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Vehicle Virgins
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14:39 thank me later
Damien Falzon
17 mins of video clip and just the last 2 minutes about why you chose the wrong car, what a waste of 15 mins
Makich Simonyan
I messed up watching a clickbaited video
Mariano Gaston
poor guy, I am so sad for you having to wait for your car to arrive. in meantime I will try to fix my Renault Clio Energy from 1994
Eugenio Brenes
Homie lay down the coke
Bobby Light
Video starts at 3:00
Alan Rodríguez
One thing really bothers me about you is that you seem like you are trying so hard to be friendly, to be nice, and I know you probably are but sometimes it really looks too fake to me
dennis hamlin
How does this guy have 1.2 million subscribers? Seems to b a talkative metrosexual with no practical skills and a high opinion of himself. Can anybody tell me if theres anything more to him?
P lll
You should give a shout out to your coke dealer ! Seems like he’s got the primo marching powder ...
Just what I need. A bearded guy trying to sell a razor!!!!!!!!!!
Dave Farley
So many hand gestures....
Eric Meyer
Why does he always close his eyes for hella long in the middle of his sentences?
mike wellington
Dude runs a car channel but says one of the perks of his sponsor is "no driving required"🤔
I need 10,000 subscribers with no Video
I messed up buying the wrong shaving razor...
Пламен Георгиев
I bought the wrong Becca...
Anon Canon
you stray too much. i lost interest so much to find you havent even started talking about the car... im not watching anymore [ 6:13]
Zechs Merquise
I messed up buying a burrito I shoulda bought ice cream
Bart Broekie
You. Chose. Right. E63 is waaaayyyyy better dude
I would love to see more customization videos man. I recon they’d do amazing
Hayden Larson
The autovlog dude looks just like the alien in battleship lol
Sweet Potato
No I did not subscribe to auto vlog and my life is great, I think you should get a life dude! 13:59
Have you thought about wrapping the Lambo? I like the color and you’ve had it for a while, why not try something new? Even if it’s a stealth clear wrap or something, I would recommend a true blood/dark candy apple red color? Why not?
Ron Torrence
I would love getting up to 100 subs.
It's produced (Oh Cal Uh)
David Humphrey
Damn dude you sit so close to the steering wheel. Can't ever look cool like that
11:09 tesla loves to rev😂
Moto Musky Man
Go learn something, and I mean like become a pro at something, it will be super cool for everyone especially yourself, you asked for suggestions and this is a suggestion that will motivate yourself and everyone will want to watch the journey of you progressing in a different way than just the quality of your content. Like become a pro drifter, or a track demon, I don’t think I’m the only person that would seriously love this!
That Tesla sounded so great in the tunnel
sir Winslow
Great Video idea: Driving my Lambo around Crenshaw, Compton etc... you get the idea!
b00st3d E92
*you can’t go wrong with the E63 AMG!*
you should tone down the logan paul style a bit :P
Omar Scott
10:40 “Head Goes Down As Arm Swings In Disappointment”😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
3:00 to skip all the commercials
Ann Huff
I wanna see what the 2018 Mercedes-Benz S550 features
Job Sengers
AMG, best Cars in the world!!!!
I love that E-Class 😍 Best car eever
sarina ss
Damn u parker ): I wish you would've shown the r8 ))):
Do you even shave?
Kapil Prasad Prusty
according to my thoughts you bought the perfect car although the new e53 is sick but I would preferthe e63 w
Dexxon Gaming
Inline six? Mercedes? Get a BMW.
MigerKing MK
bro you bought my dream car
ZackG32 baseball
I'm watching with the flu please pray for me
Ragnar Oerensson
16:52 January 2nd? Seems like you missed it then lol
God Like
You should review the Kia Stinger In any of the trim levels
Mark hagler
12 minutes in before you said a thing about the 63...wtf.
Raminder Ghotra
Should’ve gotten E63S AMG WAGON
You should make a video of the Mercedes drifting on a track 🤔👍🏽
Michael DOrazio
No v8 AMG is a wrong purchase.
