is?
You’re doing gods work by posting these high quality full episodes
Kelly Marie
Bret this is the 18th season of hells kitchen, you should know by now NOT to use canned ingredients you dipstick.
Hunter Kelley
I wonder if Gordon ever realized he was the one to put the chop in the oven.... 🤣😂 Yelling out, 'WHO DID IT?!' .... Bro, you did.
Mia is the strongest chef there.
Gabrielle Ashley
Why is he so cute when he yells? Because he's british! Lol
Valerie Stewart
I agree with the majority. Mia will definitely take it home. Although I really want Kevin to win. He was probably one of my all time favorites....despite how poorly he did this episode.
Vince Marquez
The editor on this show needs to smoke a joint and get a raise at the same time
Janae Abbott
i hope mia wins the whole thing. the women can cook
Rosa Maldonado
Mia is growing on me.
Real talk though, Mia is great
Adam Hastings
You can tell bret is Italian because he talks to much lol
I think a major problem with the vets is that you can see they've lost the motivation and determination they used to have to want to win and do their complete best. They've just lost some of their passion after already being here before..... While the rookies are giving it their complete all since everything is new and fresh and they get excited.
Sam Sepiol
Jesus Christ she sure loves her acid
Dol _
Red teams are great at challenges but suck in the service, unlike blue team who are terrible at challenges but carry the service smoothly (almost)
michael smith
After 30 years in Restaurants, I look at these guys, especially Trevor and Brett, and wonder, HOW THE HELL DID THEY BECOME EXECUTIVE CHEFS!!!
Renn Li
I've always been thinking, wouldn't personal preferences affect how tasty a dish is for someone though? For example, my grandma absolutely hates heavy food so she tends to season everything very lightly to the point I add salt and pepper by myself sometimes. She thinks I eat way too salty and it's "unhealthy". Or what if somebody adores spicy food? Chef Ramsay always seems to criticize it when he thinks it's too spicy, but it might not be spicy enough for me? Chef Desjardins in this episode also seems to look for acidity in every soup, what if you just don't like that?
The veterans should have lost tonight. Kevin was clearly a disaster on meat and Trev literally did nothing to back him up on the station.
Matthew Galloway
I’ve said it every episode and I’ll continue to say it until she’s gone. Kanae is fine! 😍
Niesha McCoy
BRETT STOP!!!! It's not that serious. Move on...
Kanae is so lovely, love her spirit
Couple of Pokemon
Final 2 is Mia and T calling it now
nejc suban
I love that the rookies are showing that rank doesn't matter
Mohamed Adnane Tahi
does everyone just smoke like i dont understand
Pat Fenis
Mia one of those girls that can do both. Dayum I need her math
idle worship
bret is so annoying oh my GOD
Octavio Lara
“We are a good team” says the worst cook in the red team
Chesapeake Area Paranormal
Rookies are kicking the veterans asses
Randoms Cringy
Brett is like an over emotional soft vin diesel
I thought I was trippin when I was thinking Brett said the N word at 2:14 but I know for a fact he said it 17:56 😂😂
Wisal Alhinai
I am so sick of hearing that stupid sound that is used for swearing 😂😂😂❤️
Some more Clorox Bleach
How many times did Jose just say thank you during the soup judging
Strawbérry Milk
so much food gets wasted. i wouldn't mind being their trash can! - except when they throw dishes in it!
I just wanted to say that as someone who can't watch these episodes when they air in my country, thank you so fricking much for uploading!
Davion Nguyễn
Phở soup took at least 10h to perfecting , 45 mins ??? , no no no no no no no you can't
Quite possibly one of the most head scratching episodes ever... So, yeah zero sabotage from the veterans. I knew veterans wouldn't pull that crap. There are cameras everywhere...do you honestly think people could get away with sabotage? I was pegging Kevin to be top 2, but this episode has pretty much erased that image, WTF happened to him? I hope that's a one-off. Chris seems like a nice guy but I think he's pretty much next to go unless he pulls a series of miracles at this rate. I did not expect Ramsay to completely negate the whole "veterans vs rookies" concept all so quickly. Interesting to see the women in blue and the men in red, that's definitely a first.
Godwin Ogbeide
Men from the red team and women from the blue team. Strange, but a good decision though.
Not Ben
Honestly, why does Ramsay even give them the option of cooking with canned vegetables or pre-made pasta?
Jessica Peters
Why is he so cute when he yells?? Because he's British..... Bahahababbaahabaha awesome.
Ramsay asking who put the pork chop in the oven and let it go black. I don't know man, maybe it was yourself lol. He ain't going to admit and try to blame someone for TV.
Will Tai
waiting for the episode when Trev leaves... then I'll be happy
Vue Tony
That pho was hella disappointing. -_-
Mariel Medina
You can literally just hear the disappointment in Chef Ramsay’s voice
Dyandre Pitt
Oi why did they change the opening theme
Steven Pagnani
Jen sabotaged herself
Hector Hernandez
Brett needs to learn from his failures not dwell on them
Bob Cousin
So sad to see all that food waste, the rich just turn a blind eye to the millions each year that die from the lack of good nutrition...
