Sabaton - Ghost Division (Lyrics English & Deutsch)

"Ghost Division" is about the 7th Panzer Division under Major General Erwin Rommel during the Battle of France in May and June 1940. It burst the extended Maginot Line between Philippeville and Maubeuge and by using blitzkrieg tactics forged ahead to the seaport Cherbourg in the Normandie during one month. Because of its celerity and the fact to emerge at all times where neither friend nor foe expectet it, French soon gave the division the name "La division fantôme", "The Ghost Division". CAUTION! I won't tolerate any racist, discriminatory or in any other form inappropriate comments! This song neither glorifies war, nor National Socialism, but should be considered as a historical work. "No, we don't glorify anything, we just tell stories about things that have happened." (Rikard Sundén, Sabaton) Please support Sabaton and purchase their current album Coat of Arms. ---------- "Ghost Division" handelt von der 7. Panzerdivision unter Generalmajor Erwin Rommel während dem Frankreichfeldzug im Mai und Juni 1940. Am 15. Mai durchbrach sie die verlängerte Maginot-Linie zwischen Philippeville und Maubeuge und stieß innerhalb eines Monats mittels Blitzkriegtaktik bis zur Hafenstadt Cherbourg in der Normandie vor. Aufgrund ihrer Schnelligkeit und der Tatsache, dass sie immer dort auftauchte, wo weder Freund noch Feind sie erwartete wurde die Einheit von den Franzosen "La division fantôme" genannt, "Die Gespensterdivision". ACHTUNG! Ich dulde keine rassistischen, diskriminierenden oder in sonstiger Form unangemessene Kommentare! Dieses Lied verherrlicht weder Krieg, noch den Nationalsozialismus, sondern ist rein historisch zu betrachten! "Nein, wir verherrlichen nichts, wir erzählen nur Geschichten über Dinge, die passiert sind." (Rikard Sundén, Sabaton) Bitte unterstützt Sabaton und kauft euch das aktuelle Album Coat of Arms!

Joshua Boyle
7th Panzer Division, winning the Tour de France before it was cool
dragon knight
WW1: Germany struggles to combat and make tanks WW2: The world struggles to counter German tanks.
Lame Panzerkampf Hauptmann
They are the French Elite Don't compete Always Retreat (Bagette Division) Bloody or Dead Always shot in the head fed by your lead! Edit: Dankeschoen, mein fellow Germans, I can see most of you are probably War Thunder Tiger Tank drivers
Kim Sørensen
How do you say "surprise" in German? Blitzkrieg.
Erwin Rommel
Good old times!
I love how Sabaton not only makes songs about the victories of the Allies but also about the total German domination in the first half of WW2. It makes for a nice contrast if you listen to "Panzerkampf" first and then to this song.
Who won the 1940 Tour De France? The 7th panzer division
William C.
Played this in my car. Now it's a Panzer IV H
Slay Deth
Hearts of Iron 4: - create Ghost Division - name Rommel as your general - give him 24/24 tank divisions - set up a front and battle plan - declare war, play the song and blitzkrieg the entire world!
Chips Handon
*Kisses his picture of Hans Guderian before bed*
Soo Line
Rommel is one of the men I wished had survived the war. He was an absolute gentleman, and showed compassion to his enemies.
Panzerkampf + Ghost Division + Panzer Batallion = tank master race
This song.... Just.... Words can't explain how amazing this song is.
Nick H.
Why is this such an addictive song? 
David ;p
This song always reminds me of the story of one of the american bradleys during desert storm had a picture of rommel inside of it and an iraqi prisoner asked him why he had a picture of one of america's enemies inside of his vehicle and the driver replied that if the iraqis had studied rommel's campaigns he would not be an american prisoner
Kinda unrelated but, they should play this song during Germany vs France in the World Cup lol
Daniel Vavruš
-Erwin Rommel has joined the server- ... -france has left the game (disconnected by blitzkrieg)-
get the papers get the papers
I've learned more about WWII from Sabaton songs than I have from any of my history classes in school. Hence, the current state of the American education system.
Leonov Martinovich
We know company of heroes will never die when there is at least 1 person with the name of Erwin Rommel telling us to listen to this song on the Gamereplay chat
The Clueless Genius
They are the obese Born to eat grease Always must feast Diabetes Eating or dead Always are fed Fed by your bread (I'm sorry to anyone this may offend)
Michael Fortner
*Rommel Intensifies*
Brett Harrison
My history professor uses this band to teach us =D
Everett Logan
Meanwhile Taylor Swift has 500,000,000 hits on her video bad blood... Let that sink in.
