Justin Bieber - Baby ft. Ludacris

Music video by Justin Bieber performing Baby feat. Ludacris. #VEVOCertified on April 25, 2010.

Amine WOOF
*I rather watch this than YouTube Rewind.*
Devil Nite
*gets rid of dislike from this video so that YouTube rewind 2018 has more dislikes*
JackAllen Greenfield
Bros..... it's time..... I'm afraid to say it.... but we have to undislike.
Can I Get 2000 Subscribers With 0 Video
Haha you-Justin you LOSE REWIND no1 😂😂😂
Jessy Walker
Alguem em 2018? 😍😍
_Honestly this is pretty good now that I compare it to YouTube Rewind..._
kimjong lee
Q)Who never get fed up by this song ???? Ans=Me me me!!!
PatyPato Pato
Coming back after 8 years and with a much more mature thinking, I can't believe people disliked a 16yo boy who is clearly talented and used "gay" as an insult just because his hairstyle wasn't commonly seen and because he gained so much fame (now i see it was well deserved). I don't want to think what it would have been for a kid to have the most disliked video EVER when he is just following his dreams. He is a totally different person now, but still.
Arbiter 617
After watching YouTube rewind 2018 I think this is not bad lol
Calvin Andreas
Who's here in December 2018?
Who's here from YouTube Rewind 2018 to check the dislikes? 😂
Dr. Panda
Justin Bieber: I’m probably gonna have the most dislikes forever. YouTube Rewind: Hold my beer.
Who came here just to remove the Dislike😂 for the Youtube Rewind 2018 video
Abhishek Maharaj
At least this video has more likes then dislikes unlike YouTube rewind....
Cillian O'Sullivan
YouTube rewind 2018 is Justin's favourite thing that ever happens to him
Who else is here after seeing all the dislikes on YouTube rewind 2018?
unconTROLLable HD
Youtube rewind finally has more dislikes!
Congratulations This video is now the second most disliked video😅😅😅😅
Justin Bieber: What's this? More likes than dislikes?? *I'm relevant again!!!!!!!!*
Aidilicious 04
Imagine what will happen after 10 years........ "Baby is 11th most dislikes video on youtube"!!
im scared
Baby in 8 years: 9MIL dislikes Youtube Rewind 2018 in 3 days: 7MIL dislikes *Kowalski ANALYSIS*
leave Me alone
How is there more likes than dislikes???
Jess Smith
Don’t listen to the people who say you are a bad singer
Mr. Cowdisease
Guys remember to add back your dislikes now that youtube rewind is the most disliked!
yohana zane
Songoku YT
Undisliked,youtube rewind for that 1st place son
xX Bree 62 Xx
I always question why this has so many dislikes😂
Romeo Russell
Why do people dislike this Btw I disliked it not just because I hated the song his voice is so high pitched this is not a hate comment tho
Congrats Justin you are not the most hated on YouTube!💕🤣
lupita malagon
Let’s be honest ...... most of the dislikes are from people who tried to follow the justin Bieber hate train because everyone else was doing it ALSO DAMN YOUTUBE REWIND YALL FLOPPED 😂
سلاير Slayer
never thought i'll undislike this piece of shit but we gotta reach that 10m dislike on youtube rewind 2018 first, let's go......
TheMd Moosa
Fortnite Bubbles
Youtube: OMG our rewind is the most disliked video Justin: Hell ya Can i get some likes cause i never get 🙁😢
Crow Lenda
*Só eu que vim aqui ver depois de ver que o rewind tem mais deslike KK?*
Martín Rodríguez Estévez
Noooo now Youtube Rewind 2018 is the most disliked video.😢 Why Justin Why!!!?
This video has collected 9.5M dislikes in almost 9 years. Rewind 2018 has 5M dislikes in 24 hours. Baby... get ready to be taken down.
Nightbot 2xD
*_Ты тоже пришел посмотреть сколько дизлайков?)_*
infun21 playS
Compared to YouTube rewind this is GOLD!😂
Julian Olaya Loquendo
Me cago en la puta nos pasaron
Mr. Snorlax YT
I still love him
Everyone undislike so YouTube rewind 2018 is the most disliked video We did it
Nishant Duhan
*_This Video is better than 6ix9ine and Lil pump's entire career_*
Nenis Framed
2nd most disliked video ever.