Bogus Bozo
Whoever dates mia is gonna be one lucky dude. Lord have mercy on him because he's gonna be fat by the next week. Mia's cooking is so 🔥 🔥 🔥 that he'll have seconds... probably thirds of her food 😂
David Galicia
Mia is a strong chef, but damn girl not only are you pretty, but you got a booty on ya 😍😘
Rasheed Miller
The women are about to body the men. The men have no one absolutely no one
Everything Tube
Gordon has something inside for mia he never gets mad or rude to her
Mamuana Hnamte
What would Brian Boitano do. If he was here right now ? He'd make a plan, and he'd follow through, That's what Brian Boitano'd do!
the background music is often unnecessary
DeathByeXecution Bestdeathfan
Woww... I was so looking forward to a season of mixed teams instead of Men vs Women.
The Legend doing it again
Michal Nielsen
30 ton snow ? - where did they hide the last 29,5 ton snow ?
Willi Wildfang
Mia and Kanae should make the final. Mia is a very good chef and she is beautiful. Kanae is adorable and a great chef as well.
Son Goku
I feel chef Ramsey is much nicer on this season compared to older seasons
Sheila's Ass just walked into hell's kitchen! I mean Sheila Sazs. Where are the suits fans in here? thumbs up!
At 29:11 is that the Therapist woman from the show Lucifer? On the right the one that says "because he's British"?
The red team looks and sounds awfully boring to me imo.
Planet Life
wow Chris at the end what an idiot. He said Mia Demands. That's EXACTLY what Gordon Ramsay does. He demands perfection and those are words out of his own mouth. Chris literally just sealed the deal on who Gordon wants to win. Mia.
First of all phơ broth that is cooked in 45 minutes is shit ok you make it over night.
Gonzales Frederic
A Vietnamese pho in 45 minutes !? That is more than ambitious if you mean to have it perfect : it is well-nigh on delusional. ...and as l expected, she failed lamentably.
Diza Valdiserri
Am I the only one that thinks that the narrator and editors are funny 😆 af
Jessica Ward
Why does Gordon mown at everyone when he put tins to use
alexander ignacio
Mia is just kicking some a**.
Steven Pagnani
Go Mia and Ariel ❤
Chris mag Gurken
2:45 Yo wtf I thought Chris was gay.
Eric Liu
Brett looks like Vin Diesel
Gabrielle Ashley
Bret is the real life Tommy from Power lmao
gacha angie l
Where is episode 5
Scotty Lewis
Brett stop apologizing!
Why was Roe asked back? She was mediocre at best last time around...& proving to be the same this time. I remember her former season well; never understood how in the world she made it to black jackets!! JMO
Pixie Snow
I don't know why everyone is saying Mia is going to win. She does know how to cook but she is ditzy beyond measure. Gordon will never entrust his restaurant to someone like that.
Syahmi Samra
damn, those funky bikinis though;
Niesha McCoy
Chris wasn't paying attention.
Reva Hendon
Suck it up buttercup! Lol
Ignasius Edward
At First I Thought Mia Is The Weak One, But Damn She Proves Me Wrong !
Julio Olvera
Is T a girl? Daaaamn!
Dona Lyn
Awesome boys against girls
Lataco Grande
Was that the dude from super size me on the vip
F for Faizal
Why have canned tomatoes if you can’t use them
The way that white ferret was taking about Mia is disgusting
CnM TalkShow
i feel bad for chris :(
Kenito Paul
Manny P
Abdul Star321
is it just me or is mia hot
Jack Patterson
Who I want to win Hell’s Kitchen Season 18 from who I like the most to who I dislike the most (currently) 1. Kevin 2. Ariel 3. Trevor 4. Scotley 5. T 6. Bret 7. Chris Mendonca 8. Jose 9. Chris Motto 10. Roe 11. Gizzy 12. Mia 13. Kanae 14. Heather
19:16 - Since when does a car weigh only one ton? P.S. Smartcars aren't cars
Shastynn Victoria
Mia is great and knows what she is doing..but i am rooting for the veterans..but the only ones i am hoping to win is Ariel, and Kevin..im glad Jenn left with that attitude..she overstayed her wlecome on season 4 and i was surprised to see her on this season as a veteran..but as far as the rookies..i cant stand Gizzy and didnt care too much for Mia but she really is good but i still want a veteran to win in..Ariel or Kevin..they are phenomenal chefs
eloise rhyan
Where’s episode 5? :)
xo jamaican
Dam Kanae lit👌
Peter Skotta
Mia can get it tho, goddamn
Omit X
I'm sorry bro...but he's an Italian wigger bro.....I'm sorry BRO
RtBallinRanger 93
These veterans are totally useless
I think I just Impaled Myself
Well this is intense