They are the Spanish Elite. Always asleep. Rinse and repeat. *SIESTA DIVISION*
you could very well learn more about WW2 from Sabaton than from any textbook in in a school
Jeb Slick
I love coming to Sabaton and reading all the historical discussions. 
macen dooterino
they`re the dutch elite  fap with their feet  we make good meat NO RELATION at our home  we were alone humping a stone
Rajko Stankovic
-Panzerkampf -Panzer battalion -Ghost division pick one
Mikolaj Wojtowicz
I have simple dreams: -enlist as a tank crewman -play this song on comms during training or combat mission or install some badass audio hardware on the back of my tank and proceed to do the same -most likely get court martialed the day after but still have no regret
Flying Spaghetti Monster
The lyrics are so empowering its giving me chills every time
Nikolas De Backer
Everybody is like despacito is life I'm like listen to this sabaton song
I kinda feel like invading Poland after listening to this song.
Sabaton teaches you more about war than any history class can
French Version: They are the Panzer Elite Born to retreat Never compete
They are the French elite Unable to compete Always retreat
Vehement Badger
Guess who won the first Tour de France...
they are the french elite unable to compete always retreat
This would have gone well with the germany v brazil game in the world cup :D
This was the first time I have listened to this song, and definitely not the last, this song, along with the band, is fucking awesome. Hail Sabaton!
Lord Reehaw
Even though the Nazi's were 'bad guys' you gotta hand it to them. They deserve credit for what they did, the only country that every managed to get closed to what they did was France under Napoleon.
Epsilon 11
Baguetton - Bread Division Fast as the wind, the cooking has begun Shaking the ground with the force of thousand ovens First in the line of fire, first into hostile bread Baguettes leading the way, leading the way Cooking the bread with the force of a furious storm Fast as the lighting baguette swarm 200 baguettes at nightfall, cooked within a day Thus earning their name, earning the fame They are the baguette elite, born to compete, always retreat (BREAD DIVISION) Living or dead, always ahead, fed by your bread Always ahead, as the baguette rages on Cooking bread with the with the sound of blazing ovens First in the pan of glass, first into hostile bread Cooks leading the way, leading the way Cooking a trail of destruction to a foreign bread (Baking bread with conviction) Massive assault, made to serve the French plan (France's pride, bread division) Bread oven's broken, baguettes are far away Thus earning their name, earning the fame They are the baguette elite, born to compete, always retreat (BREAD DIVISION) Living or dead, always ahead, fed by your bread Cooking the baguette forth with a tremendous force (Hot bread, breaks resistance) Reaching the way for baguette corps (Shows no hunger, self-subsistent) First in the oven of fire, first into hostile bread Thus earning the name, claiming the fame They are the baguette elite, born to compete, always retreat (BREAD DIVISION) Living or dead, always ahead, fed by your bread Baguette elite, born to compete, always retreat (BREAD DIVISION) Living or dead, always ahead, fed by your bread
Even if Erwin Rommel (leader of ghost division) was a nazi, that would do little to diminish his ability as one of great field commanders of human history. But he was only loyal to Germany (not to Nazi party) He even defied Hitler's order to execute captured enemy commandos. Once it looked like war was to be lost, he dared to confront Hitler to start negotiations for peace.  Here few links to about Erwin Rommel:
Fighting Jellybean
Comment Reivew: 90%: France sucks parody of song 5%: Historical Reminiscing 3%: Sabaton is AWESOME 2%: Everything else
It really isnt safe to drive while listening to this. Found myself going 40 over the speed limit
I'm German. That song wakes up some good ol' patriotism.
This is severe earsex
If anyone else here plays War Thunder, World of Tanks, or World of Warships, Sabaton has the best adrenaline pumping music to help you make that last crazy push with your teammates to win the game.
Andro A
Light and Rommel's tanks had a race, Rommel won.
Just because the National Socialist party supporters were supporting a terrible cause, doesn't mean the entire german army was bad. They were one of the most well trained and well equipped military forces of the day. There was a reason they were feared across western europe, northern africa and parts of the middle east. You didn't fuck with the german army without getting double-fucked in return. Rommel, for good or ill was one of the finest tank commanders in the world.
Jake Tinsley
I own a tank. military surplus out in the country. I got carried away listening to this and fired the gun had no idea it was loaded boom goes my storage shed
The issue during the invasion of France wasn't LOL CHEEZ EATIN SURRENDER MUNKY, it was the fact that the Germans proliferated radios in their forces much more thoroughly than did the French. The French army, at least on paper, was a match for the Germans, but their inferior communication cost them. You can laugh about the Maginot line, but the thrust through the Ardennes wouldn't have worked when it was built. The Ardennes are not conducive terrain for artillery, and so the French didn't worry. It was only through the proliferation of radios that the Germans were able to essentially replace artillery strikes with Stukas, and make that assault successful.  Keep in mind, it was the French army who held the line and allowed the British to retreat, and many French people continued fighting after the war. It's frankly disrespectful to all the French who suffered, fought and died against the Nazis to call them cowards. 