Stop watching piewdiepie please
Video is very choppy. Makes me dizzy. Edited by 2-year-old. Quit whining so much — focus on QUALITY — less quantity. Cheers ;)
I’m pretty sure that AMG E53 is just the new name for AMG E43. So I am pretty sure there will be an E63s Coupé in the future. But that Inline 6 is dope!!!
Simon Jones
Just subscribed brilliant content mate
Do the carbon ceramics in the S63 squeal like I heard ceramics often do?
Thomas Lantigua
Today MR Spaghetti complained about... Wait, wrong chanel...
god you wanna be logan paul so bad
Parker the type of the guy to buy a car then go to Germany to pick it up and say how good it is and then laterake a video about how he messed up buying it.
Tom F
The E63s is fantastic ... stop it. Also ... use the razors and lose the George Michael beard!!! Great video as always Parker!
DJ Dlaka
All-I A intro plays
can you mention again that you ordered an E63s? I think i missed it...
Inline 6, BMW style!
Just Passing Through
$ Shave Club... Parker, you are growing a Beard!
Kenzio DG
"family sedan"
Charles צ'ארלס
The actual video topic starts @14:40
Haha 😂 dollar shave sponsors a guy with a beard 😂
I messed up buying a white Prius. I should've get it in grey...
Nicklas X
Jeez Parker. Control the volume through the video. Music is way too loud. And please stop the “Jake Paul” vlog-style. Be more yourself. AND - please display the camera you look into when driving and not the other angle. Otherwise all is good. 👏🏼
Todd Rod
Modified cars would be so sick
Bruno Bambam92
Dude, you should do something like a race series, maybe get other youtubers on it.. not drag race though, but like a track race thing, YouTube Formula Race championship
Northern Pike
Please review the Ferrari 812 Superfast and Mercedes-Benz AMG GLS 63.
Update StreetSpeed717 will not be in florida with you... :(
Carl Chaovski
Atop doing the 👌 sign and saying things are "insane".. Just use normal body language and read a thesaurus. My advice, peace, keep up the good work.
Cap Frank
"presently surprised" lmao
Nicholas Herrera
Omg...the huracan in the tunnel then the silent model 3 is so futuristic. The scene itself 🧐
Jassim 918
*Congrats on buying the wrong mercedec...!!*
started watching youtube,puts tjhunt's outro song in a vlog😂
What about showing us how to go about buying a second hand entry level super car? Gtr? 911? Things too look out for kind of thing? Just and idea...
HA!? Tought u loved it
Ultimate squad goals. That Performante is freaking GORGEOUS
Why did you say January 2nd
Family friendly dude is a sheep
LMFAO did anyone else catch that? At 1:53 "shit shower shave starter kit" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
stephen simpson
You got a BEARD dude : ) nice channel keep it up
anas alaoui
comme oooooon the E 63 s makes 612 hp vs 400 something
Todor Ivanov
Told you to buy M5
Kevin F
The wrong Mercedes was the S-Class, Grandpa
I'd like you to get a new drift-project car, that would be awesome. Btw love ur channel, u make my day bro!
Larduk_ 1UK
No, you just brought a mercedes..... #D E P R E C I A S I A N
does the AMG E 63 S have 612HP?
Dollar shave club... But he doesnt even shave._.
Damn didn't even shoutout Mike in your description like you said you was! Where's the link to his channel? 🤦🏻‍♂️
william skrainski
How about more vids with the beard
cool person1724
We would love to see you build a project car please!!!
January 2nd? I think you meant February :D
Austin Graham
You did but the wrong Mercedes because you should of bought a CTS-V.
Nangamso Ndamase
Mercedes say they're not gonna 63 the new CLS and the E-Class Coupe so I'd stick with the E63s. In my opinion, you couldn't have made a better choice there.
Moses Fernandez
I have also driven a E63 Edition 1 and that car was amazing!!