Antwone Pops
No puedo career que el rewind 2018 le gano a el video de justin bieber 😂
Fatima Bezerra
2018 Brasil
The Bronze Eagle
Baby: I've got over nine million dislikes YouTube Rewind 2018: Hold my beer
Kira Lloyd
I love the song baby it’s really cute and I love Justin as well x
Dulce Carbajal
Who else came to remove their dislike??
Chicken Mcnuggets
10mil dislikes 10mil likes Wow JB you stink
*YouTube Rewind 2018*
Randy Smors
Who came here to see if this years rewind beat it in dislikes
Wisdom Hope
Who else came here to check out peoples comments on YouTube rewind surpassing this 😂
giovany oliver
Br 2019 alguem?
Franco Leguizamon
Cuando no estaba más duro que los de mi barrio
Tika pandey
Better than BTS
I remove my dislike so yt rewind become the most dislike.. who same with me 😆
Val Cardoso
Dany gatinha
Alguém fala brasileiro
ጓል ዓንሰባ
I give you Like bottom at this time Justin😍
Spikey - Gaming
I lovd this song now....just beacause of youtube rewind
10,000 Subscribers With No Videos?
*YouTube rewind wants to know your location*
abbie lynn
*thumbs up video so Rewind 2018 has more dislikes*
رجب طيب أودروغان
YouTube must change the dislike feature by adding 2 Dislike at one time
Avi Cudahy
as of now, YouTube rewind 18 surpassed Baby ! this song was great from the start
Just came to take out my dislike. Take yours too so YT Rewind wins the dislike N1
Viral Web
YouTube Rewind 2018 beat the competition| you know what i mean |
ƑÀMāŝ%zÅÏ l
Ninguem chega numa minha puxando ela,tem que ter jeito!
Geraz Ramírez
Alv como llegué aquí 🤨 si yo solo estaba viendo el Rewind 2018....
Justin looks like a 16 year old boy. LOL
Murray Frost
Anyone know why I came here after watching YouTube Rewind 2018??? Any guesses???....... 🤣😉😆
Celina Avila Garcia
Amo a Justin Bieber 😍😘😗
Well youtbe rewind manage to overtake him in just week
Que onda con los que hablan español denle no me gusta
Anyone else sad that they didn't dislike the video in the first place so they can't have the satisfaction of removing their dislike for YT rewind to pass it?
sulakshan Joshi
Dont worry baby youtube rewind 2018 will have more dislikes than you
HERORKING mantovani
Why don't like baby,It is a good music
MineGames Channel
YouTube Rewind 2018 take your first place on dislikes.
Who's here from youtube rewind 2018 to check the dislikes? 😂
Mauricio 05
10M de no me gustas Y el Rewind 2018 remonta
Still better than 2018 YouTube Rewind LOLLLL
Fabricio Mansilla
Por favor matenmen mis oídos sangran canta peor que una cabra atropellada
Isaac Green
Who else is watching this after YouTube rewind 2018 came out
Ash Zack
Target-10M dislikes 😆😆😆 ANYONE agrees IT
Diarrhea Poop
Cmon guys let’s get to 10 million dislikes!!! 😂😂😂😂😂
Prime Modz
Abraham Martínez
La mejor canción, toma tu dislike Justin XD
Naza Martinez
Se termino tu fama de dislikes justin te supero el youtube rewind 2018😂(vine x robleis a comentar esto :v)
Dim Mpi
We've done it. thanks YouTube, your help has been delightful.
will king gamer
after watching YouTube rewind I realized that I love this song
Came here after rewind 2018 to undislike.
Starkiller 2395
This song is actually pretty good compared to YouTube rewind 2018
Bubbleboo yums
Um I don't understand why people don't like this song it's the boom and it's my childhood 🤔
Shanti Lama
I always want to listen this song never want to change another song
Yeah I'd watch this all day compared to rewind lol
Soon this is gonna be the video with the most comments cause all of the people that say "undislike we want to let youtube rewind have more" LMFAO
holii :3 tiernos
El YouTube rewind ya supero tu record de dislike baby 😆😅😂
la video la plus dsilker de tout le youtube game miskine XD
Duck Mint
This is a stunning approach to team effort. Keep it up guys, let's keep YT Rewind the most disliked video *EVER*
Fantasy Records
Rewind 2019: this song on loop for 20 minutes
Murray Frost
We did it! YouTube Rewind is now the most disliked video on YouTube!