*Hitler entered the server* Minutes later *France has left the server*
Sabaton+World of Tanks/Warthunder =epic
Random Pickle
This song makes me want to run through a wall in a panther... Is that normal?
Matthew Chenault
Ghost Division..... because Panzers pwn posers! 
1:10 constipation!
Noa Horatio
Here's a life tip, next time your on a train, stand by an open window and enjoy this soon..does kinda feel like you're in tearing ass head first through France like Rommel.
Miles Smith
If Rommel was the leader of Germany, germany would've won
Max Grapes
Remember, Rommel was part of the attempt to overthrow Hitler and oust the Nazis. His role in it was discovered, and he was given a choice, commit suicide or have your family murdered.
Luiz Felipe
played this on my car and the gps was set automatically to France
You gotta admit it. Playing this song while playing a tank game. Awesome
Respects for Erwin Rommel.
Momo Kawashima
panzer: *exists* Erwin Rommel: Street safety laws are going to be broken
Fast paced CoH game on blitzkrieg mod with sound on full with this.......
Official Reinhardt battle theme
I would dare to say that Sabaton glorify one thing in this song (as in the other songs) - combat mastery and prowess of soldiers, as in the epitome of dedication to the country and idea
Jarrett Wattenburger
I had a dream I was at a Sabaton concert and Joakim invited me onstage to sing with him. We hung out after the concert and he was a really cool guy. 
Baumann Johannes
Mein Ur-Onkel kämpfte in dieser "Ghost Division". Das macht schon sehr nachdenklich. Er kehrte nie zurück.
French High Command: "WHERE ARE THEY!?" German High Command: "Dich guess is as gut as mein"
Morgan R
Sabaton - translated to English it means "Heavy Metal History"
its rare that Sabaton sings about the germans, but I guess since it was Erwin Rommel it was okay :)
I am the fiber elite Born to excrete Always repeat (constipation) In my butt hole Its always full Need one more roll
The Realm of Chaos
The power of the German Warmachine was heavily underestimated, their vengeful fighting will and destructive force was incredible. I dont much care what attrocities were commited in world war 2, Germany was a pheonix, coming from its ashes once more to wreak havoc, and they were a force to fear.
They are the Coward Elite Born to Retreat Never compete French Division.
William Roberts
884 French Resistance disliked this...
Jacob Trowbridge
“If you are going through hell - keep going.” - Winston Churchill
BC Nation
This is pretty well fitted to the spirit the nazis had back then... when they were kicking the shit out of the french that was.
Jerga Utorrent Gamer
Born to Reatreat Never Compete FRENCH DIVISON
This is awesome if you are playing World of Tanks with the Germans.
Do NOT listen to this song in 0,50 speed
just awersome  un orgasme auditif.
The Stratatigerizer
Reinhardt confirmed.
That Horse That Drives a Sherman Tank
As much as I hate and despise the Nazi's, you have to admit, the Wehrmacht was one damn impressive force to be reckoned with at the beginning of the war.
The Stalker
So I was in a rock bar couple days back with a friend. We were just chilling and drinking. Then out of nowhere Ghost Division blasts on. We love the song, and were both caught off guard. It was amazing.
I love this guys singing voice.
Watching this and listening to it casualy , I'm probably on a FBI watchlist...
If some group or person does something unthinkable and succeed on it. You can admire them but still dislike them. It's a tradition that has long been forgotten. You can respect even people you don't agree with. And this is what Sabaton's does. And I enjoy it.
Immortal Heavy
How I see the comments 50% of players teasing about French Version 50% about Rommel 0% on this chart
Arda Gazioğlu
And then there was Stalingrad.
I love lightening to this song when playing war thunder blitzkrieging people with my tiger tank
Peer Carstens
88k subs! (at the Moment, June 15, day of the Bundeswehr)...coincidence? I don't think so :)
The Centrist Gamer
Who else is listening on loop while playing HOI4?
There are two types of people. Tankers... and coax targets.
Remember putting this on a 5hour loop and grinding world of tanks
Cpt Poell
This could perfectly be an anime Intro music lol
poro poro
I'm German and this song awakens my inner bloodlust. I think I'll take my panzer for a spin.
They are the laning elite, born for defeat, never retreat (BRONZE DIVISION) Living or dead, always "ahead", fed by your Zed.... 
Tom Simpkins
World of Tanks needs a unit where it's just a stage on top of a tank, with Sabarton performing, any panzers nearby get a buff when this song plays.